Portugal is poised to grace the stage in Malmö, and iolanda is prepared to proudly represent her country. She is set to reintroduce fado to the Eurovision stage with her song “Grito,” and after glimpsing the rehearsal photos, our excitement knows no bounds. She emerged victorious in Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção, clinching the jury’s favor with an impressive 12 points.

It’s time to discover her story, her fears, her joys, everything summarized in 10 facts. Let’s do this!

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10 Facts about iolanda

1. She is from Figueira da Foz 

She was born in Figueira da Foz, a city in the heart of Portugal. Yet, she moved to Pombal since she was a child and grew up there until she turned 17, when she decided to move alone in Lisbon to study at The Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas.

2. She graduated in communication sciences 

Music has been her greatest passion since childhood. However, iolanda graduated in Communication Sciences. Recognizing her musical talent from a young age, her parents also enrolled her in a music school in her hometown, Pombal.

3. A TV show made her famous

In 2008, she took part in the inaugural season of the talent show Uma Canção Para Ti, aired on TVI. Although she didn’t make it to the final, her journey on the show marked a significant development, earning her local recognition.

4. Sha sang in bars

Seeking a musical direction and finding solace in music, iolanda embarked on a period in Portugal where she explored various talent contests and performed at local bars, hoping to carve out her path in the music industry.

5.She moved alone in London to study music

Determined to find her musical direction, she ventured alone to London, where she pursued songwriting studies at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music, affiliated with the University of Sussex. This period of independence allowed her to delve into self-discovery and personal growth, away from the familiar comforts of family.

6. She likes Angelina Jolie 

When asked who would portray her in a hypothetical movie about her life, iolanda expressed a strong desire for Angelina Jolie to take on the role.

7. Failures made her stronger

Throughout her career, iolanda encountered both successes and setbacks, with each obstacle serving to fortify her resolve. Despite facing rejection, she auditioned for Ídolos (the Portuguese version of The Idol) but didn’t advance to the live gala stage. Similarly, her rendition of “Who You Are” by Jessie J during her audition for The Voice Portugal didn’t prompt any of the four mentors to turn their chairs.

8. She wrote an EP during the pandemic

The pandemic proved to be a productive period for Iolanda, providing her with the time to focus on her craft and write her debut EP, titled Cura. The EP was released last year, marking a significant milestone in her musical journey.

9. She participated in Festival da Canção as a songwriter

Her initial foray into the Portuguese national selection occurred in 2022 when she participated as a co-author and co-composer of the song “Mar no Fim,” performed by Blacci.

10. She hates planes

As an artist, she inevitably has to take flights from time to time, but she harbors a deep dislike for airplanes. Whenever possible, she opts for traveling by car, preferring the familiarity and comfort it offers over the uncertainties of air travel.


Stay tuned to Wiwibloggs for more on iolanda, and to find out 10 Facts about more of your favourite artists from Eurovision 2024!

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Ria NL
Ria NL
1 month ago

Portugal is my big favorite. I love the song Grito. Iolanda is an amazing singer. She must go to the big final

Keiino as mustard
Keiino as mustard
1 month ago

This song is very under appreciated. Good quality singing with an emotional edge. I loved Soldade and this is nearly as good.

1 month ago

I know it‘s utopian but I would love her to win.

1 month ago
Reply to  Iv***


1 month ago
Reply to  Iv***

I do agree with you.