Malta Eurovision 2014 2015 poll collage

Twenty acts will become fourteen and then finally one, as Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015 searches for an act to represent the nation in Vienna for 2015. Of course, our in-house team of music unprofessionals, the Wiwi Jury, are on hand to preview and review all twenty acts before the semi final takes place!

Each juror assesses each song independently, and then awards each song a score from 0 to 10. Due to the smaller number of jurors taking part in this Wiwi Jury, the highest and lowest scores have also been counted and will not be dropped. You can read the completed reviews by clicking on the song title and don’t forget to vote in our Maltese poll by clicking here.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015

1. Christabelle – “Rush” (8.5)

2. Chris Grech – “Closed Doors” (8.3)

3. Amber – “Warrior” (7.9)

4. Karen DeBattista – “12, Baker Street” (7.7)

5. Daniel Testa – “Something in the Way” (7.5)

6. L-Ahwa – “Beautiful to Me” (7.3)

7. Raquel – “Stop Haunting Me” (7.2)

8. Jessika – “Fandango” (7.1)

9. Domenique – “Take Me As I Am” (6.9)

10. Corazon – “Secretly” (6.6)

11. Deborah C – “It’s OK” (6.5) **

12. Glen Vella – “Breakaway” (6.5) **

13. Dominic – “Once in a While” (5.8)

14. Franklin – “Still Here” (5.5)

15. Lyndsay Pace – “Home” (5.2)

16. Lawrence Gray – “The One That You Love” (4.9) **

17. Danica Muscat – “Close Your Eyes” (4.9) **

18. Trilogy – “Chasing a Dream” (4.8)

19. Iona Dalli – “Could Have Been Me” (4.4)

20. Ekklesia Sisters – “Love and Let Go” (3.0)

** Both Danica/Lawrence and Glen/Deborah finished with the same average score; to break the tie, we looked at which act scored the highest rating once the highest and lowest scores were removed. Lawrence and Deborah’s averages were higher and therefore both acts placed above their respective counterparts.

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8 years ago

My Review: Amber 9.5/10 . For me her song is pure and what they made of this song is put a lot of class in , i hope the violins and cello are on the stage, because i love this version so much more than the previous version. only one point of critic: i want to know if she can nail the high notes. but that’s a positive critic.

Amber my Favourite Good Luck in Vienna

9 years ago

I hope that Lawrence Gray wins tonight !

9 years ago

UPDATE: Lyndsay, Iona, Raquel, Domenique, Danica Muscat and Corazon did not make the cut. The remaining 14 will sing again tomorrow.

9 years ago

Here is my entire rundown, all of which I did on October 27, based on 5 criteria: 1. L-Ahwa 9.46 (Dr. Gianluca is always in a delightful mood when sings, and I think that is why he scored big at ESC 2013) 2. Franklin 9.46 (a powerful ballad that I believe will sell very well to the ESC audience) 3. Chris Grech 9.42 (the same for Grech; do not underestimate him, as many did with Carl Espen) 4. Raquel 9.38 (her accent actually makes this song even better) 5. Danica Muscat 9.36 (reminds me of a few 1990s soft-rock power… Read more »

9 years ago

My top 6 (I would go crazy if any of these won)

Not in order:
1. Beautiful To Me – Lahwa
2. Warrior- Amber
3. Stop Haunting Me – Raquel
4. Fandango- Jessika
5. It’s OK- Deborah C
6. Rush- Christabelle

Ramon Axiaq
Ramon Axiaq
9 years ago

12, Baker Street is surely a winning song. So underrated!

9 years ago

My review:- Lawrence Gray 10/10 . For me his song is just perfect!! The song is so very beautiful!! And with Lawrence’s voice, it is pure magic! I get goosebumps each time I hear it.