Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 26

Baby Lasagna – “and I”

Get ready for a new week filled with great music, and what could be a better start than Baby Lasagna, Croatia’s representative in this year’s Eurovision and, actually, the public’s winner. We already know that an album is coming, but as he promised, Baby Lasagna started releasing more new music this summer, and this time, he cooked up a totally different song. The inspiration comes entirely from the ’50s, both in the music video and the sound. It’s not often you can say this about a retro-style song, but it’s an absolute banger! It gets addictive very fast. In the music video, you can see Baby Lasagna cooking… lasagna. That’s what we all have been waiting for. Also, it’s hard not to notice his charisma. The song also features a drop where he sings in Italian. In the music video, you can spot his girlfriend Elizabeta and his brother. The lyrics are filled with the most gastronomic love confessions: “So please/ Will you be my food for the rest of my life?/ So please/ Will you be carbs to my protein heart?/ There she is (Hey), superstar/ My baby lasagna and I/ There she is (Oah) walking by (Walking by)/ My baby lasagna and I.” Get into Baby Lasagna’s own retro movie and enjoy this new tune.


Something absolutely AIKONIC is coming from the Czech Republic, from Aiko, who competed in this year’s Eurovision. Her long-awaited new album has finally been released! Get ready for nine tracks, all of them savage and full of confidence. You’ll hear “Pedestal,” her Eurovision song, closing the album, of course. Besides this, some other songs that you might already know and love are “White Flag” and “Hunger,” her collaboration with Teya, who competed for Austria in 2023. In addition to these, you have five new tracks, all with a quite dark vibe and packed with the savageness you need. “Maraschino Cherry” and “Everything Is Always About Me” are two must-listens. Aiko started working on this album shortly after it was announced that she would compete in Eurovision. About her new album, she said:

“My life has been a bit crazy ever since and when writing this album, I wanted to make you feel the same way I did on my best days of this journey – like the main character of your own story, empowered, confident & AIKONIC.”

Achille Lauro, Salmo & Gemitaiz – “Banda Kawasaki”

Achille Lauro is already a legend in both Italy and San Marino, the country he represented in Eurovision in 2022. He still sports that cowboy look from Eurovision, but his new song, a collaboration with Salmo and Gemitaiz, takes a strong turn towards rap music. It’s a powerful track, exuding a “bad boys” energy throughout. However, the song supports an association dedicated to helping troubled minors, offering them a revolutionary method for re-education and social reintegration through cultivating their passions. So, the song carries a very powerful message. About his new song, Achille said:

“Living in Los Angeles made me understand even more that there are no limits or fences for me. No useless labels or stupid market logic. I wrote many new intimate songs and many indefinable songs and ‘Banda Kawasaki’ is the beginning of an earthquake that I can’t wait to witness.”

Joost Klein – The Bird Song

Joost represented the Netherlands this year and, even though he was disqualified right before the final, he gained numerous fans worldwide after Eurovision. This week, he gifted his fans with two new songs. The first one, “The Bird Song,” was also submitted to Eurovision, as Joost confessed on his Instagram story. We already know that “Europapa” was specially crafted for Eurovision, and this latest release has sparked rumors about his potential return to Eurovision next year. While some might debate that it’s not yet September, making the song ineligible for the competition, the intention behind it seems more about sending a message than competing. During his Eurovision journey, Joost revealed that the blue bird is his symbol of hope. “The Bird Song” is about continuing to fly without listening to what others say. The intro of the song says: “The kids at school/ They used to bully me/ And they said I wouldn’t make it/ But one of my dreams was to reach Eurovision/ And look where I’m at now.” Later, the song features poignant lyrics like: “Wish I had more patience/ Cause I didn’t do anything wrong/ Yet I was blamed again” or “I was bullied cause I was different from the rest/ But I simply did my best.” This heartfelt song resonates with many and fans suspects that it also speaks Joost’s journey and resilience in both life and Eurovision.

