The ‘Bring Peace’ tour: Eurovision stars head to eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian Eurovision stars Mariya Yaremchuck, Ruslana, Zlata Ognevich, and Anastasiya Prikhodko are using their star power for good. The four singers have joined with other Ukrainian stars to tour eastern Ukraine as part of the “Bring Peace” initiative. It sees them performing in military bases and hospitals, including those in areas formerly under the control of pro-Russian rebels.

Mariya Yaremchuk, the “Tick Tock” singer who has uploaded several pictures of herself with soldiers to Instagram, says the initiative is their small way of thanking the troops and their families.

We could hardly imagine what these young guys are going through in order to protect Ukrainian people in east of the country. Some of our brave men literally gave their lives to bring back peace in Ukraine. This tour is our way to show soldiers and those civilians, who suffered from terrorists’ attacks, our support.

The artists have already visisted eight cities. In a message sent to wiwibloggs, Ruslana said that the latest concert in a military hospital in Dnipropetrovsk was particularly moving, as several injured soldiers had to watch from their hospital beds.

These concerts might give them hope and strength to recover both physically and mentally. The tour is also important for civilians who suffered the terrorists’ occupation for months and only now can live in peace. We are heading to more cities further east to show our soldiers and people that they are not alone and we are united.

The tour is inching closer to the Russian border and will soon reach Lugansk oblast, which is currently controled by pro-Russian separatists.

Bring Peace: Eurovision stars in Eastern Ukraine