Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 23

Joost Klein – “Luchtballon”

We start this week with a strong song from the Netherlands. Joost Klein, who was selected to represent his country this year, was disqualified right before the Grand Final. While the investigation into the incident that led to the disqualification is still ongoing, Joost is enjoying huge post-Eurovision success with both his Eurovision entry, “Europapa,” and his newest track, “Luchtballon” (Air Balloon). There are many aspects to discuss regarding the music video and the lyrics, so let’s take things one by one.

Regarding the song, it contains everything you loved about “Europapa”: a very catchy tune, rap parts, and a lot of Gabber that will get you dancing. Gabber is a style of electronic dance music that is a subgenre of hardcore techno, specific to the Netherlands. If the tune sounds familiar, it’s because a sample of the instrumental is from the famous song “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx, released in 1989.

Now, about the music video, there are many theories and meanings suggested by Eurovision fans. We will briefly analyze the evident elements. The music video is in a retro style, using video game graphics especially similar with GTA. Firstly, we see Joost wearing his blue Europapa costume, along with the keyboard player and the Blue Bird he had with him on stage. However, the Blue Bird is shot, and the balloon is in a free fall. Joost ends up alone and arrested. As he is dragged to jail, a group of people dances to Gabber, which could symbolise the Eurovision audience. While imprisoned, his Europapa costume is burned, which could represent his disqualification. But Joost is saved by his keyboard player. Later in the music video, he wears the same Europapa costume, now in black, while watching his Eurovision performance on television and looking at a picture of him and his team in the Eurovision outfits.

The enemies are at Onion Corp. Onion is known as Joost’s favourited vegetable, but in this context, fans believe it refers to Union Corporation, implying a reference to the EBU. He tries to defeat the people at Onion Corp and is rescued by the Blue Bird (now black), which appears to be alive. In previous Eurovision interviews, Joost stated that the Blue Bird symbolises hope. He ends up leaving with a brand new balloon, flying towards two illuminated silhouettes, which seem to represent his late parents.

Meanwhile, the lyrics speak about overcoming traumas, flying freely, and how the path to success is a lonely one filled with obstacles.

LADANIVA – “Saraiman”

LADANIVA represented Armenia in this year’s Eurovision, finishing in eighth place in the grand final. LADANIVA are known for the traditional influences in their music, mixing various elements and sometimes even performing songs in French, honouring the heritage of the band members. They also occasionally cover famous traditional songs from different cultures, and this time, they sing in Romanian. The song “Șaraiman” was originally performed by the Romanian Romani artist Romica Puceanu. However, the song is not purely folk; in Romania, the music genre of this song is called “lăutărească.” This genre is a branch of Romani music (Gypsy music) with origins in Byzantine music, featuring elements from various traditional styles from countries such as Türkiye and those in Western Europe.

LADANIVA presents a colourful music video in which Jako’s joy is purely contagious as she flawlessly sings in Romanian. In the context of lăutărească music, the word “Șaraiman” is used to define “poor man.” The song is a love song, with lyrics that say: “If you are touched, my dear, touched / By all my love, / By all my love / Poor you, oh! Poor dear! / I don’t think you could sleep / Neither could you love someone else.”

Alexander Rybak – “Maybe”

Alexander Rybak is already a Eurovision legend, having won the contest for Norway back in 2009. He returned to Eurovision again in 2018. His new song is a touching love song; but for Alexander, the song holds a deeper meaning: “Maybe one day spring will last forever / All the tears washed away / Maybe you’ll return and we get back together / Finding happiness in every single day.” The lyrics were written by Alexander’s father and dedicated to his mother, making the song a special connection to his family. This song is actually his birthday gift to his father, as he finished the song that his dad started when he was 35 years old. And get ready for a music video in the next few days — it’s on the way!