The second song, “Fußball,” is a collaboration with Apson (the person dressed as the Blue Bird during Eurovision) and MC Águia Pantera. With the UEFA EURO2024 tournament underway, this song serves as a football anthem, capturing the lasting vibe of the 1998 World Cup. It’s worth noting that the mascot of that tournament was also a bird.

alyona alyona – “Тато”

Speaking still about this year’s contestants, we have alyona alyona, who represented Ukraine together with Jerry Heil. This time, alyona alyona returned to her solo career and released a powerful track that speaks about the love of a daughter for her father. The song is called “Dad,” and it proves once again what an amazing voice alyona has, both when she is rapping and singing. The music video has English subtitles and is very empowering. The chorus says: “Dad, who says that stars/ Fall only into the sea?/ One fell into my heart/ People say it’s called love.” In an Instagram post, alyona opened up about the message behind the song, expressing that while she is now happy in love, she feels regret when she sees her partner resembling her father. She regrets not speaking much about life with her father, but only with her mother:

“This song is very special to me. It is a dedication from a daughter to her father. It so happened that I  discussed all my childhood feelings and experiences with my mom. But in reality, I should have talked about it with my dad as well, and I never talked to him about love. Even when I became an adult and wanted to share my feelings, I was shy. And now that I have found my true love, I see how many of my father’s character traits are in him. And I realized how important it was to talk to him about love. You know, a father’s love is measured not by words, but by actions. And now I am with a man who shows me his true feelings through his actions. I wish everyone who is looking for their happiness to find it.”

Arash & Dynoro – “Layla”

Arash competed for Azerbaijan in 2009 together with Aysel. His newest song is in French and it’s a collaboration with Dynoro, who brings some electronic vibes to the track, making it a perfect club song. The song is about a mysterious girl named Layla, who mesmerizes him while she dances in the night: “Dark night, everything wakes up when I see her/ Dancing like that, dancing there/ Her body twists and everything inside me burns/ Everything burns in me, everything burns in me.”

KALUSH & Agape – “Хтось знов”

KALSUH (Oleg Psiuk), who won Eurovision with KALUSH ORCHESTRA in 2022, runs a YouTube series called KALUSHcollab where he collaborates with various Ukrainian artists. This week, he featured Agape, with whom he sings “Somebody Again.” The track seamlessly blends Agape’s vocals with Oleg’s flawless rap skills, creating a masterpiece. The music video captures the two artists recording their track in the studio, offering a glimpse into their creative process. It’s a perfect tune about love and life, ready to enter your playlists.

Zlata Ognevich – “Пташка”

Zlata represented Ukraine in 2013. She has returned with a powerful original soundtrack (OST) titled “Birdie.” This song will be featured in a new Ukrainian movie known by its English title “The Witch. Revenge” (original Ukrainian title “The Witch of Konotop”). The music video includes scenes from the upcoming film, which will premiere in cinemas starting August 22nd. The lyrics of “Birdie” speak of fighting against an enemy determined to conquer your homeland: “The sky turned black, the grass caught fire/ The snow melted and the enemy came that day/ The enemy, like a raven, wants blood and glory/ But the bird will not abandon its native nest!” Zlata describes her song as “a real ode to female power.” The movie narrates the tale of a witch from Konotop who falls in love with an ordinary boy and forsakes her witchcraft. Tragically, during a full-scale war, Russian soldiers seize the city and cruelly murder her beloved. In response, she reclaims her powers, seeks revenge, and dispenses justice upon her fiancé’s killers.

Diodato – “Molto amore”

Diodato was set to represent Italy in 2020, but Eurovision was canceled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, he remains beloved within the Eurovision community. Adding to his charm is his new track, “Much Love.” During his tour in South America, particularly in Brazil, he penned several new songs, including this one. The music video was shot in Rio de Janeiro. The song showcases Diodato’s wonderful voice and delivers a clear, straightforward message—a beautiful love song about being deeply in love: “You are the magic/ That took away/ All the melancholy/ And now I want to dance/ To feel all of your heat/ That vibrates inside, everything vibrates/ This is to tell you that/ You give me a lot of love/ So much so that now I feel like I could give it to a billion people.” Reflecting on his perception of love, Diodato expressed:

“My body, my soul, my mind are governed by love. I am happy to have been able to recognize it, to have understood and defended it over these years, to have let it vibrate ever stronger until it shaped everything. It’s a beautiful feeling that I want to share as much as possible, because we’re all in there, we’re all already there.”

