Since 1997, the Barbara Dex Award has paid homage to the fashion disasters that help make Eurovision so memorable. The winners regularly choose outfits so unflattering and unattractive that they make viewers shout “WTF?” From their barely-there dresses that could be described as lingerie to the misuse of tin foil and leotards, these “winners” look truly heinous.

But now we want to know which Barbara Dex Award winner you think was most disastrous of all. You can review all 19 looks below. Then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many acts as you would like, but you can only vote ONE time — so make it count! Then sound off in our comments box below.

You can also watch wiwibloggers William and Deban discuss ten of their favourites.

Barbara Dex Award: Worst Eurovision Costumes Ever

Barbara Dex Award: All Winners

2015: Trijntje Oosterhuis (The Netherlands)

Category: Aladdin maternity wear realness

trijntje oosterhuis barbara dex

2014: Vilija Mataciunaite (Lithuania)

Category: Rubber ballerina dominatrix realness

In 2014 Lithuania discovered that it takes more than an attention-seeking dress to qualify.

2013: Moje 3 (Serbia)

Category: Baby doll gone wrong cotton candy coloured realness

Moje 3 Dennis Statchel

2012: Rona Nishliu (Albania)

Category: Queen Amidala stray dreadlock realness


2011: Eldrine (Georgia)

Category: My dress picks up radio signals from Russia realness

georgia's eldrine

2010: Milan Stankovic (Serbia)

Category: Bedazzled peacoat realness

Milan Stankovic eurovision 2010

2009: Zoli Adok (Hungary)

Category: Sea monster at the club in the 1980s realness

zoli adok eurovision 2009

2008: Gisela (Andorra)

Category: Electrocuted peacock realness

2008: Andorra's Gisela

2007: Verka Serduchka (Ukraine)

Category: Tin foil realness

verka serduchka ukraine eurovision 2007

2006: Nonstop (Portugal)

Category: Totally leotarded we-cannot-afford bottoms realness

nonstop portugal eurovision 2006

2005: Martin Vucic (FYR Macedonia)

Category: Stonewashed jeans aloha realness

martin vucic macedonia eurovision

2004: Sanda Ladosi (Romania)

Category: Red Light District funeral attire realness

sanda ladosi eurovision 2004

2003: t.A.T.u. (Russia)

Category: We’re not bothered to make an effort realness

RIGA 20030524  Eurovision Song Contest  Riga. TATU Foto: Jack Mikrut Kod: 1013 COPYRIGHT PRESSENS BILD

2002: Michalis Rakintzis (Greece)

Category: Mistaking the Eurovision stage for the set of The Matrix realness

Michalis Rakintzis eurovision barbara dex

2001: Piasek (Poland)

Category: Casual chic faux fur borderline homeless realness

piasek eurovision 2001

2000: Nathalie Sorce (Belgium)

Category: My tablecloth doubles as a dress realness

Nathalie Sorce eurovision

1999: Lydia (Spain)

Category: Candy stripe heart on your chest realness

lydia eurovision spain

1998: Guildo Horn (Germany)

Category: Prison psychiatric ward escapee realness

Guildo Horn eurovision 1998

1997: Debbie Scerri (Malta)

Category: Hogwarts choir girl realness

Debbie Scerri eurovision malta

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Mei International

I deeply apologize for being a vile trollop.


@Mei International

cat got your tongue? you sad trolling c*nt.


Pot calling kettle black?


My TOP 3
1.Portugal 2006
2.Serbia 2013
3.Hungary 2009


Rona had a great dress, it fit perfectly to the song. How the hell that was the worst costume that year?

Verka was great, too. For that kind of song you cannot expect some serious costumes.

Macedonia 2005, Serbia 2010 and 2013 the worst by far. And Spain 1999, what the f… was that?!


For me Verka and Rona were the best dressed in their year, and quite a few others listed looked great too. I have to say Nonstop looked as bad as their dreadful song, so at least they were consistent.


Personally, I think Finland was much worse than Lithuania in 2014.


Lydia, Verka and Moje 3 are the worst dressed.


2009 Hungary is deliberately bad.

Mei International

Mario…stop commenting! get a life! get a real hobby besides trolling the internet. get a job….your policy is annoying


LMFAO at “Stray dreadlock realness”….bravo, well done 😛
Personally, I think the following were the worst
1. Gerogia 2011 – is that a garbage bag?
2. Serbia 2013 – Just NO
3. Serbia 2010 – I actually liked the song, but the whole image going on was strange, although Milan looks like the singer of Caroban the following year?
4. Ukraine – aww what can I say? I still love this wackyness! Ukraine needs more acts like this, rather than the over used, sexy girl singing a pop song with an out of place gimmick.


All of these are awful!
To me Zoli Looks like Guile from the video game Street Fighter
Worst I think are Nonstops ugly, unflattering monstrosities. They are attractive women lumbered with Moulon Rouge rip-offs. Shame they had such a lousy, childish song as they’ve had much better material before that.
Lol at the description for Sanda!


By the way, Lithuania’ Vilja’s dancer that accompanied her was hot & sexy! <3 😉
The performance of our greek act Michalis Rakinzis back in 2002 was really dreadful…One of the worst live performances ever in history of EuroVision…
And their robotic robocob outfits were FAIL..


@ That is true indeed…
Because it IS my policy to comment on every wiwi article here..
Well if you think that its too much i really can’t help it…
I like to comment even once…{or maybe more times.. 😛 }

Lydia’s dress is the worst by far… most of the other chosen dresses at least served their purpose well in the performance. Rona’s crazy cornered boomerang earpiece and wicked witch style went really well with the emotion of the song, and Vilija’s skirt played a key role in the choreography. But this one – how is anyone supposed to take that dress seriously? This was not a quirky act by any means, just a straightforward ballad. And not just vertical rainbow stripes, but also a heart seemingly cut out of paper sticking out from her breasts… what? Such a shame,… Read more »

1998, 2001 and 2202 are the worst, the others are not THAT bad.


I actually kinda liked Rona and Moje 3’s outfits. The worst for me was easily Vilija.


Moje 3 definitely. Some of these outfits worked amazingly with the song/performance – see: Verka.


Moje 3’s NF outfits are amazing hdu.

Also why is Verka Serduchka getting votes, she looked perfect D:

Mei International

Can’t read a wiwibloggs article without seeing a MARIO COMMENT OMG


moje 3 should be the winners for the double offensive of their national final outfits.

comment image


1. Piasek
2. Gisela
3. Moje 3
4. Trijntje
5. Michalis Rakintzis
6. Martin Vucic
7. Lydia
8. Guildo Horn
9. Nonstop
10. Vilija
11. Zoli Adok
12. Sandra Landosi
13. Nathalie Sorce
14. Eldrine
15. Verka Sedruchka
16. Milan Stankovic
17. TATU
18. Debbie Scerri
19. Rona Nishliu (Great outfit, really avantgarde and fitting to the song!)


Just oh my..!
Really spooky & creepy..!
Can’t believe that this twisted weirdo participated in EuroVision..!
He really turns me off & i find him totally repulsive..
The most awful act ever in history of ESC..


Ireland 2008 should be here also LOL.