Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 27

LUNA – “Alive”

We start this week with Poland’s representative of this year, LUNA, who brings us a dope track. The song is delicate yet powerful, and the chorus brings the best pop dance vibes, amplifying the impact of the lyrics: “It is hard to feel alive/ When you’re livin’ in your mind.” The song is personal, like a confession, and speaks about internal struggles with doubts and overwhelming thoughts. It also addresses two worlds: the real one and the imaginary one created by her thoughts. The song is a narrative about mental health, moments of doubt, and an unceasing hope for a better tomorrow. With her new song, LUNA wants to emerge from darkness and find the strength for a new beginning. LUNA shared about her song:

“I know how easy it is to lose myself in negative thoughts, to feel overwhelmed and alienated. Alive was created to find inner strength, rebirth and remind me that even in the darkest moments I can find light. Today I give this song to you – all those who need a thought of a better tomorrow ❤️ Luna”

Fahree – “Tərki-Dünya”

Speaking about this year’s contestants, Fahree has returned with a new track. He represented Azerbaijan together with Ilkin Dovlatov. The song is called “The Abandoned World.” This pop track comes with a very cool music video filled with Fahree’s charisma. The song itself has a powerful message about continuing your journey, even when you have to leave some parts of you behind: “Contrary to the abandoned world/ Believe me, life goes on/ Come dance with me/ Let time stop us/ I have defeated myself/ Burning in sins/ Believe me, life goes on/ Contrary to the abandoned world.” So, leave all your worries behind and get ready to dance to this catchy new tune.

iolanda – OLHAR P’RA BAIXO

From Portugal, iolanda brings a powerful EP called LOOK DOWN, which is simply addictive, showcasing the best of Portuguese music. She represented Portugal this year and made us all fall in love with her voice. Each of the five songs from this album represents a blend, drawing inspiration from authentic Portuguese sounds and a modern alternative vibe that suits her perfectly. Among the songs on this EP, you’ll find “CALMA,” a track that was already released and enjoyed success after Eurovision. However, it’s hard to pick a favourite when all the songs are so good. If you’re looking for something fresh and original, this EP is for you. “P’ra sermos Um agora” (To Be One Now) is simply emotional, while “COMPLICADO” is a game changer, bringing a powerful sound and creating the perfect tune for summer.


LOBODA represented Ukraine in 2009. Her newest song, “Youth,” speaks about not giving up and comes with a very interesting story. According to LOBODA, the intent of the song was to create an anthem for the happiest summers of its listeners, something empowering. The music video features a women’s sports contest, and the accident depicted in the video was actually real (and obviously not intentional). While in the ambulance, LOBODA had the idea to change the plot and continue filming even with her cast on. LOBODA stated:

“This is probably the definition of the word ‘youth’ – when love and devotion give you superpowers even where it is against laws of nature. ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: only courage will continue the journey.'”

Konstrakta – “Zabava”

The legend from Serbia, Konstrakta, is back with a brand-new song. She made her country proud in Eurovision 2022. Her newest song is called “Entertainment,” and, as expected, it has a powerful social message. The song retains her unique style that Eurovision fans love but with a fresh twist. It critiques the fake idea of entertainment, highlighting how people find more amusement in passive activities, neglecting real interactions. The song also addresses the obsession with projecting a happy image. In the desperation to lead seemingly entertaining lives, people lose sight of what truly matters:

“I’m playing a game (watching a game)/ I’m telling a story (I’m listening to a story)/ I’m taking a picture (I’m looking at a picture)/ I’m singing a song (I’m listening to a song)/ I am writing a letter, reading a book/ I’m recording a recording (playing a recording)/ Now I have an avatar (…)/ I entertain and forget/ I have fun and forget everything, that’s how it has to be/ So I have fun and forget/ Well, to hell with fun, to hell with everything, that’s how it has to be (…)/ That’s how it has to be, if you’re not with me, you’re against me (…)/ My party is better than yours.”

