Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 25

Silia Kapsis – “Red Flag”

It was all about green LED effects during Silia Kapsis’ performance at Eurovision 2024. But for her follow-up single she’s only seeing red. Silia serves up a catchy piece of pop that of course comes with plenty of dancing in the accompanying music video. Whilst she has four backing dancers for the visuals, Silia mentions in the lyrics that she’s not afraid to start dancing solo. The star has witnessed a “Red Flag” in her current relationship and knows it’s time to set herself free: “You are my red flag / Let me let me let me let me let me go / I don’t wanna do this any anymore / I’ll be dancing on my own / So lalalalala let go.”

Edurne – “Va por ti”

Edurne has announced that her new album will drop in August. Whilst we count down the next two months, Spain’s Eurovision 2015 star has given us a song to whet our appetite — “Va por ti” (“It is for you”). A summery pop track, Edurne sings of how she’s so infatuated with someone that everything she does is now about them: “If you tell me, come today at three o’clock / I will be there at ten to, and you see, trust that I will wait for you / And to you, every verse that I write is for you / And I think of you and I can’t resist it.”


After conquering the Italian music charts, BLANCO is now looking to spread his wings further afield. “DESNUDA” (“Naked”) marks the Eurovision 2022 act’s first foray into releasing music in Spanish. A mid-tempo pop ballad, BLANCO marvels at his partner’s body glistening in the moonlight: “Now that I have you / I want you naked / If you tell me I’ll get it / And we catch fire / You shine brighter than the moon / Know that I am interested in you.”

The singer spoke more about this new era of his music in a post on Instagram:

“DESNUDA is the beginning of a new journey. A trip I strongly believe in. A trip that excites me, as music excites me in all its forms. A trip that will not take time away from the project in Italian. They’ll travel in equal steps. Italy is still my home and I will continue to write and sing in Italian. I’m sure that you, who are my family, and you have accompanied me here, will understand and I hope you will also accompany me on this new adventure. I LOVE YOU ALL.”

Demy – “Yperfainomeno”

Eurovision 2017 alum Demy is keen to keep evolving her musical sound and has now decided to embrace a dance-pop style for her latest single. “Yperfainomeno” is a slickly produced track that entwines the Greek singer’s vocals with several layers of digital beats. There are two versions of the song — the first in Greek, as well as a “Hyperphenomenal” English rendition: “A force unstoppable / Hyperphenomenal / In the storm I come alive.”

There are 30 seconds of scripted words to sit through at the start of the music video, which frames Demy as the subject of an experiment to remove all human emotion from a person.

Cascada – “Call Me”

Cascada are gearing up for the release of their next album in October, which will feature several covers of previous hits. Their latest teaser single from the LP is “Call Me” — a new version of Blondie’s iconic song. Germany’s Eurovision 2013 group give the new wave rock track a disco twist, ensuring it’s dancefloor ready.

Andrei Ursu – “Lângă tine”

Andrei Ursu is heading out on a summer adventure with friends. In his new music video for “Lângă tine”  (“Beside you”), Romania’s Eurovision 2022 star drives past golden fields before having fun at the beach. It’s no surprise Andrei wanted the video to centre around this feeling of friendship, as the lyrics of the joyful bop are all about being by the ones you love: “Beside youuuu / I like to be / Heeey / I like to be in your arms / Beside youuuu / A whole life to be / Beside you.”

Athena – “AŞKIN YETER”

Athena took to the Eurovision stage in 2004 to represent Türkiye on home soil. The duo have now released the new single “AŞKIN YETER.” In English, the title translates to “Your Love is Enough.” The song starts off slow and you might be fooled into thinking the entire four minutes will be a ballad. But, things pick up from 50 seconds in and the track transforms into a more energetic Brit-pop-style indie-rock anthem.

