Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 24 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 2 here.

Slimane – “Résister (What about Peace?)”

We are ready to start this week’s round-up, and we couldn’t begin any better than with a wonderful peace anthem from France, performed by Slimane, who represented his country this year. In the accompanying video, we see Slimane in front of Notre Dame de Paris, amidst the crowd, performing his peace anthem. Slimane also holds a cardboard sign that asks, “What about peace?” The font he used reminds us of John Lennon’s peace campaign “War Is Over (If You Want It),” promoted by the song with the same name. Slimane’s song is in French, but the chorus is in English, making the questions from the chorus accessible and easy to understand for everyone, prompting us to contemplate what we should do about the adversities our world faces. The song will bring tears to your eyes, especially with the English translation provided in the video. The French lyrics say: “Sorry, it hurts too much/ I can no longer stay silent/ And I know you are suffering too/ So what do we do, my brother?” The lyrics reflect on the world we are leaving to the children, to the young generation that should be protected and happy, not suffering in wars. Along with the release of the song, Slimane stated:

Listening to each other.
Talking to each other.
Sharing our sorrows.
Believing in Peace so that we don’t die of Hate.
Never alone again.

Sunstroke Project & Natalia Barbu – “Cherchez la femme”

The next song is a collaboration between two representatives from Moldova, both of whom have competed in Eurovision twice. Sunstroke Project first participated in 2010, when they became famous thanks to their Epic Sax Guy. They returned in 2017, finishing in third place. Natalia Barbu represented Moldova this year and also competed in 2007. They have united their forces to bring something Latin, fresh, and funny. So, get ready to drink tequila and fly to Mexico with this new song. Prepare yourself for some summer vibes, and yes, you can definitely hear the iconic sax blended perfectly with the Latin sound in the instrumental. The lyrics are in English, French and Spanish, creating an interesting love story. 

BESA & Marin Hoxha – “Aman”

Speaking of the contestants who competed in this year’s Eurovision, they are all shining in their new releases, and BESA is no exception. She represented Albania, and her new song, a collaboration with Marin Hoxha, is sure to be one of your favourite summer tracks. It has everything to get you in the summer mood, and BESA’s voice is simply mesmerising. Get ready to move your body to this fresh and catchy hit!

KALUSH – Для душі

KALUSH (Oleh Psiuk) made Ukraine proud when he won in 2022 as part of Kalush Orchestra. Now, he has released a solo EP called For The Soul. Get ready for the finest of Ukrainian rap. The EP contains six songs, each with a unique vibe and sound. According to Oleh, the album focuses on what’s inside, on the soul. This album is like food for the soul for him, featuring songs he loves, even if they might not top the music charts today. For him, they are all very personal.

Oleh speaks more about the first track of the album “Тебе не попустить” (They Won’t Let You Go). The song describes the crab-in-a-bucket experiment (***while one single crab can easily get out of the bucket without a lid, the escape becomes impossible as the number increases, because instead of pushing each other up, the crabs pull each other down and in the end, no one wins***)  and the “if I can’t have it, you can’t have it” mindset. The lyrics speak about how envy is a destructive, low-vibrational energy that cannot lead to anything good. The world views it as follows: if you harbour negative feelings toward others’ success, you won’t desire or achieve success for yourself. By translating this mindset into actions, one realises that any “impossible” goal can be attainable. From a deterministic perspective, Oleh understands that if he experienced everything a hater did, he would likely act the same way 99.9% of the time. Thus, he remains calm and accepting not only towards people but also towards life’s circumstances in general.

The purpose of this song is to explain the essence of the “trap” you can sometimes find yourself in. With each new success of a person, an envious individual will only become more burdened with negative energies, which will manifest in their own life as corresponding negative events. As they fall deeper into the pits of their own life, the envious person becomes a complete antagonist, hating the successful person even more, often without the latter even knowing of their existence. This creates a closed circle.

Ben Cristovao, Mirai & David Koller – “Heartbreaker”

If your heart is broken, Ben has got your back! He was selected to represent the Czech Republic back in 2020 when the contest was cancelled due to the pandemic, but he made a return in 2021. His new song features a very interesting sound, slightly different from what you’re used to hearing from Ben, with a chorus that incorporates strong rock influences. This song promises to mend your broken hearts. Stay tuned for the upcoming music video, coming soon.

Pasha Parfeni – “VECINII”

Pasha Parfeni made Moldova proud on two different occasions. He first competed in 2012 and then returned in 2023. His new song is a perfect summer banger, blending traditional influences with club vibes. The song is called “Neighbours,” and it talks about the people living in your area who never complain when you party. Moreover, the song itself is an invitation for the neighbours to come together and join your party.

Here is the translation of the given text from Romanian to English: “I love my neighbours/ I invite them for mititei (a traditional dish somewhat similar to grilled sausages)/ For a glass of good conversation/ To gather together.” The music video is colourful, with everyone dancing and enjoying the party, creating a general positive vibe. About the message behind the song, Pasha said:

“Well, with humorous lyrics, ‘Neighbours’ captures the atmosphere of summer evenings, where we gather for ‘a glass of good talk’ and celebrate those lively meetings at the neighbour’s barbecue. Each neighbour brings a special charm, and our differences are an essential part of this project. It is a play about acceptance and communion, emphasising that despite our diversity, we are united in the same community.”