Iveta Mukuchyan & Bedouin – “Make Me Feel”

And your perfect club banger comes from Iveta Mukuchyan featuring Bedouin, a renowned American DJ duo consisting of Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe. Iveta Mukuchyan, as you surely remember, represented Armenia in 2016. “Tell me everything/ Without saying a word/ Just make me feel what you want me to feel/ What you want me to feel,” the lyrics delve into the idea that sometimes feelings transcend words in their importance.

Dilara Kazimova – “Cazibə”

Dilara represented Azerbaijan in 2014. Recently, she released a song perfectly suited for hot summer days titled “Attraction.” The track explores the irresistible pull between two people: “Did you feel it?/ There is an attraction between us/ It would be a shame not to be/ It’s like you are the world and I’m the moon/ You are the sea and I am the desert/ I am lonely in the depths.” Prepare to add this vibrant tune to your summer playlist and enjoy its evocative theme of magnetic attraction.

Tamta – “FLX”

Tamta, who represented Cyprus in Eurovision back in 2019, has gifted her fans with a pop banger titled “FLX.” The title of her new song is derived from “Flex,” slang for “to show off.” The track exudes slightly dark and mysterious vibes, complemented by an electronic sound that merges seamlessly with Tamta’s vocals.

Natasha St-Pier, Agustín Galiana & DJ Youcef – “Tu trouveras (version franco-espagnole)”

Natasha represented France proudly in 2001. A year later, she released “Tu trouveras,” her most successful single to date with more than 1 million copies sold. Now the Eurovision alum has recorded a new version of the track. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Spanish summer songs, she decided to collaborate with Agustín Galiana and DJ Youce, resulting in an outstanding track blending both French and Spanish languages. Titled “You will find,” the song carries a dance vibe that will get you moving. If you’re looking to romanticize your summer, this is the perfect song for you.

Alicja – nie wracam

Back in 2020, when Eurovision was cancelled due to the pandemic, Alicja was selected to represent Poland. Despite the cancellation of the event that year, Alicja continued to forge ahead with her bright music career, culminating in the release of her debut album. Titled “I’m Not Coming Back,” the album features 10 alternative tracks. Seven out of the ten tracks were released as singles, with Alicja starting to unveil them since the summer of 2023. The album includes collaborations with Chloe Martini on “Zaczekam” (I’ll Wait), Bartek Królik on “Pamiętasz” (Do You Remember?), Hodak on “W Co Ty Dziś Grasz?” (What Are You Playing Today), and Duit on the closing track, “Ostatni Dzień Lata” (The Last Summer Day). Above all, the title track “Nie Wracam” (I’m Not Coming Back) exudes powerful emotions and evokes a certain melancholy.

Athena Manoukian – “Enstikto”

Athena was one of the artists selected to compete in Eurovision back in 2020, representing Armenia. The following year, Armenia withdrew from the competition, causing Athena to miss her opportunity to return. However, fans remain hopeful to see her grace the big stage someday. In the meantime, she has released a new song showcasing flawless high notes that reaffirm her exceptional talent. Titled “Instinct,” the song emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s feelings because instinct is always correct. Athena explained the meaning behind the song:

“‘ENSTIKTO’ (EN: instinct) is a song referring to gut feeling and specifically to the parallel relationships that we know that exist even though we are lied to by people we would put our hand in the fire for. So always trust your instinct because it tells you the truth before you even discover it!”

Barei – “Desordenada”

Barei has delivered a powerful new song titled “Messy,” pouring her heart into its emotional depth. Known for representing Spain in 2016, Barei’s latest track conveys the message that it’s okay to feel like a total mess at times. Accompanied by a cinematic music video, the visuals enhance the song’s theme—acknowledging that even after a breakup, pretending everything is fine can be futile when emotions are raw. “Messy” represents Barei’s heartfelt call and her eagerness for a comeback: “I’m still messy/ More tattooed every day/ I have a life crossed/ Since you are no longer here/ My mind races/ I still have a soaked pillow/ Confetti on the bed and remnants that lead me to you…/ Come back!” The song captures the raw emotions of loss and longing!


