The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 4

Besa & Impar – “Inshallah”

While preparing to represent Albania in Malmö at this year’s Eurovision, Besa hasn’t ceased to release new music. The title of her track, “Inshallah,” is an Arabic expression with a meaning similar to “God willing.” The song features lyrics in Albanian and French, as it’s a collaboration with the French rapper Impar. Besa and Impar wrote this song in Paris last summer. Besa’s warm voice blends seamlessly with the traditional influences present in the instrumental of the song, while Impar’s rap adds a modern touch, completing the overall composition perfectly.

Tina Karol – “Троянди”

Tina Karol represented Ukraine in Eurovision back in 2006. Her latest Ukrainian ballad aims to resonate deeply with listeners, as Tina delves into profound emotions that mirror today’s social drama. The song is accompanied by a music video featuring scenes from a photoshoot. Titled “Roses” in translation, Tina’s voice blossoms throughout the track. The lyrics are complemented by an acoustic arrangement featuring acoustic guitar, strings orchestra, and percussion.

Explaining the song’s meaning, Tina shared that it revolves around the moment when something inside breaks into two parts: betrayal and truth, past and future. She further discussed on the significance behind “Roses”:

“With the song ‘Roses,’ I aimed to fill the void in the hearts of millions, providing a soundtrack and a voice to silence. Those with whom you can share silence became truly important.”

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Kite”

Get ready for a dose of Swedish pop as Benjamin, who represented his country in 2018, unveils his latest track. Infused with retro inspiration, “Kite” promises to be a rocking experience complemented by an aesthetically pleasing music video. The lyrics, “I can fly, it’s the real thing/ I’m a kite, I get high on you/ I fall in love on the ceiling/ Now, call you mine, it’s all I want to do” make the new song an anthem for euphoria and freedom, capturing the exhilarating sensation of a fresh encounter and the boundless possibilities it brings.

The track is about the essence of embracing life as a thrilling journey, a vibrant party, and the pursuit of love. Benjamin, one of the composers alongside Anya, Jon Shave, Salem Al-Fakir, and Vincent Pontare, has collaborated with producers Jon Shave and Vargas & Lagola. The result is a great blend of classic Swedish pop and soul from the 70s, infused with influences from the late 90s.

“Kite” stands as the lead single from Benjamin’s highly anticipated upcoming album, scheduled for release later this year. Benjamin shares his perspective on his new track:

“The rawness and grit of punk have been given more space, and I have consciously chosen not to have a more polished and ‘modern’ sound. ‘Timelessness’ is a key word for everything I’ve tried to create now. The lyrics are more straightforward, written from personal experiences but sometimes with a broader perspective. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about my music as I am with this song, and all the new music you’re going to get from me this year.”

Nigar Jamal – “Peşmanam”

Nigar Jamal, alongside Eldar Gasimov, represented Azerbaijan in 2011, when they won Eurovision. Her latest song, titled “I am sorry,” is a poignant ballad designed to immerse listeners in Azerbaijani culture, enriched by traditional influences. Nigar’s powerful voice seamlessly complements the song, and the cinematic music video adds a perfect finishing touch. The video also features a cameo appearance by the renowned Azerbaijani singer Faiq Ağayev. The entire song offers a dramatic experience, with Azerbaijani influences, creating an authentic track. 

Lara Fabian – “Ta peine”

Lara Fabian, already a legendary figure, is also recognised in the Eurovision community for representing Luxembourg in 1988. The inclusion of her new song in this week’s playlist holds special significance, especially considering Luxembourg’s return to the Eurovision contest, as the country had their national final last night. The title of her latest song, translated as “Your Pain,” follows in the tradition of Lara’s profound French ballads that leave a lasting impression.

As with many of Lara’s deep and emotional songs, her new track explores themes of love, pain, and the gradual fading of happiness. The lyrics, true to Lara’s style, have a metaphorical quality, expressing confidence in better days with lines like, “Give me your sorrow, your sorrow, your sorrow, / You know I’ll crush it into crumbs, your sorrow, your sorrow, / And I’ll throw it at the sea, my Captain, / We’ll be like two children who reminisce.” Lara’s evocative voice harmonises seamlessly with the piano, creating beauty through simplicity.

Connect-R, DJ Sava & Adriana Onci – “Numar Zilele”

Connect-R, the Romanian artist who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Moldova in 2006, alongside Natalia (Eurovision 2021) and Arsenium (from the successful band O-zone), has released a new electronic track in collaboration with Dj Sava. The song features vocals by Adriana Onci and carries the nostalgic vibes of Romanian club music from the late 90s and early 00s. Titled “Counting the Days,” the lyrics tell the story of two lovers separated, eagerly anticipating their reunion, with a chorus that goes: “I’m counting the days/ I’m counting the nights/ How much do I have to wait/ To hold you in my arms/ The days, the nights/ I wait.” As expected, Connect-R contributes a rap part to enhance the track. The track carries a nostalgic vibe and serves as an invitation to groove along with its catchy tune.