Vaidas Baumila – “Gėlė”

Lithuania’s Vaidas Baumula is enjoying a summer romance. The Eurovision 2015 star compares his lover to a “Gėlė” (“Flower”) that helped brighten up his life: “You are a flower, you are the summer that bloomed in June / You are a pure, never-ending fairy tale / I will hold your ring in my hands forever.” The music video that comes with the cheery pop tune aims to instil themes of a romantic comedy, with Vaidas and model Almantė Pociūtė enjoying an adventure together.

Jérémie Makiese – “Saint-Honoré”

After taking a step out of the spotlight for the past one and a half years, Jérémie Makiese is now making a comeback. The Belgian singer has heavily mixed up his style for “Saint-Honoré” (“Honoured Saint”) — the first change being evident in the title, as he’s now performing in French. Jérémie also now veers away from the R&B genre of his Eurovision 2022 entry and instead experiments with rap and hip hop.

Sudden Lights – “nejauši kadri”

Sudden Lights are beginning a new era of their music. Latvia’s Eurovision 2023 representatives have dropped the first single from their next studio album, currently scheduled for release in Spring 2025. Titled “nejauši kadri” (“random shots”), the band delve deeper into their alternative rock style. The song is centred around a tram ride and how everyone on there has their own story to tell. Vocalist Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis explained more about the new track:

“A new album is coming and the song ‘nejauši kadri’ will be the first to turn a new page in our lives. We are at the very beginning of a new era, and at such self-created border points you want to be open with yourself and the whole world, so in this song we are perhaps more honest and more bare than ever. Also, in the process of recording the song, we have come as close as possible to the sound of a real live recording, by playing the parts together, not separately. The story is about efforts to balance oneself in the hustle and bustle of the city and information, about the fragile moment of creation and about the painful realisation that the events around us are irreversible. The internal drama of one tram ride.”

Alicja & Hodak – “w co ty dziś grasz?”

In one week’s time, Alicja will release her debut studio album. As the final teaser ahead of that, Poland’s Eurovision 2020 entrant has shared “w co ty dziś grasz?” (“what are you playing today?). It’s a collaboration with Houdak, who delivers the second verse. Musically, the track has a funky jazz quality to it courtesy of the trumpet accompaniment in the post-chorus.

LUM!X x Lucas & Steve – “Can’t Forget You”

How many DJs do you need to create one song? Three in this instance. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 act has joined forces with Dutch duo Lucas & Steve for “Can’t Forget You.” The result is a techno banger that’s ready-made for the club. The lyrics on top of the dance music see someone hoping they can rekindle a relationship: “Won’t you give me a chance? / Promise, we will rise again / Anytime, anywhere, I’ll be there / ‘Cause I can’t forget you.”

Gromee & IRAIDA – “The Way It Goes”

Gromee is here to get your summer party bouncing. Poland’s Eurovision 2018 DJ has produced the new dance track “The Way It Goes.” The vocals are provided by Romanian singer IRAIDA, who tells her friend that she’ll be by their side no matter what they may go through: “I’ll be there when tomorrow comes / I don’t care, I’ll be there through any highs or lows / Just say my name, you won’t be alone / That’s the way it goes.”

Luka – “Best Friends”

Luka’s debut album is now complete. Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 entrant has been building up the LP, titled Need You In The Light, by releasing a new song each week. And now we have the ninth and final entry — “Best Friends.” This final track is a more subdued ballad compared to the album’s other dark-pop offerings. Starting off as a piano ballad, the song builds with additional string backing as Luka tells her partner she needs a moment to do some self-searching away from their relationship: “This doesn’t mean that I fell out of love / I still miss your touch / Starting to learn how to put myself first / I still need your love […] And in the end we’ll be alright / No need to be scared / And if the fortune teller is wrong / We’ll still be best friends.”

Lindita feat. Doody – “Hands Up”

“Hands up / Reaching for the ceiling / Eyes low / Dancing with the girl downstairs / Acting like we just don’t care.”