The song explores entertainment as the most powerful tool of the modern world, which transcends and appropriates all activities, making us passive and exhausted. In a world where we take positions, adopt identities, align ourselves, and believe, the song emphasises how, fundamentally, nothing truly happens.

Tina Karol & SHUMEI – “ДЗВОНИ”

Tina Karol represented Ukraine in 2006 and now she has dropped a new track, “Calls,” in collaboration with fellow Ukrainian artist SHUMEI. The song is a pop-rock ballad accompanied by a music video showing the live recording, all done in one take. Tina and SHUMEI are not collaborating for the first time; they had previously worked together successfully and realised their voices matched well. This led to the idea for a second collaboration. While their first song was written by Tina, “Calls” is written by SHUMEI and speaks about the sadness that arises from love: “You know, darkness is independent from the sun, right?/ I am the only one who is once again subject to my fears/ Every day I wait again.” The love story unfolds in a phone call where neither has the courage to express their true feelings.

Ben Cristovao & ph0nkz – “WILDIN”

Ben Cristovao is already a well-known figure in the Czech music scene, excelling in genres from hip-hop and rap to pop. Previously known by the stage name Benny Cristo, he was initially selected to represent his country in 2020, but the contest was cancelled. He had the chance to return in 2021. His newest song is a collaboration with ph0nkz, and as the title suggests, it’s wild. This track is a club banger, combining Brazilian funk music with phonk (a subgenre of hip hop and trap music directly inspired by the 1990s). This one will make you go wild on the dance floor!

Sertab Erener – “Bi Polar”

As we miss Türkiye so much in Eurovision, we are thrilled to have Sertab Erener in our playlist. She proudly represented her country in 2003. Her newest song has a very interesting sound. It’s catchy and gets stuck in your head, featuring a cool mix of retro influences and pop elements, all enhanced by Sertab’s emotional and jazzy voice. The song comes with a lyric video for those who want to sing along. The lyrics speak about how hard life can be tough sometimes and that it’s okay not to be okay all the time. The song is a direct dialogue with life itself: “Give me a break, I need to take a breath/ Maybe I took you too seriously/ Now I have to rewind everything from the beginning/ Don’t be too hard on me, life, I’m human too.”

Manizha – “Save Your World”

Manizha competed in Eurovision in 2021 and her latest release is a very touching ballad dedicated to her daughter, who will soon be one year old. Manizha’s voice is sweet and warm, yet it packs a strong message, as she pours her emotions into this musical letter to her daughter. The lyrics say: “Save your world, my little girl/ Hope you see what I see in your eyes/ We all get burned, my little girl/ Getting burned when we came here to love.” She encourages the idea that the future belongs to her daughter and believes she will do great things, while also having lyrics that speak about peace: “The world is hurting, holding its night/ Let my baby girl sleep in tenderness/ Love is her home/ Love is her color/ The world is hurting, but the dawn is to come.” About the song, she stated:

“The song ‘Save you World,’ was created to help Olivia keep peace in her heart in the future. But the truth is, Olivia’s existence helps me to keep mine. “

Sanja Vučić – Makadam

Sanja is a true Serbian legend in Eurovision. She first competed in 2016 and later returned as part of the girl group Hurricane. They were initially selected in 2020 when the contest was cancelled, but made a powerful comeback in 2021. Now, Sanja has released Makadam, her newest EP featuring 6 songs, all showcasing the beloved Serbian turbo-folk sound. “Makadam” serves as the girl bop we needed for this summer, while tracks like “Bailamos,” “Magija,” and “Hajde Ti” will also get us dancing. The EP includes two collaborations: one with Tea Tairovic on “Marrakesh – Dubai” and another with Amar Gile on “Oko Oko.” Each song has a music video, all of which can be found in the YouTube playlist here.