Sirusho – “Oile”

Sirusho represented Armenia in 2008. She is back with a perfect ballad that incorporates wonderful traditional influences. The lyrics are a mix of English and Armenian, speaking about the experience of walking away from a love and sending a love letter to the person left behind. The song acknowledges that leaving was the best decision, even though it may lead to resentment until the person finds someone better.


MARO represented Portugal in 2022. She’s now here with a retro dance bop that promises to become your new obsession. The song not only makes you want to dance with its perfect summer vibe but also features a joy-filled music video with easy choreography for everyone to enjoy. In a heart-warming touch, MARO’s dad even joins the dancing in the video. The song is a collaboration with NASAYA, and its lyrics explore the possibilities between two people who still have feelings for each other, urging them to set aside their egos: “We could be talking/ All night long/ We could be dancing/ On our own.” The entire song and video exude an enjoyable vibe that will surely captivate you.

Nina Badric – “#onokad”

Nina is already an icon in Croatia, having represented her country back in 2012. Her newest song, “#ThatMomentWhen,” is a powerful ballad that beautifully contrasts light and darkness in both its lyrics and music video. The video is rich with powerful metaphors depicting the pain and dissolution of a love story. The song delves into the complexities and challenges inherent in relationships.

Nina is preparing to release an album with the same title later this year. She mentioned that the album will feature some new songs as well as tracks she wrote long ago but never released. The album will explore various themes, focusing on a black-and-white contrast. It will culminate with a grand concert scheduled for the end of November in Croatia.

Paula Seling & Guz – “Dor, Dor, Dorule”

Paula competed in Eurovision twice, on both occasions together with Ovi. They first competed in 2010 and returned in 2014. Her newest song is a collaboration with Guz, who brings rap to balance Paula’s voice. The word “Dor” means “Longing,” as the song speaks about missing home and your parents: “Look, Lord, how much it hurts/ The longing for parents and sunshine/ Alone in the wide world/ I cry through my bitter nights.” The song is infused with traditional elements while still creating a radio-friendly sound. Paula described this collaboration as an interesting experiment, as she truly respects Guz and wanted to try a different vocal blend for her music. The song is dedicated to our inner child and to the adult searching for their way in the wide world.

The Swingers, Birgit & Jan Uuspõld – “Aeg Elada”

A vibrant collaboration between The Swingers, Birgit, and Jan comes from Estonia. Birgit competed for her country in 2013. Their new song, accompanied by a colourful lyric video, is the perfect track for long summer days. Titled “Time To Live,” the song invites you to have the best time of your life. It’s joyful and filled with fun. The lyrics celebrate the lovely summer weather: “We made a deal with the weather/ We write Summer with a capital letter.” Get ready to embrace your summer vibes!

Luka – “Sweater With Long Sleeves”

Luka was part of the famous band Hooverphonic from Belgium in 2020 when they were initially selected to represent their country. The band returned in 2021 with Geike as their main vocalist, while Luka continued with a solo career. This week, she released another song from her upcoming album, which is very promising. The album, titled Need You In The Light, will drop on 21 June 21. The new song maintains the dark and mysterious vibe that we love about Luka, complemented by her outstanding voice. An orchestra in the instrumental adds to the song’s dramatic feel.

Hovig – “POU TO PAEI”

Hovig represented Cyprus in 2017. He has now created a perfect summer anthem to (quoting him) “accompany you through the most beautiful summer moments.” With good energy, danceable beats, Hovig’s sweet voice, and trumpets, this song has everything it needs to boost your mood. Titled “Where Does It Go?”, the song speaks about the lovely emotion of falling in love and how it changes your whole mindset: “I got lost in your eyes and got confused/ You came and I loved the whole world/ How to command such a feeling/ Burn the heart like a firework.”

Eye Cue – “On a flight to Ibiza”

Eye Cue, the duo that represented North Macedonia in 2018, is back with a summer song about falling in love on a flight to Ibiza. The song tells the story of meeting someone on the flight who gets stuck in your head. As always, they bring the best of dance music, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Connect-R & Cortes – “De Tine”

Connect-R, who represented Moldova alongside Natalia and Arsenium in 2006, has a new collaboration with Cortes. Their song, titled “With You,” features a music video that showcases different love stories. The lyrics celebrate the feeling of falling in love: “So I fell in love/ With you/ With you/ With you.” The chorus is a remake of the song “Și m-am îndrăgostit de tine” (So I fell in love with you), originally performed by Romanian artist Adrian Daminescu in 2001. The rap parts of the song are original. With this track, Connect-R successfully pays tribute to a Romanian classic hit, giving it a fresh twist.

Sofi Marinova – “Пак Оставам”

We end the first part of this week’s round-up with Sofi Marinova, who represented Bulgaria in 2012. Get ready for some authentic vibes with her new song, “I’m Staying Again.” You can guess the topic from the music video, which is about returning to a person who hurt you: “You went away and left me/ Crush me, throw me away, forget me/ The heart is wounded without you/ Give it all, take it here/ And what’s left for me?/ Dead – more than drunk/ Is it crazy to forgive again?/ Madness, I’ll stay yours again.” She feels every single word while shining and slaying the vocals.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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lasse braun
lasse braun
28 days ago

Pasha Parfeni – “VECINII”top of the pop this week.

28 days ago

Kudos to Ruxandra for take not giving us all geo-blocked videos like we have been getting so much of recently.

29 days ago

What about Peace?
It’s time!

28 days ago

I found the song to be completely predictable in every way – but sometimes that is exactly what you want to hear. Good song.