Vaidas Baumila – “Besarmatė”

You may remember Vaidas Baumila for representing Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, in a duet with Monika Linkytė (who made a return to the contest last year). Vaidas’s latest track is a throwback to retro pop, brimming with energy and an overall groovy mood. An accompanying music video for the song is in the works, promising to be infused with retro vibes. Regarding the unapologetic energy of the song, Vaidas expressed:

“The song is catchy, inviting you to move, dance and absolutely let your hair down. It’s a song to which grandmothers and grandfathers will invite young people to dance at weddings. And not vice versa.”

Frans – “Wasn’t Meant To Be”

Frans, who competed for Sweden in the 2016 Eurovision, is making a return to music with his latest song, “Wasn’t Meant To Be.” The track exudes a chill vibe, leaning towards the reggae and rocksteady genres. The song reflects Frans’ contemplation on a love that simply wasn’t meant to be: “It was Sunday morning, June 2004/ You told me off you go/ To find yourself when/ You walked out the door.” Frans, also one of the lyricists of the song, infuses it with a bohemian and retro touch, making it an interesting addition to your playlist.

Hooverphonic – “Fake Is The New Dope”

When speaking about Belgian music, Hooverphonic need no introduction. Initially selected to represent Belgium in 2020, their Eurovision journey was halted by the pandemic. They made a strong comeback in 2021. Their long-awaited new album is set to drop this spring, bur the title track, “Fake Is The New Dope,” has been released this week. Described by the band as a “classic triphop song,” it boasts twangy guitars, lush strings, and Geike Arnaert’s enchanting voice. The song adds a vibrant new color to their tracklist.

Known for the dreamy, trippy layers in their albums, the band’s upcoming album takes a departure from their usual escapism, drawing inspiration from real-life themes. While the studio version of their title track has just been released, live performances of the new songs started in April 2023, generating anticipation. The song appeared in the period of ESC 2021, a period when Hooverphonic were actively crafting new music. Alex Callier revealed on the Belgian show De Toots Sessies that the song is inspired by plastic surgeries and their addictive effects. Certainly, the lyrics: “Fake is the new dope/ Fake is the new hope/ I can’t believe in a plastic world,” can be interpreted in various ways.

However, on this track, it’s not just Geike’s voice. Alex emphasised that the studio version of the song features a compelling duet between Geike and himself, even though he doesn’t perform vocally in live concerts. Notably, during live performances, his part is skilfully delivered by Pieter Peirsman, a member of their band and Hooverphonic’s vocalist in 2016, who is also recognised as a member of the Belgian band Slow Pilot. Alex emphasised the significance of live performances, stating: “Nowadays you don’t know what’s real or what’s fake. The music on our record is also completely programmed. But on stage, we do everything live.”

Stefan – “Katkine Tee”

Eurovision fans fondly remember Stefan for his 2022 participation representing Estonia. In his latest track, Stefan walks down a “Broken Road” (according to the translation of his new song). He bravely ventures into the rock genre, showcasing his versatility and mastery. Sung in Estonian, the song not only reminds us of the beauty of the Estonian language but also captivates with its catchy melody, perfectly accentuating Stefan’s vocal prowess.

3JS feat. Red Limo String Quartet – “Wie ben ik”

Dutch band 3JS, who represented the Netherlands in Eurovision back in 2011, have released a new song titled “Who am I?”. The initial recording was done in Los Angeles, but the band found that it didn’t align with the American music style. They revisited the song in November last year, opting for a more authentic Dutch sound. The track features a collaboration with the Red Limo String Quartet, a Dutch quartet infusing a pop genre with a classical twist. Eventually, 3JS decided to retain the authenticity of the song, using only the strings quartet.

With lyrics like “Look at the shooting stars/ Let yourself be transported this night/ Because the power of the light took me further/ Because the wish was greater than the sadness and fear,” the song narrates the story of two lovers guided by unspoken emotions, where the desire for reconnection shines brighter than their sadness and fear.

An intriguing collaboration emerges from Spain. Manel was the Spanish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Titled “I’m Going To Hide” in English, his new track is a collaboration with fellow Spanish artist Maifrén. The partnership gives rise to a pop ballad in Spanish, featuring lyrics that touch on the theme of a heart-wrenching love. The lyrics convey the desire to hide within a song to avoid unbearable pain.