Rosa López & Tracy De Sá – “PWR”

A very interesting collaboration comes from Spain. Rosa represented Spain at Eurovision in 2002, while Tracy competed in France’s Destination Eurovision 2019. The result of this collaboration is a powerful anthem that blends influences from pop, electronic, and hip hop. The song speaks about the power of life, the constant state we must be in since birth — the state that turns people, especially women, into superheroes every day. It explores how power can emerge unexpectedly and be both magnificent and magical. Rosa opens up about all the things that have made her powerful over time:

“For much of my life I have felt pressure, pressure to prove, to act, to be worthy, to be approved, to sing well, to sing badly, to be fat, to be skinny. For working more, for working less. All that pressure was generating energies in me, positive energies, overwhelming energies. They generated PoWeR . It made me strong, brave, daring, risky. It made me POWERFUL.”

Nina Badrić – “Kako Si”

Nina powerfully represented Croatia in 2012. Her newest song, “How are you?,” is here to open your heart and mind. You’ll immediately hear the mesmerising Croatian influences woven into the song. The music video is highly cinematic and rich with symbolism, capturing the feeling of loneliness even amidst a crowd, and the tendency for some people to overlook you when they shouldn’t. The song delves into the difficulty of finding people who genuinely care. Nina spoke about the message of the song, saying:

“The song talks about how few people actually care about how we really are. We live in a time of alienation, and this song is precisely about the fact that our hearts are bleeding before the eyes of the world, and few people stop and show real concern.”

Andromache & Giorgos Livanis – “De Mas Xorizei Tipota”

Back in 2022, Andromache represented Cyprus. Now she has released a delicate love song, “Nothing Separates Us,” with the man she loves, Giorgos Livanis. As a love song performed by a real couple, the emotions are palpable. This is their second collaboration. The song is simply magical and filled with love, inspired by laïkó, a style rooted in Greek folk music. Both Andromache and Giorgos are well-known artists, making their collaboration enchanting and highly anticipated. The song is accompanied by an equally romantic and tender music video, featuring a special love story in the background.

TVORCHI – “Supernatural”

TVORCHI is here to bring the best of dance pop vibes! They represented Ukraine in 2023 and are now working on their upcoming album, Planet X. This latest song they’ve shared from this album has captured our attention. Described by the band as both happy and sad, the song blends a mix of emotions. The chorus is euphoric and lifts the entire track, while the verses express sadness, covering the complexities of love. The lyrics speak about being in love but fearing to confess your feelings, unsure if they are reciprocated. Yet, the chorus encourages:

“You’ve got me feeling so amazing/ You’ve been dancing with me all night / I can feel the heat / Something just feels so right / Don’t be scared to fight for what you like / We only got time just for tonight yeah / You know/ Supernatural disguise.”

The song encapsulates the duality of joy and sorrow in love, making it a captivating preview of their upcoming album.

AISEL – “Beautiful Life”

AISEL, who represented Azerbaijan in 2018, has released a new track that’s an electronic piece with the potential to be a Pride anthem. The song celebrates the brave ones who are true to themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. The lyrics convey a message of freedom to love: “I would never put I feeling to self explain/ There is another way to tell ’em to play this game/ I wanna guide you to the love indeed not pain/ And if you ever feel in trouble that’s ok.” The music video, filmed in Amsterdam, complements the song’s vibrant and inclusive spirit.


NAVIBAND, who participated at Eurovision in 2017, are back with a new song called “Mother.” With the sweet sound of a lullaby and the emotions conveyed through their eyes, the song is an ode to mothers. Sweet and delicate, it expresses a longing to return to childhood, a time when everything was easy and beautiful, and mothers provided a constant shelter. The song also touches on personal experiences and the hardships faced in recent years, with lyrics such as: “Mom/ We flew so far/ And not everything was told to you/ And the heart beat stronger.”

