Eurovision 2024 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 20 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 2 here.

Marina Satti – P.O.P

This week, we start powerfully with part one of our round-up, featuring Marina Satti, the proud representative of Greece in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She brought her country back to the Grand Final and ended up in 11th place. Marina has just dropped her new album P.O.P, which contains seven songs that will bring the Greek summer vibe to your playlists. The album includes her Eurovision entry “Zari” and her mega-hit “TUCUTUM.” You’ll find a variety of songs, including a 10-minute mixtape made in collaboration with Lefteris Pantazis, VLOSPA, Oge, RACK, and Efi Thodi. The album concludes with a touching ballad called “Ah THALASSA,” showcasing Marina’s versatility.

She also gifted fans with a music video for her new track “LALALALA.” The music video is colorful, energetic, and filmed in an amusement park, serving as an invitation to feel good with its catchy chorus: “Lalala lalalala / Joy blows like a May breeze.” Like “Zari,” the song is an addictive pop tune with strong Greek influences that are simply mesmerizing.

About the new album, Marina said on her Instagram:

“Fresh, new, buttery songs for you my loves made with sooooo soooo much love and care, straight from Greece! 💙 I really love you and I thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see you dance and be happy with these new babies 🚗🎲🍻🍬👍💿🌊”

LADANIVA – “Here’s to you Ararat”

LADANIVA represented Armenia in this year’s Eurovision. They qualified for the Grand Final and ended in 8th position. Their new song is slower but infused with the beauty of Armenian culture. The song celebrates the beauty of the Armenian language as well. Dedicated to Mount Ararat, a volcanic mountain in Armenia near the border with Turkey, the song’s music video resembles a captivating podcast, brimming with love from Armenia. The lyrics resonate: “Oh Ararat, oh Ararat / Now I understand you / What you mean to Armenians / The foundation of our soul, you are home / You are the king for us / I breathe for you.” Filmed on the band’s most recent trip to Armenia, the music video captures the essence of their heartfelt connection to the beautiful Armenian land. 

Galantis feat. Rosa Linn – “One Cry”

We continue our journey in Armenia with the next artist! Rosa Linn represented Armenia in 2022 and became absolutely viral afterward. Her newest song is a collaboration with the Swedish electronic duo Galantis. Expect nothing short of an exceptional mixtape. The song serves as a poignant anthem for lonely and broken-hearted people: “One cry for the lonely baby / One cry for the broken-hearted.” Galantis confessed about the song in an Instagram post:

“This tune has been a labor of love for a long time, but it’s also been a somewhat bumpy ride. Rosa Linn’s mesmerizing voice was the missing piece we really needed to finally be able to push it over the finish line”

Lena – “Drug worth doing”

Lena, who won Eurovision for Germany in 2010 and returned to represent her country again in 2011, is preparing a new album titled Loyal to Myself. She offers her fans a preview of the album with her newest song, a dance tune that describes being in a love that feels just like a drug, but an addiction worth pursuing because it simply feels too good: “They’ll never know / How good it feels to hold / The person that they were meant to (…) / You Uhh / You’re the only drug worth doing.”

Bilal Hassani – “Alter Ego”

Bilal Hassani, who represented France in 2019, has released a new song that serves as a confidence booster. It’s an energetic pop tune designed to remind you that you are fabulous. The lyrics delve into the concept of an alter ego and living life on your own terms, relishing every moment while staying true to yourself: “It’s a unique cocktail / Which sparkles between my eyes / Tip of tongue numb / By this fabulous liquid / Dare to take action / As in an / American movie / Disobey the zodiac / Rolling over with destiny.” Accompanied by a music video, Bilal exudes fabulousness for three straight minutes.

Kristian Kostov & ALMA – “So High”

Kristian Kostov, who represented Bulgaria in 2017, has collaborated with ALMA, a Bulgarian-British singer, on a very artistic project. Currently, Bulgaria is not participating in Eurovision, but hopes are high for its return next year. Their voices blend seamlessly in a song that explores the highs and lows of life and love. The music video resembles a piece from an art museum, boasting outstanding aesthetics. The lyrics resonate: “I found a better place to call my home / La la la la la / Even if it means that I’m alone / It goes on and on when you’re gone.” Regarding the song, both artists expressed:

There’s something very special about this song and we hope that it’ll help you get through whatever it is you’re struggling with right now or just make you feel better 🙏

Jill Johnson – “Pretty Please With Sugar On Top”

Jill Johnson, who competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998, continues to pursue her passion for country music with her latest song. Get ready to dust off your hat and slip on your cowboy boots because this track will have you itching to hit the dance floor! The song takes a sarcastic tone, highlighting the human tendency to constantly desire more from life without fully appreciating what we already have. Inspired by Jill’s observations on social media, the song offers a witty commentary on modern society’s obsession with always wanting more. Speaking about her new song, Jill remarked:

“The song came about as a humorous reflection, after scrolling through social media. The feeling of wanting more and more even though you already have everything you dreamed of…”

Beth & Sopa de Cabra – “Temps de Sega”

