Ever since ERT selected Marina Satti through an internal selection to represent Greece at Eurovision 2024, fans have been eager to find out what she will bring to the stage in Malmö. Well, Marina’s song “Zari” has finally been released, and from the first listen you can tell that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Marina is already a rising star in the Greek arts scene and is known as a multi-talented performer who excels in everything from music to theatre to architecture. Is there anything she can’t do? Read on to find out 10 Facts about Marina Satti from Greece.

10 Facts about Marina Satti

1. Marina is Greek and Sudanese.

Marina was born in Athens. Her father is from Sudan and her mother is from Crete, an island in the south of Greece. As a child, Marina grew up in Greece and spent her summers in Sudan with her family. She speaks three languages – Greek, Arabic, and English.

2. Marina’s music is influenced by a wide range of cultures.

From Balkan to Arabic to Greek and beyond, Marina embraces all parts of her multicultural heritage through her art. The result? A unique musical blend that sets her apart as a truly global artist.

3. She is a classically trained pianist and singer.

Marina began studying classical piano at the age of five. She then began studying classical singing as a teenager and earned her diploma in classical singing from the National Conservatory in Athens.

4. She is a jazz musician.

Marina studied jazz in addition to studying classical music at the National Conservatory. She represented Greece in the European Jazz Orchestra in 2009 and toured with them throughout Europe.

5. She received a scholarship to study in the United States.

Marina earned a scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, which counts among its alumni Teya Dora (this year’s representative for Serbia), MARO (who represented Portugal in 2022), and many other Eurovision artists. Marina graduated with a degree in contemporary writing and production.

6. She is the voice of two Disney princesses.

Marina lent her voice to the character of Moana (Vaiana) in the Greek dubbing of the Disney movie Moana (Vaiana). She also voiced Ariel in the Greek dubbing of the live-action Little Mermaid film from last year. Basically, that makes her a Disney princess too.

7. She founded several a capella groups.

Marina founded Fonέs, an all-female a capella group that performs polyphonic music. She also founded CHÓRES, an all-female ensemble with more than 150 members that performs a diverse range of traditional regional music. She serves as the artistic director for both groups.

8. She studied architecture in university.

While Marina is known for her music, she initially studied architecture in university at the National Technical University of Athens. This girl can truly do it all.

9. She is a talented actress.

Marina studied acting at various drama schools after moving away from studying architecture in university. Since then, she has played leading roles in various theatre productions in Greece, including Once, West Side Story, Shrek the Musical, and Fiddler on the Roof.

10. She is a chart-topping artist.

Her single Mantissa reached the top of the charts in Greece in 2017 and became a huge summer hit. A few years later, she became the first Greek artist to perform a song with Greek lyrics on the COLORS show in Germany with her song “Ponos Kryfos”.

Which fact about Marina Satti surprised you the most? Is she your favourite to win Eurovision 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jesse O'Rourke
Jesse O'Rourke
1 month ago

she has a fantastic voice and I’m sure she will do well in May .

Im so fab
Im so fab
1 month ago

I love when a singer has a distinctive character. Marina Satti with her song “Zari” is the most outside-of-the-box entry we have for 2024.

1 month ago

Wait, Marina is Moana’s Greek voice!? I really would like to see somebody do accomplishment of all the year participants that have dubbed for Disney and other animation companies

1 month ago

She is a real, complete artist, carrying her own distinctive artistic personality. She deserves the TOP this year.