Bilal Hassani – Glitter Sleaze Utopia

Bilal represented France in 2019. His new album, as the title says itself, is filled with glitter and great pop dance tracks that will raise your confidence and make you dance right away. The album is packed with confidence and good vibes. You already heard “Alter Ego” as a teaser in a previous week, but as the album has ten tracks, there’s still a lot to discover. The album is indeed an explosion of glitter, where you can see all of Bilal’s sides: shy, introverted, grandiose, noisy, crazy. The “utopia” represents his dream, his ideal, where he doesn’t forbid himself from anything. Bilal described the album as:

“A collection, several pieces where the limit of exploration does not exist, where I sing loudly, where I whisper, where I dance without choreography.”

Barbara Pravi – “La Pieva (Chex moi)”

Barbara touched everyone’s hearts when she represented France in 2021. Now she is back, stronger than ever. Let’s start with the good news: Barbara’s second album, LA PIEVA, is on the way, and this song will be part of it. More precisely, the album will drop on 6 September and will contain 11 songs. Another noteworthy detail is that Barbara’s new song will be accompanied by a music video that will be released in the coming days. The music video was filmed in Serbia, in her family’s village, as Barbara has Serbian heritage from her father’s side.

But the song has an interesting story behind it. In Serbian, “La Pieva” means “the singer/storyteller.” This was the name given to Barbara’s ancestor in 1750. According to Barbara, her ancestor was a gypsy who wandered in the mountains between Bosnia and Serbia to sell her merchandise. In the evenings, she would stop in the villages to rest. There, by the fire, she sang and told stories to anyone who would listen. She sang so well that they renamed her “La Pieva.” Now, there’s a village named after her in the mountains where part of Barbara’s family lives. “At the end of a dirt path, there is a cemetery, and on each grave, you can see my name written. Our name. The one my ancestors have worn for generations.”

In a letter that Barbara received from her grandfather, he expressed his wish for his granddaughter, who is passionate about music, to know the origins of her family’s name. It’s worth mentioning that Barbara’s real name is Barbara Piévic. With this song, she wants to honour her heritage.


ALYOSHA, who represented Ukraine in 2010, has now returned to her real name, Olena Topolya. Her latest song, titled “Do You Want?” in English, is a ballad in collaboration with Dibrova. Their voices blend perfectly, creating a harmonious mix of emotions. The music video exudes love in every scene, making it an ideal choice for the wedding season. ALYOSHA has expressed her hopes for the song to become a popular choice for the first dance of many newlywed couples, highlighting its significance and emotional resonance.

“This song is about the best and brightest moments – the union of two people who start a journey together. It is perfect for the first dance of the newlyweds, who know better than anyone about the hottest period of love. When everything turns into a deeper awareness, into plans for life. I would really like for this song to form many families and for them to be strong.”

Nathan Trent & Fünkenstein – “Fine”

For sure you remember Nathan, as he represented Austria back in 2017. If you need a party anthem and also a reminder that things will be fine, this is your song. The track is a collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist Fünkenstein. The song is a full package, having a retro-dance vibe, some Bruno Mars influences and Nathan’s joyful voice. The instrumental is extra funky! “Baby you’re fine/ It’s time for you to shine/ Remember those tears will dry/ Don’t worry love, is fine,” the lyrics normalise not being ok all the time but reassure that everything will eventually be fine, as the party goes on!

Franka & ToMa – “Da opet nađem te”

Franka competed for Croatia in 2018. She has a brand-new collaboration with ToMa, and they’ve created a ballad that will touch your heart. With two powerful voices and a sincere song, it’s a wish for love to be reborn. The translation of the title is “To Find You Again.” The music video portrays the challenges of a love story, set in a film noir atmosphere with fashion elements inspired by the 1940s. The lyrics convey: “Kisses shouldn’t hurt / Hands are for love / Eyes to comfort me when words fail.” The song is fragile, simple, and yet so powerful. Speaking about the song, Franka said:

“We poured our heart and soul into these notes. Let them talk to you now, let them hurt, let them heal.”