A beautiful acoustic song about moving on comes from Beth, who represented Spain in 2003. Her latest track is a collaboration with the Catalan music group Sopa de Cabra. The song features a peaceful sound with prominent acoustic guitar strings complemented by Beth’s warm voice. The lyrics convey the message of moving on from pain, symbolized by the arrival of summer: “Summer is coming, it’s harvest time / To cut the pain and the bread / To make a bouquet with poppies / That fill the field.” The accompanying music video, filmed in a stunning rural area, exudes a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

TEYA – “Not Scared of Growing Old”

TEYA, who represented Austria alongside Salena last year, is dancing in an old people’s house in her new music video. Her latest song is a lively anthem in which she boldly declares that she is unafraid of growing old because she intends to live life to its fullest. In the lyrics, she expresses how despite her young age, she feels like an old soul and body: “When I was four years old / My back started to hurt / Gray hair came in / I stepped into the world.” The chorus conveys her desire to celebrate life regardless of age: “I’ll go to raves at 94 / Be a grandma on the dance floor / Raising up the roof / Dancing disco in my tomb / I will be a hoe / At the old people’s home / I’m a story to be told.” This upbeat track celebrates the joy of living and defies age stereotypes with its contagious energy.

Maja Keuc – Sončnice

Maja, who represented Slovenia in 2011, has returned with a brand-new album titled “Sunflowers.” The album radiates light and warmth through its 10 songs, all sung in Slovenian. Maja’s comforting and sweet voice fills each track with a sense of serenity. Some of the songs were previously released and have now been gathered into this long-awaited album. One such song is “Labirint,” which was met with great success upon its release. On her YouTube channel, Maja has shared a music video for each song, treating them all like sunflowers and tending to them diligently.

“For me, making music is the closest thing to magic… Something is created that is unrepeatable and you have no idea how. 😅 From my soul, heart, and toes, thank you to everyone who helped to make the Sunflowers bloom. I promise that I will water them diligently.💛”


MUSIQQ, the Latvian duo who represented their country in Eurovision back in 2011, is gearing up for the release of their upcoming album, Mākslas dars. Their latest single, “Bow Ties,” is accompanied by a music video created with A.I., reflecting a growing trend in the industry. As the band approaches their 15th anniversary, scheduled for July 6th this summer, they are planning to celebrate with their fans at a concert. Speaking about their newest song, the band expressed:

“The song #BANTİTES is like a backpack full of pheromones, it represents the collision of childhood dreams and adult reality. It’s a playful reminder that sometimes the crown that girls aspire to have is actually just a bow in their hair.”

PAENDA – “Accelerate”

PAENDA represented Austria in Eurovision 2019. With her latest song, she once again proves that she is a pop queen, and the music video matches its high-speed tempo! The lyrics of her new song express: “Accelerate, don’t wanna take it slow / Memory lane, that’s not the way to go.” The song conveys the message of entering into a relationship with confidence and full speed, as she is fed up with situationships.

Sajfer feat. Jala Brat & Buba Corelli – “7ICE”

Jala Brat competed for Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2016 alongside Dalal, Deen, and Ana Rucner. His latest song is a collaboration with Sajfer and his longtime music partner Buba Corelli. Get ready for some savageness and Balkan vibes combined with rap! The bad boys are in the house and they’re here to conquer.

Theodor Andrei – “FANTOMA”

Theodor represented Romania last year, and he was the last Romanian contestant as his country took a break from Eurovision this year. His newest song, according to Theodor, is more than a simple song; it’s a piece of his own heart. It’s a poetic rock’n’roll piece with an artistic and theatrical music video that seems to be a collage of memories and pieces of his own story. The title, “Ghost,” reflects the theme of the song, as Theodor sings about the haunting memory of a lover that you can’t forget. The lyrics convey: “You broke my mirror and while I was trying to get it fixed / I rebuilt your love in every piece of shattered glass / Is your world complete without me in it? / You have no idea how many times I painted you in sheet music,” perfectly embracing the sadness and confusion that comes with a breakup. In his own words, the song is: 

“A bittersweet rock’n’roll love story with lots of…energy, changes and mystery.”

Kejsi Tola – “Për Ty”

We conclude the first part with a song from Albania. Kejsi represented her country in 2009. The title of the song is “For You,” and in the music video, Kejsi sings and dances amidst light and darkness. The song is infused with Albanian influences, bringing authenticity, while Kejsi imbues every word she sings with emotion. “If you only knew / I also hurt myself / Because you know me out of jealousy / Half of my heart stopped,” the lyrics express the pain of loving someone too intensely, unable to walk away and tormented by jealousy.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Poul Riisen
Poul Riisen
25 days ago

Marina Satti’s new song might actually do much better in Eurovision! Happier and wayyy more catchy, la la la.

Lila Ramonda
Lila Ramonda
26 days ago

To this day the weirdest and funniest thing to me is that Jala Brat was an actual eurovision contestant

28 days ago

Singing about a mountain is an unusual choice, but LADANIVA make it sound sublime. Her voice is exquisite. I recommend the album too.

28 days ago
Reply to  Richard

The album is IMPECCABLE I’ve got it on vinyl

28 days ago

Galantis feat Rosa Linn WOW liked that song so much