WATCH: The Farid Mammadov Workout Series

Wiwi’s readers have been admiring Farid Mammadov’s body for months. Now all y’all have the chance to get your very own Farid-inspired six-pack by watching his soon-to-be-released fitness series “Stay Fit with Farid” on YouTube. We’re not kidding.

Farid’s people e-mailed us this morning with the hot news that he has completed a Capoeira workout video. Here’s what they said:

Behind every great voice there is a body honed to support the voice projection a singer needs. Farid Mammadov, Azerbaijani entry for Eurovision 2013, is no exception. Very soon fans of a healthy lifestyle and those who already appreciate Farid’s singing voice will be delighted to have available amateur series “Stay Fit with Farid,” an introductory four-lesson course for daily workouts.

“Hold on to your health,” says Farid as he offers short workout sessions based on capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. It is Farid’s secret how to maintain his superb physical condition. Your personal session will take place at Farid’s official YouTube channel.

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