GOLEC UORKIESTRA, a Polish group known for bringing Polish folk music into a modern sound, has teamed up with Polish DJ Gromee to create a unique track that blends folk elements with a club electronic sound. The song is called “Only You,” and the music video showcases love stories from all over the world. The lyrics express the sentiment of finding one’s true love: “I don’t need to go to heaven,/ because my heaven is you/ I have it at my fingertips,/ your own door to heaven.” The importance of the song, particularly the idea behind the music video, is further explained in the video’s description:

“If you are asking yourself why would anyone need another love song when so many have been written so far, the answer is very simple: because every love is unique. It is no accident that most of the songs you know and want to listen to are love songs. Love is an inexhaustible topic.”

Mia Dimšić – “U Tvojim Rukama”

Back in 2022, Mia enchanted us when she represented Croatia in Eurovision. Her newest song, “In Your Hands,” is as soft as a lullaby, where Mia’s voice and the piano complement each other perfectly. The song has an almost magical tune, with lyrics that gently speak about being loved: “In your hands/ I know I’m the best/ (…)/ In your eyes/ I know I’m the greatest.” This track is very soothing and heartfelt, you will love it! 

Vanna & Sergej – “Dan Po Dan”

Also from Croatia, there’s Vanna, who represented her country in 2001. She has now collaborated with Sergej to release a powerful ballad called “Day by Day.” The song speaks about the struggles of being in love, loneliness, and pride: “And let me live/ The way I know/ Day by day.” Their vocals match perfectly, delivering emotions with high intensity and making this ballad memorable.

ZOË – “La Muse”

ZOË mesmerized us all when she competed for Austria in 2016. As you know, she has numerous songs in French, and her new one is no exception. “The Muse” features not only French lyrics but also a retro French tune. Her sweet, unique voice stands out, making this track an original pick for your playlists.

Tulia & Vixen – “Jagódki”

Tulia, the Polish girl group who represented their country in Eurovision 2019, has returned with a collaboration featuring Vixen, a Polish rapper. Their new song, “Blueberries,” is infused with strong folk influences. The music video feels like an entire movie, or better yet, a fairytale. It tells a story about how blueberries can help you find love, the battle between good and evil forces, and love stories that transcend time.

Doris Dragovic – “Koplje ljubavi”

Doris is already a legend in the music industry. She first competed for Yugoslavia back in 1986 and later represented Croatia in 1999. Her newest song, “Spear of Love,” is a captivating ballad that showcases the intensity and struggle of a love story. This sensitive ballad is delivered perfectly by Doris in a flawless live performance that will leave you speechless. If you aren’t already in love with Croatian ballads, this is your chance!

Goran Karan – “Jedino što bih ponovo”

But we have one more song from Croatia! We have to admit that it was a fabulous week for Croatian music. Goran, who competed in 2000, has released a song called “The Only Thing I Would Do Again.” As expected, it is a powerful ballad with incredible acoustic elements. The song is a beautiful promise of trying again when everything seems lost, expressing the sentiment that even when everything appears to be over, you would still want to love the same person all over again: “You are the only pain/ That hurts me, honey/ Blood from my heart/ Soul and body/ If only I could pass now/ Over everything that has been/ In my life/ You are the only thing/ That I would do again.” About his newest song, Goran said:

“This song is a renewal of vows to a loved one, expressing a love that overcomes all odds and challenges. Lyrics and music were created simultaneously, creating a perfect combination of melody and words.”

Tinkara Kovač & Tokac – “Love song”

Tinkara amazed us all when she represented Slovenia in 2014. Now, she brings a love song in collaboration with Tokac. Get ready for some energetic rock vibes and a brand-new love song, because, as mentioned before, love is an inexhaustible topic. This collaboration bring powerful emotions and a captivating dynamic sound.

Jendrik – The-Little-Summer-Morning-Live-Band-Aid EP

And we end this week’s round-up with a long-awaited EP from the king of good vibes, Jendrik! He represented Germany in 2021. The EP features five songs, each bringing its unique energy: “Morning of Happiness” should be the first song you play every morning for some guaranteed good vibes. “Summer Breeze” is your little retro summer anthem, perfect for warm, sunny days. “Dibdibidi” is that catchy track will be stuck in your mind as soon as you hear it. “What About Me” is a contemplation on the power one has in making personal choices, focusing on choosing what makes you happy. And “Little Reminder” is the most sensitive track on the EP, reminding you that after each low in life comes a high, encouraging you to keep going. The whole EP radiates good vibe energy that we adore.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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And don’t forget the new song from NETTA, Hakol alay!