Sergej Ćetković – Kofer

Sergej represented Montenegro at Eurovision in 2014. He has a brand new album titled Suitcase. Get ready for 12 songs that will once again showcase the beauty of the language and music from Montenegro. If you’re in a melancholic mood and crave well-crafted ballads with authentic influences, this is the perfect album for you. Each song has its unique vibe, contributing to a wonderful collection of ballads. What’s more, there are music videos for every song! Check out the playlist with the videos on Sergej’s YouTube channel, right here.

Michael Schulte – “Beautiful Reason”

Michael represented Germany in 2018. Even though he competed with a heartfelt ballad in the contest, the dance genre suits him so well, and his newest song is no exception. It’s the perfect club vibe that will kick off your summer season perfectly. The lyrics speak about a person who becomes “your beautiful reason,” signifying a love that isn’t just for a weekend or a season but is there to stay.

Poli Genova – “We Only Have Today”

Poli Genova competed for Bulgaria twice, first in 2011 and then again in 2016. Her new song is purely cosmic and a perfect reminder to treasure the very moment we live in. With lyrics like “Hold my hand / Don’t be lonely / Don’t be sad / Feel the moment / That we spent / With you / Here and now / It’s all I need,” the reassuring words take on a powerful meaning, especially when sung as flawlessly as Poli does. The music video was filmed in Bulgaria, at the Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory and the Planetarium Smolyan, in the Smolyan Province, near the city of Plovdiv. As one of Bulgaria’s ambassadors for UNICEF, Poli dedicates this song to children and their dreams:

“As a UNICEF national ambassador for Bulgaria, I dedicate this song to the cause of the best start in life for every child. Let’s support children to dream without limits, believe in themselves and know that nothing is impossible!”

Robin Bengtsson – “Out Of Love”

A great country track comes from Robin, who represented Sweden in 2017. The song has a wonderful acoustic vibe with country music influences that give it a cozy feel. It’s about spending one night out with your loved one and wishing the night could last forever: “She said we should get some tequila / ‘Cause it does wonders to your feet / And when this bar closes up / There’s another one I know just down the street.”

Lauris Reiniks – “Kaila nakts”

Lauris competed for Latvia in 2003 as part of the group F.L.Y. His newest song has a great retro vibe that will take you back in time, with lyrics speaking about his loved one. The title translates to “Naked Night.” The lyrics describe his love and adoration for his beloved: “You are my sunshine in the rain / My summer in winter / Feeling your warm breath / The north wind is not scary.” This song is in Latvian, but Lithuanian and Estonian versions of the song are expected soon.

Luka – “H.E.R”

Luka was part of Hooverphonic back in 2020 when the band was initially selected to represent Belgium. Hooverphonic returned to Eurovision in 2021 with Geike as the vocalist, while Luka continued with a solo career. Her newest song has a modern and dark vibe, with Luka’s sweet and powerful voice adding a touch of drama to the track. “I am with you / But I think of her / She is so pretty / It almost hurts” — the lyrics speak about the attraction towards another woman while struggling to remain faithful in a relationship.

Jóhanna Guðrún – “Töfrar”

Jóhanna, known by her Eurovision stage name Yohanna, won our hearts when she represented Iceland in 2009. Her newest song is called “Magic,” and that defines her song perfectly! The tune is purely magical, filled with light and positivity, and infused with Icelandic influences. The song was released to honour 17 June, which is Iceland’s National Day (Independence Day). The lyrics speak about the beauty of her country and the Herjólfsdalur valley: “There is magic within Herjólfsdal / I always leave my heart there / And that echoes in everything here / All that was sung before me.”

Anna Rossinelli – “Over”

Anna represented Switzerland back in 2011. Her newest song is a sensitive ballad that centres on the desire for a relationship not to end. The lyrics, “Don’t say it’s over / I’m begging / I’m ashamed of me / Don’t know how to shake it off,” reflect the struggle to salvage the relationship. The song explores the ambivalence of clinging to the past while hoping for change and a new beginning.

