Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 16

Helena Paparizou – “Mavra Gialia”

Helena made Greece proud when she won the competition in 2005. Her new song, “Black Sunglasses,” is the perfect breakup anthem, filled with confidence and assertiveness. The sound is contemporary but with subtle traditional Greek influences, a characteristic we adore in her music. The lyrics centre around the idea of wearing black sunglasses even at night to avoid seeing the one who broke your heart: “And everything we planned together/ I will now do alone/ Black glasses at night/ So I won’t see you again.” In the music video for the song, Helena prominently features her sunglasses, embodying a woman in complete control of herself.

Alfred represented Spain in 2018 alongside Amaia. His new song is a romantic, energetic piece with an acoustic sound that evokes hot summer days. To amplify the romantic atmosphere, the song is complemented by a love story presented in its music video, featuring Spanish actress Fariba Sheikhan alongside Alfred. Titled “Flames in The Sky,” the song explores the theme of keeping love (as a flame) alive. The chorus emphasises that love is found in small gestures rather than grand gestures: “I will not lower the moon so that we can play/ I will not even go up to the sky to give you the Sun/ I will not be like the sailor soldier/ If we dance close together I will be your song.”

Subwoolfer & DJ Astronaut – “Spaceman”

Our favourite duo of Norwegian artists, the Yellow Wolves, have returned! Since their appearance at Eurovision 2022 representing Norway, they have continued to release amazing songs. Their latest release is a collaboration with DJ ASTRONAUT — a fantastic dance track with epic rap verses. This track is incredibly catchy and appeals to listeners of all kinds. The lyrics tell the story of a mysterious Spaceman rapper who roams the galaxy, challenging renowned rappers like 50 Cent, Jay Z, and Snoop Dogg.

KALUSH is the stage name for Oleh Psiuk, who won Eurovision in 2022 along with Kalush Orchestra. His latest song, “The Last Time,” offers viewers a glimpse into the studio where he collaborated with Adam and Balsam. This track features an ethnic vibe with plenty of rap elements. “The Last Time” is part of the KALUSHcollab project, a series where Oleh collaborates with various Ukrainian artists. The song emphasises the importance of expressing feelings when given the chance and touches on themes of longing: “I haven’t said romantic words to you in a long time/ I am constantly flying somewhere, this world seems to have gone crazy/ I am here, and you are there, at home, waiting for me/ I save all these words for you.”

Brooke – “Love Bomb”

Brooke is making her mark! Ireland was beaming with pride in 2022 when she competed in the Eurovision Song Contest, and now she’s shining brighter than ever. Her latest song is the ultimate pop track that’s ready to rock any radio station. Brooke showcased her talent by performing this song flawlessly in the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars, reaffirming her status as a pop diva. The lyrics explore a couple who have the potential for success but need to work through their issues first: “Look at you, look at me/ We could live happily/ It’s a shame that we need love bomb therapy.”

Synapsyche feat. Chris Harms – “The Last Dying Flame”

In their latest collaboration, Chris Harms, the lead vocalist of Lord of the Lost (the band who represented Germany last year), joins forces with Synapsyche to deliver a powerful rock track. The song features intense instrumentals and Chris’ strong vocals that can be easily recognised. The lyrics convey the theme of a love story that is not meant to last: “Not the right time/ Not the right place/ I’m sorry but it’s too late.” The song tries to express the inevitable reality that despite the efforts, some love stories simply fade away, reaching their end regardless of our intentions.

The Starlings – “Supernova”

The Starlings, composed of the couple Tom Dice and Kato Callebaut, have created a heartfelt song that reflects their love and journey together. Tom, known for representing Belgium in Eurovision 2010 (with his guitar), joined forces with Kato for this special project. The duo even participated in Belgium’s national selection last year. Their song is peaceful and serene, brimming with affectionate lyrics like: “We found love and it shines brighter than the stars/ Our love is supernova.” The music video showcases personal images of their growing family, adding an intimate touch to the song’s message. Describing their song, the couple expressed their feelings as perfect love vows, capturing the depth and beauty of their relationship:

“An ode to our daughter, about the balance we (still) seek between the stage and private life, about unconditional love.”

Luka – “Love Me Now”

Luka, formerly the main vocalist of the Belgian band Hooverphonic during the cancelled Eurovision contest in 2020, has embarked on a solo career after leaving the band. Her latest song combines a dark, intriguing vibe with a polished radio-pop sound that complements her sweet yet powerful voice, conveying deep emotions that resonate with listeners.

In this song, Luka explores the complexities of loving someone despite recognising numerous red flags. She candidly expresses the fear of loneliness and the desperation to connect with someone, even if the relationship is fraught with uncertainty: “Our love is pretty lies/ And the way he likes to dress/ Got a woman to his right and a girl to his left/ He is bad bad news/ He’ll make you feel upset/ But in the end I’ll be the one laying in your bed […] But the truth is when I am with him/ I’m not alone/ He might love me now.” Through these lyrics, Luka delves into the conflicting emotions of seeking companionship and intimacy, even in a tumultuous relationship marked by instability and doubt. Her song captures the bittersweet essence of finding solace in someone’s presence despite the risks and uncertainties involved.

