After a star-studded edition of Sanremo earlier in February, Angelina Mango has emerged victorious, and has confirmed she will take her song “La Noia” to Eurovision!

The Big 5 country has seen a streak of amazing results in Eurovision, and they hope they can snatch another first place in Malmö later this May!

But who is this incredible Italian singer? We have compiled 10 facts about Angelina Mango below!

Italy at Eurovision 2024: 10 Facts about Angelina Mango

1. Her father was Italian music royalty

Angelina Mango, is the daughter of musician Pino Mango, known as one of Italy’s top rock musicians, widely lauded as one of the top innovators of the Italian pop music scene with a career spanning five decades. 

2 Her mother fronted an iconic band

-While her mother is Laura Valente, better known as the lead singer of the Sanremo-winning band and former Eurovision participants Matia Bazar, leading the band for most of the nineties and featuring in Sanremo herself once.

3. She was in a band with her brother

With parents like those, it’s natural that music was in Angelina’s DNA. After her family moved to Milan, she had her first true foray into music, leading a band with her brother Filippo on the drums.

4. She’s a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist

But Angelina is not just a formidable leading vocal. From an early age, she learned to play the piano and the guitar as well!

5. She’s inspired by music from different centuries

As the daughter of an influential rock singer, it’s no surprise that Angelina’s musical influences include acts such as the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Aretha Franklin. But not only that, she also expressed a deep interest and respect for 16th and 17th-century composers like Giovanni Gabrieli and Carlo Gesualdo.

6. She tried to win Sanremo before

Sanremo 2024 wasn’t her first attempt to feature in the storied Italian music competition. Three years earlier, in 2021, she attempted to enter the Sanremo Giovani portion for the Newcomers in Italy’s music scene with the track “La Tua Buona Colazione”, but it was not selected to feature in the final round.

7. She placed second in Amici

However, her meteoric rise to fame began in late 2022, when she was featured and earned second place in the twenty-second season of “Amici di Maria De Filippi”, a long-running show that is credited to have kickstarted the career of several Italian superstars, like Emma, Alessandra Amoroso, Irama, and The Kolors. 

8. Amici is where her first hit songs surfaced

Thanks to Amici, her original music and resulting EP Voglia di vivere quickly reached the mainstream and catapulted her star power. While her first in-show single, the eponymous Voglia di vivere, was remarkable, it was the triple-platinum-ranked “Ci Pensiamo Domani” that really put the name Angelina Mango in the zeitgeist, followed by the equally successful “Che t’o dico a fa'”

9. She’s a social media sensation

All this also rose her presence in social media, building her name and following to new heights. To date, she can boast more than 800K followers on TikTok and a great 1,4 million followers on Instagram.

10. She’s the first solo woman to win Sanremo in 10 years

One of the most notable facts of her in recent time is, of course, breaking the 10-year drought of female winners in Sanremo, as the first female-solo act to win the contest since 2014, and the first one all the way since 1964 to send her winning Sanremo song to Eurovision. Buona Fortuna!


Come back for more exciting stories and facts about Angelina Mango as we head towards Malmö 2024, and don’t forget you can catch Angelina at the London Eurovision Party on April 7th.

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13 days ago

I don’t understand the choice of “La Rondine” a song from 2002, about 15 years after Mango reached his peak with one of the most iconic 80’s song in Italy “Bella d’Estate”

You’re welcome lol

17 days ago

Analisa would have won Eurovision for Italy.

9 days ago
Reply to  Danny

Annalisa is stiff like a piece of wood on stage and cutting more that 30 minutes from the song would have destroyed it

17 days ago

She will shine on the stage! I’m very proud 😉

17 days ago

This is so boooring

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
17 days ago

Ooo Gesualdo was truly groundbreaking music of the dark side, and Gabrieli I interpret as a “builder-composer” with lots of musical layers. Loving the core rock influences, and Aretha. They are all stand-out iconic “in the face” influences; none of them are subtle. Piano & guitar gets her the versatile live performer and songwriter badges too. (We could jam together.)

17 days ago

Already a legend. I’ll happily to vote for her to win Eurovision. But Rai is so mean to delete her incredibly beautiful performance of La rondine from YouTube. I need it back.