Sweden: Melodifestivalen sign language interpreter Tommy Krångh goes viral

Melodifestivalen is all kinds of amazing, but one of SVT’s sign language interpreters went the extra mile with his super enthusiastic signing — and he’s gone viral.

Interpreter Tommy Krångh has become a star in his own right from his amazing, energetic signing of #Melfest songs into Swedish Sign Language. He signed the winning song “Heroes” and the runner-up “Jag är fri (Manne leam frijje)”. But his signing of Magnus Carlsson’s “Möt mig i Gamla stan” is the stand-out performance – and has rightly seen Tommy go viral, with media in Norway, Ireland and even Australia noticing his work.

Swedish website DN.se report that Swedish viewers were especially switching over to the sign-language feed after they heard rumours of this amazing signer. And Tommy told the website that he’s thrilled that Swedish Sign Language is getting that level of exposure. This is the sixth year that Tommy and his colleagues have been signing Melodifestivalen, with their special theatrical style for the event.

It’s obvious that Tommy is a huge fan of Magnus and he loves “Möt mig i Gamla stan”. He doesn’t just convey the meaning of the lyrics to deaf viewers, but also the energy and emotion of this modern schlagerpop anthem. By the end of the song, Tommy seems to be even more into the performance than Magnus is. Give the man a raise!

And if you want a serious Tommy fix, here’s a compilation of all his Melfest 2015 moments: “Rise Like a Phoenix”, “Jag Är Fri”, “Möt Mig i Gamla Stan”, “Stonehenge”, and “Heroes”.

Tommy Krångh in action

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