Fyr Og Flamme feat. Freja Rebekah – “Næste Lørdag”

Do you have plans for “Next Saturday”? Because the new song from Fyr Og Flamme is inviting you to dance and it promises to be an electrifying dance experience. The dynamic duo who represented Denmark in 2021 teamed up this time with Freja, adding a feminine touch to their retro-inspired track. The song is a pure throwback to the disco era, transporting listeners back in time with its infectious beats and groovy vibes reminiscent of the iconic Saturday Night Fever movie. 

Elena Gheorghe – “Maria”

Elena is the Balkan girl who represented Romania in 2009. Her new song honours her Aromanian origins (Vlach origin). Aromanians, also known as Vlachs, are an ethnic group primarily concentrated in south-eastern Europe, particularly in regions such as Albania, Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania. They speak Aromanian, a Romance language closely related to Romanian. Her new song features a traditional Aromanian sound with Aromanian lyrics. Besides the captivating Aromanian lyrics and Elena’s flawless voice, the music video is an explosion of colours and energy.

Cleo & Skolim – “Dziewczyno Piękna”

From a Balkan girl to a Slavic girl, Cleo represented Poland in 2014. Her latest song exudes a perfect summer vibe and celebrates the beauty of girls with the title “Beautiful Girl.” This new track is a collaboration with Skolim, a well-known YouTuber. Their voices and energies complement each other perfectly, creating a catchy tune accompanied by a vibrant, girlish music video filled with pink hues that will uplift and empower you.

Flo Rida – “Friday”

The famous American rapper, Flo Rida, collaborated with Senhit for San Marino in Eurovision 2021. Now, Flo Rida has released a new summer anthem that celebrates everyone’s favourite day of the week: Friday. This upbeat track features addictive tunes and of course, some great rap. The lyrics highlight the excitement of knowing that Friday is approaching and the anticipation of enjoying the entire weekend: “Go to church on Sunday/ Back to work on Monday/ Tear it up on Tuesday/ Wednesday, mellow down/ Throw ’em back on Thursday/ Fuck it up on Friday/ Shut it down on Saturday/ When we hit the town/ I wish everyday was Friday.”

Anouk & Tino Martin – “Voor Je ‘t Weet”

Anouk represented the Netherlands in 2013. She has recently released a heartfelt pop ballad in collaboration with Dutch artist Tino Martin titled “Before You Know It.” Accompanied by a lyric video, the song delves into themes of sorrow and emotional distance that can arise within a relationship as love diminishes. The lyrics capture the feelings of estrangement between partners: “What would it be like, are we okay with the silence?/ And I see my friends even more often than you/ And even though you are still sitting here next to me/ I haven’t felt your warmth in a while/ Maybe there’s nothing more that can be done about it.” The emotional depth of the lyrics is complemented by the heartfelt delivery from Anouk and Tino Martin, creating a powerful blend that resonates with listeners.

Ivi Adamou – “Eipes”

Ivi Adamou represented Cyprus in 2012. Her latest song, titled “You Said,” features strong traditional influences that will get you dancing immediately. The lyrics express the pain of being hurt in love after having high expectations: “I believed you, you said you wouldn’t hurt me.” In the song, Ivi reflects on placing her trust in the words of her lover, only to discover that they were untrue.

Soraya – “Alas”

From Spain, we have a new song from Soraya, who represented her country in 2009. Her latest track is uplifting and optimistic, encouraging us to dream and hope. The accompanying music video is simply adorable. This pop song carries a captivating melancholic undertone that is mesmerising. Soraya creates a celestial paradise filled with hope and beautiful dreams, a place where one can reunite with loved ones who have passed: “You opened the sky for me with your wings/ And I travelled to where you were/ The colour of hope/ I have your wings painted today/ I must return to earth.” These lyrics convey a deep sense of longing and connection to departed loved ones, painted against a backdrop of optimism and the desire to fulfil dreams. 

Emel – “Sevdah”

Emel was part of the musical group D Mol, which represented Montenegro in Eurovision 2019. His latest solo track features hip hop influences, with Emel adopting the persona of a “bad boy” in the lyrics. Despite being in a relationship, he expresses a longing for adventure: “It’s nothing new, it’s not, it’s not/ You know all that from before, before, before/ Although hers, I’m still yours/ Only your lover boy, only your lover boy.” With a confident sound and a music video focused on Emel in the studio, this Montenegrin artist is poised to make an impact on radio stations with his new release.

Ester Peony – “Stea Cazatoare”

Ester represented Romania in 2019. This week, she delivers a touching and emotional ballad about deeply missing someone and longing to be together despite challenges. The song is entirely in Romanian and is titled “Falling Star.” In the chorus, she sings: “I turned myself into a falling star/ So you can watch me gain colour at night/ To light up your narrow path to the sea/ And you will catch me in your arms.” Ester’s emotive voice resonates with listeners once again, capturing the heartfelt sentiment of the song.

