Hello Europe, Lisbon calling! Yes Portugal may not have the most amazing track record at Eurovision. Ok, ok, they’re the least successful country in Eurovision ever! But maybe this year will be different! That’s why the Wiwi Jury is headed to Lisbon to review all six songs to give the Portuguese some guidance when they make their decision on the 7th March.

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Festival Da Canção 2015: Reviews and current standings

  1. Simone de Oliveira – “À espera das canções” (6.4/10)
  2. Yola Dinis – “Outra Vez Primavera” (6.13/10)
  3. Leonor Andrade – “Ha Um Mar Que Nos Separa” (5.62/10)
  4. Teresa Radamanto – “Um Fado Em Viena” (5.4/10)
  5. Goncalo Tavares – “Tu Tens Uma Magica” (3.25/10)
  6. José Freitas – “Mal menor (Ninguém me guia à razão)” (2.9/10)

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