PHOTOS: Dilara and Kallay-Saunders visit Danish animal shelter

Eurovision is going to the dogs! Earlier today Azerbaijan’s Dilara and Hungary’s Kállay-Saunders joined forces to do a volunteer shift the Dyreværnets animal shelter in Copenhagen. As you can see in the video below, the two Eurovision stars have a soft spot for puppies, kittens and rabbits.

They took a sausage dog called Nana and a Jack Russell Terrier named Quick for a walk, and Dilara and Andras gave their four-legged friends special tags that said, “From Azerbaijan with Love” and “From Hungary with Love”. Awwwww.

Dilara is an activist for animal protection in Baku. She refuses to wear fur and has a beautiful sausage dog and a cat back in Azerbaijan.

“I was very interested to see how shelter is organized and managed in Denmark, so that maybe one day I can open my own in Baku,” she said in a statement sent to “The visit was very emotional and I wanted to adopt every single dog there. They are so cute and loving!”

Dilara and Kallay-Saunders: Animal Shelter Photos