Madrid Pre Party 2024

¡Hola, hola! Madrid’s PrePartES is the first stop of this year’s Eurovision promotional tour and, oh girl, this line up stacked!

Our friends at Eurovision-Spain have announced over 20 acts from this year’s contest so far, including almost all Benidorm Fest 2024 stars and many Eurovision legends on top. The concerts are taking place on March 29 and 30, and there’s a Eurovision-themed costume party on March 28. 

Also, in celebration of Spain’s Junior Eurovision hosting later this year, the country’s JESC winner, María Isabel, will host the show. Its most recent participants, Sandra Valero and Carlos Higes, will perform.

PrePartyES: A three day extravaganza

This year’s PrePartyES will last one day longer than usual: it will start on Thursday the 28th with the Dress Party: It’s a Eurovision-themed costume party which will take place at Uñas Chung Lee, one of Madrid’s most fabulous venues.

On Friday, it’s going to be a night full of Eurovision stars from previous years and Benidorm Fest 2024 contenders. Junior Eurovision stars María Isabel (2004) and Melani García (2019) will host the show alongside our dear friend Víctor Escudero.

Also, Blanca Paloma will pass the baton to Nebulossa as Spanish representatives. They will both perform together with all these acts:

  • Tamta (Cyprus 2019)
  • GO_A (Ukraine 2020, 2021)
  • Tamara Todevska (North Macedonia 2008, 2019)
  • Kati Wolf (Hungary 2021)
  • Marta Roure (Andorra 2004)

…and all these Benidorm Fest stars:

  • Almácor
  • Angy Fernández
  • Dellacruz
  • Mantra
  • Miss Caffeina
  • Noan
  • Roger Padrós
  • Quique Niza
  • Sofia Coll
  • st. Pedro
  • Yoly Saa

PrePartyES: 23 Eurovision 2024 acts confirmed so far

On Saturday, it’s time for this year’s entries and some more guest acts from both the adult and Junior Eurovision sphere. Bojan Cvjetićanin, from Joker Out, will be hosting alongside Víctor Escudero. Here are the acts confirmed so far:

  • Besa (Albania)
  • Kaleen (Austria)
  • Mustii (Belgium)
  • Baby Lasagna (Croatia)
  • Aiko (Czechia)
  • Saba (Denmark)
  • Windows95Man (Finland)
  • Isaak (Germany)
  • Nutsa (Georgia)
  • Bambie Thug (Ireland)
  • Dons (Latvia)
  • Silvester Belt (Lithuania)
  • Sarah Bonnici (Malta)
  • Natalia Barbu (Moldova)
  • Luna (Poland)
  • Megara (San Marino)
  • Teya Dora (Serbia)
  • Marcus & Martinus (Sweden)
  • Nemo (Switzerland)
  • Olly Alexander (United Kingdom)

Alongside them, these acts will also be performing:

  • Anna Bergendahl (Sweden 2010)
  • Margaret Berger (Norway 2013)
  • Ramón (Spain 2004)
  • Sandra Valero (Spain JESC 2023)
  • Carlos Higes (Spain JESC 2022)

Tickets for the shows are still available starting from 40 euros here

As usual, will be providing extensive coverage of Madrid’s PrePartyES. Make sure to follow our team during the weekend and stay tuned for interviews, performances, and more!

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27 days ago

Can’t wait to see and hear Nemo live! ?

27 days ago

Last year sound issues spoiled a bit the party in Madrid for some acts so I hope this year everything will be ok and for everybody.

26 days ago

Yeah I fear it might be the case again.. I just always have to remind myself that only because someone doesn’t sound great in Madrid, doesn’t mean they won’t sound great in Malmö, so no panicking if it’s any of my favorites 😀

27 days ago

Looking forward to live versions of the songs, some of which are only videos this far (with the usual caveat of terrible sound/capture).

Can Nemo deliver that wonderful operatic vocal live… What’s Bambie Thugs backing/music track like now vs. Eurosong. Have fun with it all.

Enjoy wiwibloggers.

27 days ago

nice to see Marta Roure on the line up, wish Andorra would return soon either in a partnership with Catalonia would be a nice idea i think