Ester Peony & Bo Leroy – “Romeo”

Ester participated in Eurovision for Romania back in 2019. Now she is back with a catchy pop collaboration with Bo Leroy. The song is in French and dedicated to a lover, a “Romeo” whom she loves as much as the sun and the flowers. It’s the perfect pop love track to listen to this summer.

Eliot – “Bad Friend”

A great pop song comes from Belgium too, from their 2019 representative, Eliot. His newest song touches on a delicate topic: being a bad friend. More precisely, it speaks about feeling like you are a bad friend but wishing to do better and acting like a real friend when you are needed: “Every choice I’m making right now/ Is to be there for you.”

JOWST, Augustine Dunn & Barbara Schoblocher – “The Sweetest Fruit”

JOWST competed for Norway in 2017. However, this collaboration with Augustine and Barbara is something unexpected. JOWST is responsible for adding some electronic vibes, creating a total club banger, but part of the song is in Hungarian. More precisely, it’s a song about the changing season, rooted in an old Hungarian melody.

Ash Haynes – “Lashes”

Ash is here to bring some female boss energy that you’re not ready for. As part of the Swedish girl group The Mamas, they were the backing vocals for John Lundvik in 2019 and were selected to represent Sweden in 2020, though the contest was cancelled due to the pandemic. Her new song speaks about confidence and treating yourself, highlighting how having your lashes on gives you a confidence boost.

Svenni Þór & Regína Ósk – “Hjá þér”

Regína Ósk has graced the Eurovision stage numerous times, both as a backing vocalist and as a representative of Iceland in 2008 as part of the duo Eurobandið, alongside Friðrik Ómar. Now, she brings a charming acoustic tune in collaboration with Svenni Þór. The song, titled “With You,” features some subtle country influences that are sure to capture your heart.

Ronela Hajati, Engliversal & Supercrax – “TEKeTEK”

Ronela proudly represented Albania in 2022, winning over Eurovision fans with her talent. Her powerful voice is showcased in her newest collaboration with Engliversal and Supercrax. The entire song is a banger, with Ronela exuding confidence, breaking all the rules, and showcasing her talent at its best. Accompanied by a music video that exudes summer vibes from beginning to end, this track is sure to be your summer bop.

Jill Johnson – “I’m Not Dead Yet”

Jill Johnson competed for Sweden in 1998. Continuing her journey with country music, she is currently preparing a country music album, and this week, we are introduced to another song from her album. The song delivers a clear message: “Don’t look at me like I’m no threat — I’m not dead yet!” Jill asserts her identity and capabilities with unwavering confidence. Reflecting on her song, she said:

“Is written from the humour of old age, about feeling strong and alive one day, because the next day you feel exhausted and pale, that 50 is the new 40 and that the body doesn’t feel good anymore, which, funny, doesn’t do much after a couple of drinks a friend.”

And at the end of this week’s roundup, we let your “Mind Wander” with Eyþór Ingi’s newest song. Eyþór left us all speechless when he competed for Iceland in 2013. His latest track speaks about the power of the mind to wander, while his voice showcases a range of high notes and impresses us as always. The song has a perfect groovy summer vibe, transporting us back to the funky years.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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17 hours ago

Slimane also put out a new song a fews days ago- Résister. It is in both French and English.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
3 days ago

Jill Johnson, wow what a fantastic vocal! It’s been over 25 years, and I still remember Jill. “I’m not dead yet” is pretty much exactly how I feel right now too. 🙂

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
3 days ago

Another week of great songs. Thanks, Wiwibloggs

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
6 days ago

I love the new album of Sergej ?etkovi? – Kofer very much.

6 days ago

Still waiting for Käärijä and Joost to finally release “Traffic” ?

7 days ago

Joost is a legend!!!

7 days ago

Zdob si Zdub confirmed to be very pro-Putin and pro-USSR in one of lithuanian podcasts. Massive disappointment.

3 days ago
Reply to  Check

They can always move to Russia and live their USSR fantasy if they love it so much.

Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
3 hours ago
Reply to  Check

Amd what Brotchen said.