Exclusive: Montenegro’s Eurovision 2016 participation is “questionable”

When it comes to Eurovision, wiwibloggs is as excited as Scrat from Ice Age for a hazelnut.

Our excitement bubble burst though when we got some exclusive news from Montenegro’s delegation.

Sabrija Vulic, Montenegro’s Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Head of Delegation, told wiwibloggs that Montenegro’s participation “will strongly depend on the decision of the Reference group, who annulled votes of the Montenegrin jury votes in the final.

Vulic elaborated: 

We sent an official letter to the reference group with more questions, among them a plea to explain on what basis five people can’t have similar views and on what basis did they conclude that the regularity of the voting of our jury was incorrect.”
“We played fair, but because of someone’s whim, we’re paying the price. The damage is already done, as the regional media is talking more of annulment of the jury votes, rather than of Knez’s success. That is why our participation is still questionable.” 

As you can see from this exclusive statement, RTCG is not happy with the Reference Group’s decision. We hope the things will sort out for everyone’s good, and that Knez’s successor will be present in Sweden.

Knez achieved Montenegro’s best result in the history of the contest, qualifying ninth from Semi-Final 2 and finishing 13th in the final with 44 points.

wiwibloggs hopes Montenegro and the Reference Group can work toward a solution and we can see them in Sweden in 2016!