Mandoki Soulmates – “We Stay Loud”

Mandoki Soulmates is a rock fusion group led by Leslie Mandoki, a former member of Dschinghis Khan (who represented Germany in 1979). Their latest song features a complex instrumental arrangement that showcases the fusion style and incorporates a variety of instruments, creating a powerful rock vibe. The lyrics convey a message about pursuing dreams and staying true to oneself: “We’ve got what we wanted/ But not what we needed/ There’s nothing we didn’t do/ To make these dreams come true.” These words emphasise the importance of following one’s dreams and expressing oneself authentically, even in the face of challenges. The song’s energetic rock sound complements the empowering message, making it an anthem for those striving to achieve their aspirations. We promise you a song with a unique instrumental sound. 

Nicki French – “Nothing is Impossible”

Nicki competed for the United Kingdom in 2000. Now she returns with a retro tune that serves as a reminder that nothing is truly impossible. The song revolves around giving love another chance and attempting to mend relationships. Accompanied by a charming music video, Nicki portrays the stress of a failed romance, but in the end, it suggests that love may be knocking at her door once again. The song features a delightful late ’70s to early ’80s sound that transports listeners back in time, evoking nostalgia and warmth.

Laura Tesoro – “Trophy Wall” / Clouseau – “Wie Jij Zal Zijn”

This week on the Belgian show Liefde voor Muziek (Love for Music), Laura Tesoro (Belgium, 2016) and Clouseau (Belgium, 1991) are showcasing their talents again. Laura has released a sassy version of the song “Trophy Wall” by the Belgian band School Is Cool, originally released in 2017. She has transformed the song into a catchy, energetic pop track that suits her style perfectly. Meanwhile, the Belgian duo Clouseau was inspired by School Is Cool’s song “On A Halfway Line,” released in 2020, and they have presented their own funky and groovy rendition titled “Wie Jij Zal Zijn” (Who You Will Be).

Vlado Kalember & Srebrna Krila – Opasno Je Ljubit Ženu

Vlado Kalember is a Croatian pop artist who represented Yugoslavia in 1984. He founded the band Srebrna Krila, who went on to represent Yugoslavia in 1988 (though after Vlado had initially left the group). Vlado is now back at the helm of the band and has released the album titled It is Dangerous To Love a Woman. This album features 10 tracks, each exploring the complexities and challenges of love while also celebrating its beauty. Additionally, the album includes collaborations with other artists such as Darko Capo on “Ana” and Mladen and Denis on “Rođendan” (Birthday). The music on this album presents a variety of Croatian-inspired sounds with retro influences.

Ronela Hajati – “Jepi Gaz”

Señora y señores, she is Ronela and she is ready to serve! She represented Albania in 2022, and now she’s back with a banger that will get you straight onto the dance floor. The music video showcases Ronela’s flawless appearance and confidence, while the track itself is energetic, sexy, and infused with traditional influences and even Latino insertions. The song is titled “Accelerate” (or literally “Step on the Gas”). Ronela is not holding back — she’s living life at full speed, embodying a savage energy and delivering a song about living life to the fullest.

AWS – “Senki nincs már ébren”

We wrap up this week’s roundup with a song from Hungary. AWS represented their country in 2018 and now they’re back with a new rock track that combines authentic rock tunes with a dark vibe. Their song titled “Nobody is Awake Anymore” serves as a wake-up call to reality, shedding light on the dark side that life’s challenges awaken within us all. The accompanying music video suggests how the difficult realities we face can turn us into monsters. The lyrics highlight the theme of people being blinded by a fake reality, forgetting what truly matters and their own human nature: “I’m still alive, nobody here is awake anymore/ You live in your meaningless dreams.” AWS’s powerful lyrics and music invite listeners to reflect on the importance of staying awake and aware in a world that often veers into illusion and distraction.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 month ago

Not a new song but one I just discovered in the last couple of weeks is Subwoolfer’s holiday 2023 song “I Think I Just Killed Rudolph”. Funny, catchy as hell and A1 joins in the dark goofiness. Comes in both an English and Norwegian language version.

Sad commentary on this years Eurovision when this is what I have on repeat less than a month out.

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
1 month ago

Another week – another reminder for Wiwibloggs who decided not to share Noa Kirel’s new song:
Last year y’all celebrated her. She made it to 3rd place and you really wouldn’t share her new song?
Y’all shared her music even before she sang on the Eurovision stage.

1 month ago
Reply to  Roy Moreno

The people financing her have been murdering people since last year. Kind of important to put that part in.

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
1 month ago
Reply to  Marlinken

Sad how you think we all are killers.
I can’t wait to see y’all in Europe dealing with the terr0r when it reaches you, it’s super close.
Gotta wake up.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
1 month ago
Reply to  Marlinken

This is about Eurovision, so keep on topic.

1 month ago

I totally love the 80s vibe from the Fyr Og Flamme song. This should have been their Eurovision entry…