Malta: Firelight burn bright at second rehearsal

Angus: God this is a bit bleak. The vocal’s really dull and the guitar-riffs just make it sound like a carbon copy of a dreary Gary Barlow song. If this doesn’t break Malta’s streak of qualifications to the final since 2012 I don’t know what will. Also could they have gotten a tattier looking piano?

Patrick: Oh wow – this is stunning! I really liked Firelight’s performance already in their first rehearsal but this time they really did a perfect job. I’m still a big fan of the selfies in the background. The staging was amazing this time with all the lights and the colours! Vocally they’re still solid—especially the lead-singer. His voice has a unique timbre. A wonderful opening for the second day of second rehearsals. Bravo Malta!

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Featured image: Andres Putting (EBU)