Eva Boto – “Moje Zlato”

Eva competed for Slovenia in 2012. She has an uplifting new song, “My Darling” (literally translated as “My Gold”), that is sure to put a smile on our faces. This acoustic and energetic piece is topped by Eva’s sweet voice. The music video is simply adorable and spatial. The song speaks about loving someone so much that you feel like you would explore the whole universe with that person, someone who feels just like heaven: “This universe, which is infinite/ Draws stars just for us/ We embrace a piece of heaven.”

SALENA – “Vacation”

Salena, who competed alongside Teya for Austria in 2023, continues to release epic music even as the duo pursues individual paths after Eurovision. Salena’s new song is your holiday anthem, an invitation to relaxation and travel. This joyful and uplifting track features slightly tropical vibes, making it perfect for summer. It’s a song that will transport you to a holiday state of mind instantly.

Sieneke – “Weg Uit De Sleur”

And speaking about the holiday mood, Sieneke’s new song is absolutely perfect for this season too! She represented the Netherlands in 2010. Her newest song, “Out of The Routine,” has a colourful vibe and sound, accompanied by a music video that makes us long for a warm summer holiday. The song is full of energy, encouraging listeners to make a party out of every single day. The lyrics express a desire to travel and enjoy life: “Take me out of the routine/ This is now my life/ Let me enjoy every day.” This vibrant track is sure to uplift your spirits and inspire you to embrace the joy of making every moment special. 

Mnlop feat. Rykka – “Dark Light”

Rykka represented Switzerland in 2016. Their new song is a collaboration with Mnlop, creating a total masterpiece with its addictive electronic tunes and Rykka’s compelling voice topping it all off. The lyrics ponder existential questions: “Which is the way to the dark/ Which is the way to the light/ Are they different?” The song explores the theme of feeling lost and uncertain about which path to take, acknowledging that it’s okay not to have all the answers. Rykka pours their emotions into the track, especially after recently expressing the challenges of processing their Eurovision experience and the accompanying criticism.

Jala Brat & Buba Corelli – Goat Season (Part Two)

Together with Dalal, Deen, and Ana Rucner, Jala Brat represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. Now, with his long-time musical collaborator Buba Corelli, he has released the second part of his EP Goat Season (GOAT = Greatest Of All Time). The EP features authentic rhythms, blending hip-hop with Bosniac influences and turbo-folk. With six tracks, each accompanied by a music video, the EP takes listeners on a journey from “Japan” to “Hollywood.” Notably, there is a collaboration with Severina on the track “Aritmije.” Severina also represented Croatia in Eurovision back in 2006. You can find all the music videos for the EP here.

Anxhela Peristeri – “Nuk dua tia di”

And we conclude this week’s round-up with Anxhela, who represented Albania in 2021. Her newest song is titled “I Don’t Care.” Filled with traditional Albanian elements, it takes listeners on a cultural journey guided by Anxhela’s soulful voice. Composed by Anxhela herself, the song is infused with her love, energy, and personal essence. Recorded with her live band, this track is the perfect way to end the week with its authentic tunes and warm vocals.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Mer Pesah
Mer Pesah
7 days ago

So Wiwibloggs talks about the artist and the country they represented but when it comes Manizha and Naviband they don’t mention Russia and Belarus

That’s so racist and hypocritical.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
7 days ago
Reply to  Mer Pesah

You’re completely wrong. They didn’t have to mention them here at all if they wanted. They are the only singers Wiwibloggs ever mention from Belarus/Russia because they have announced they are anti-Putin. Also, if you look at previous Sunday Song articles sometimes they have mentioned where they are from. Lastly, they mention where a singer is from if we may not know who they are. They don’t always list the country if it’s someone that we may know like Kaarija, Loreen, Noa Kirel, etc. I know this to be fact as I click on these song articles every Sunday.

lasse braun
lasse braun
8 days ago

hi there!
like naviband & luna most from the new songs – the girl from finland is back with another wonderful ballad.
have fun!