Tijana from Macedonia: I hate ballads. I am a party woman!

In her Eurovision song “To the Sky”, Tijana Dapcevic says that she wants to go loud, make her move and let it all hang out. So it’s no surprise that this Diva of Dance prefers music that makes her move to music that makes her feel like she’s dying. As she told us at Eurovision in Concert: “I love to party and I like good energy and good vibes and I love life!”

And we love her. As you can see in the video above, Tijana is a complete B.I.T.C.H—a beauty in total control of herself. She tells us about leaving her homeland for Serbia, about her unique and edgy style, and her love of white spectacles. When we say we’re talking to Tijana from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, she promptly corrects us. “I’m from Macedonia.”

Don’t you love Tijana’s attitude? Are you going to be voting Macedonia during the second semi-final?

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