AZAD feat. Max Mutzke – “MANN IM SPIEGEL”

This week’s article has something for rap music fans as well. AZAD, a renowned German rapper, features a collaboration with Max Mutzke on his latest album. Max, who represented Germany in 2004, not only contributes to this collaboration but is also gearing up for Germany’s national selection, aiming for another chance to represent his country in Eurovision this year. The English translation of this song’s title, “Man in the Mirror,” draws a subtle connection to Michael Jackson’s famous track. Max brings pop elements to AZAD’s rap song, and the lyrics emphasise the need for individual change in the challenging difficult times we face, echoing Michael Jackson’s sentiment: “It’s better to make more weapons instead of bread the world/ We have to change something, do we want peace at some point?/ Do like MJ and I’ll start with the man in the mirror.”

With his latest retro dance track, Páll raises the question: “Do you still love me?” Before delving into the song, it’s essential to recall his participation in Eurovision for Iceland in 1997. This newest song serves as a lively dance invitation, complemented by a vibrant music video featuring retro-future elements. The lyrics express Páll’s determination to find out the answer he needs to hear: “And although I have good days/ The question that torments me is/ ‘Do you still love me?’/ Don’t you know another way/ But this one that hurts – destroys?” Despite the energetic and vibrant sound, the song unmistakably reflects Páll’s underlying pain.

Musiqq – “Mākslas darbs”

Hailing from Latvia, Musiqq make a return with a compelling new track. They competed in Eurovision back in 2011. For the group, this year is a special one as it marks their 15th anniversary as a duo, promising exciting developments ahead, new music and many shows. Titled “Work of Art,” their latest track is both honest and profound, carrying a powerful message. The song aims to provide confidence and reassurance to all who listen. About the message behind the song, the group expressed:

“This song is a reminder that each of us is a work of art! It’s about recognising the value in yourself even when others don’t. Each of us is capable of overcoming challenges and shining in a new light.”


New national final songs from Eurovision artists

As fans will attest, once you’ve got the Eurovision bug it’s hard to let go. So it’s no wonder that every year some past participants of the contest want to have another chance at representing their country.

Here are the new songs from Eurovision stars released this week that have been entered into a national selection for Eurovision 2024.

Konstrakta – “Novo, bolje” (Pesma za Evroviziju)

Konstrakta has left an indelible mark on the contest, becoming an iconic figure among Eurovision fans after representing Serbia in Eurovision 2022. The excitement is palpable as she makes a return in Serbia’s national selection, Pesma za Evroviziju, especially given her initial reservations about a return to Eurovision after her first participation. Fans are thrilled that she has maintained her unique musical style.

Just like her previous Eurovision entry, the track carries Konstrakta’s distinctive sarcasm, revealing the harsh realities of the world. Listeners can expect futuristic elements, electronic elements, a choir adding even more power to the track, and Konstrakta’s trademark dialog moments throughout the song.

Titled “New, better” in translation, the song kicks off with a powerful line, “Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” addressing an exaggerated desire for a life that’s “new, better, faster, bigger, higher, prettier, stronger,” even if this strays from reality. The track raises awareness about the constant self-questioning of “What’s wrong with me?” in a world filled with so-called anomalies. In the lyrics, Konstrakta ingeniously appropriates well-known political slogans, adapting them to critique the flawed healthcare system and the exaggerated humans desire for perfectionism.

You can check out our wiwibloggs reaction to her new song here

Basim – “Johnny” (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix)

Basim, who competed for Denmark in 2014, is making a return to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix a decade later with the hope of representing his country once again. His latest song, “Johnny,” holds special significance for him. This catchy pop track delves into a profound question, revolving around the theme of appreciating life: “Tell me, why they only bring you flowers when you’re dead?/ Can’t move or get out of your bed/ Man, that’s kind of messed up.” The lyrics unravel the mystery of Johnny by sharing, “I met a man called Johnny in a hospice/ My dad was in his room ’cause he was more sick/ But Johnny, yeah, he still had some more energy/ He had some things he wanted to say to me.” Basim candidly shared that the song is grounded in reality, drawing from his personal experiences:

“The song is a story about a man I met as a young boy. He told me, among other things, that he wondered why men only get flowers when they are about to die or have only died. I did not understand the depth of his words at the time, but later I understood what he really meant. It taught me to remember, to appreciate life and people we love while they are still alive.”

Natalia Barbu – “In the Middle” (Etapa Națională)

The last song for this week comes from Moldova. Natalia Barbu, who represented her countryat Eurovision in 2007, is back with a powerful pop song and a strong desire to win Moldova’s national final, Etapa Națională. The song showcases her versatile and powerful voice while encouraging listeners to search within their hearts to find love: “I want you to be happy all of your life/ A beautiful angel, the work of art/ You live for sunshine, spread it around/ I know your heart is filled with love.” Natalia’s optimism becomes contagious with her catchy new song.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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