Attention Eurovision fans: It’s time to come to the cabaret!

From November 9 to 15, Crazy Horse—the most glamourous Parisian cabaret—will invite Austrian Diva and Eurovision winner Conchita Wursrt for one week of exclusive shows. La crème de la crème of French artists will collaborate with her: Jean-Paul Gautier for the wardrobe, Christian Louboutin for the shoes, Blanca Li for the choreography and the famous French photographers Pierre and Gilles for a number of her appearances.

In the past few days, the Queen of Europe has been on a media marathon promoting the show. Newspapers, radio interviews, talk-shows… Miss Wurst had Paris at her feet! On Thrusday night she answered questions for Touche pas à mon poste team and made some exclusive revelations.

When they asked her news about her new album, she answered: “In my mind, I wanted to put it out before Christmas but I’m not gonna make that”.

The good news is that she plans to sing one or many new songs during her shows in the city of love. The Austrian star also revealed in an interview to that she will perfom her winning entry “Rise like a Phoenix”, cover a Tina Turner song and dance a few steps on the cabaret stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to see Conchita classier than ever!

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I don´t think anyone here comment on Conchita Wurst is haters! A see it as the fans will him or her the best. It´s seams that both the people working with him, Sony as told now as record company and especially the advisors behind him not meet the fans at all. 7 mounts for a song is a joke and a good evidence for that their are amateurs not guide him to good songwriters, producers etc I don´t think Sony or no record company spend 7 months for a studio for one song, not either 7 mounths for an album!… Read more »

What? Conchita is signed with Sony Music Entertainment. And it takes time to produce an album. Remember it took her 7 months from getting accepted to represent Austria to revealing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’. It was even delayed because the decision changed a few times. Conchita has made name and fame more than any other recent Eurovision artist (Emmelie de who?), so even if you haters don’t like her win/attention, she’ll continue to do her thing and get paid for it.


I read the comment and smiles .. Conchita Wurst is not around and will never be compared with the biggest artists, four months and time he / she had before Eurovision and without even go for music is just a proof that he / she has bad advisers if he / she have any without them defend him /her here in comments, no record label, no songwriter who works with him / her
Like, let Conchita enjoy herself and leave him / her alone, no one interested in her music now

Anbgie Tilly Marper
God what is wrong with you people?!…….. Some of the biggest artists in history have only one album – in their whole career – to their name- or even worse – one hit wonders – they live on that one hit and never produce anything else. I guess none of you have ever been in Conchita’s position so please don’t judge., it’s only been 4 freaken months for Gods sake!!! Those who can, do and those who can’t, criticise!. Making an album takes time …… please allow her to choose the right material and the timing of release…… no-one wants… Read more »

Seams as Conchita team defend her in comments again (they are the only do that) I don’t think Conchita even has a record company. Did anyone know if he/she have?

@Oostenrijk: You concept of being relevant … is the same that makes Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills also relevant …Relevant for no reason! Plus: working on an album during 3 months or 3 years can make a difference … but the final result can always be equally crappy. And if only I saw Conchita more focused on wanting to work on her/his music than … being on every red carpet available … Again it’s like watching Kardashians and all those reality shallow show … no substance only “focus on me” for no reason. And I’ll say this … with a… Read more »

Conchita Wurst have done her choice not to work on her music career instead lost it for other activites so no one interest of her music now. All music fans who vote for her she. forgot will forgot her too


@ Charles, those appearances kept her relevant, and she always wanted to deliver a great album, and not just a quick-and-dirty album with crappy songs

Everythings just fine


Beccaboo you are soo boring … Grow up




It was about time … jesus .. it was enough already with the fashion-crap, red carpet BS and LGBT-pride appearances all over Europe. Conchita … an artist, a performer … a singer … he/she/whatever needs to showcase music if there is real desire to build a career professionally in music, otherwise … we already have a Kardashian being known for nothing. Conchita won Eurovision … now gives us the goods …. music and stop with the distractions.