Eurovision 2017 alumna Lindita has produced the new song “Hands Up.” Her choices have resulted in an almost spiritual dance track that will simultaneously take you to the dancefloor and a meditation retreat. Much of Lindita’s work is behind the scenes, and you’ll hear collaborator Doody as the more prominent vocalist throughout the track — but the Albanian singer does provide two lines in each chorus.

MUSIQQ – Mākslas darbs

MUSIQQ celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2024. As a special gift for fans, the Latvian duo have released the new album, Mākslas darbs (Work of art). The LP features 11 songs, including the recent singles “BANTĪTES” and “Mākslas darbs.” There’s a mixture of slower and uptempo songs, as well as a variety of different genres on offer, which the Eurovision 2011 alumni explained was intentional:

“When starting work on the latest album, we experimented with genres and sounds in order to give our fans something new and unheard of on our 15th anniversary, but at the same time, preserving the essence of Musiqq – the way the listeners have come to know and love us over the years.”

Barbara Dex – “Porselein”

“My tribute to a very good friend, fantastic person and great talent! Unfortunately, gone from us far too soon! The loss is still great after all these years…”

Barbara Dex is honouring the memory of Belgian singer Yasmine, who sadly died 15 years ago from suicide. “Porselein” (“Porcelain”) was one of Yasmine’s biggest hits. Although originally it was an upbeat song, Eurovision 1993 alum Barbara has mellowed things down for her cover and instead recorded it as a ballad alongside a symphonic orchestra.

Triana Park feat. Normunds Zušs – “Liepu Laipas”

For their latest single, “Liepu Laipas,” Triana Park have been inspired by the traditions of Latgale — one of the Historical Latvian Lands. They’re joined by Normunds Zušs, who hails from Latgale, and the lyrics are sung in the historical language of Latgalian. Meanwhile, the music video was shot in Latgale’s Rēzekne County using an infrared camera, which aims to highlight the magical atmosphere of the region.

Magdalena Tul – “Make Me Believe”

Magdalena Tul says her latest single is “one of [her] favourite songs.” Poland’s Eurovision 2011 representative has gone down a sultry R&B route for “Make Me Believe,” which is given extra grit with a guitar solo in the bridge. The lyrics look into how Magdalena was almost ready to put love behind her. That is until a special someone came along and helped her heart grow once again: “Lost in a world unknown – broken and on my own / I’d all but given up – never finding love – now look at us / I’m down on my knees / Baby you make me believe.”

3JS & Jan Smit – “(Die Man Is) Verliefd”

Despite being friends for 20 years, 3JS and Jan Smit have never released a collaboration together … until now. The Eurovision 2011 trio have joined with the Eurovision 2021 host for “(Die Man Is) Verliefd,” which translates as “(That Man Is) In Love.” The instrumentation can’t really get any more Dutch, with accordions and acoustic guitar taking centre stage — this is topped off with a music video featuring windmills and clogs. Lyrically, the four artists sing of a man who is clearly head over heels for another individual: “He’s in love, you can tell, right? / He walks on clouds, talks to himself / He was never so cheerful and open, was he? / That man is in love, well, isn’t that nice?”

The last line of the third verse reveals that the foursome are actually referencing themselves in the third person: “That man who is in love, that man is me.”

Rambo Amadeus feat. STO1K – “Big Bang!”

Rambo Amadeus is known for tackling big topics in his music. After his satirical commentary of Montenegro’s relationship with the European Union at Eurovision 2012, the musician is now putting his mind to the creation of the universe: “The universe is endless, there is no dilemma / Just like time is infinite / My mind doesn’t give me peace […] There must be something behind it / It is impossible that there is nothing / Because anything is better than nothing.”

But it’s perhaps the lyrics in the chorus that you’re likely to be singing on repeat after listening to the song: “Big bang, Big bang / Gang bang, Shui feng / King Kong, Cheech & Chong / Ping pong, Cosmos song.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Triana Park song is so beautiful