Wiwi Jury: Belgium’s Laura Tesoro with “What’s the Pressure”

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — travelled to Belgium and tucked into a hearty serving of moules frites in an Antwerp cafe. Afterwards we set about discussing Laura Tesoro‘s song “What’s the Pressure”. Did it leave us feeling relaxed? Or did we get stressed out? Read on to find out!

Laura Tesoro – “What’s the Pressure”

“What’s the Pressure” reviews

Angus: Hit play and don’t stop, mister DJ! “What’s the Pressure” is the funk jam this year’s contest needs. Laura werked the microphone for all it was worth on stage in the Belgian national final and I for one am hoping she gets to work a stand out on stage in Stockholm. The sequins and metallic vibes look amazing, the vocal is on point and home girl has girl next door popstar aura for days.

Score: 8.5/10

Bernardo: A strong and confident young woman who decently performs “What’s the Pressure”. The problem is not Laura, it’s the song itself — which wants to be a pop-funk classic but is a bit more pop-funk mess. For sure Laura is a fun and energetic performer, but will that be enough to get people to vote for her? Doubt it. It will be lost in a sea of strong pop entries, more engaging and with a stronger production. I don’t predict a bright future for Belgium, but I can’t help feeling a little bit sad that this is the follow-up for Loic.

Score: 3.5/10

Bogdan: I like Laura’s charisma and confident performance, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve listened to her song before. Regardless of whether the songwriters of “What’s the Pressure” were inspired by “Sax” or not, the fact is that the track is reductive and doesn’t bring much to the contest, other than the usual amount of controversy.

Score: 4/10

David: So bland you’ll find it in the grocery store in the generic section. Really Belgium, what were you thinking? This song has no personality and Laura is equally unimpressive on the screen. It’s not bad, but there’s noting interesting or outstanding about it.

Score: 5/10

William: Laura is a gorgeous performer with lots of attitude and plenty of spunk. I just wish she had a better song. This feels very 1977, replete with the disco habit of looping lackluster melodies and overemphasizing the tambourine. There is no pressure, Laura: this ain’t gonna win. For me this funk song smells tragically funky.

Score: 3.5 /10

Josh: So many people have hated on “What’s the Pressure” since it won Eurosong in Belgium a while ago, and at the time I had no idea why. I still have no idea. It’s a current, radio-friendly pop track that takes inspiration from the disco era and moulds it into 2016. Do I think this will be a top ten song? No. But with the right staging and costuming, Belgium has every chance of making it to the final.

Score: 7/10

Deban: Laura Tesoro scored victory in Belgium because of her sassy improvised choreography and engaging personality. However, she’ll need much more than that in Stockholm, and therein lies the problem. “What’s the Pressure” is a decidedly average pop song with funky undertones. I can’t imagine it leaping out as anyone’s favourite entry.

Score: 5/10

Padraig: Belgium’s entry for Stockholm represents a missed opportunity on so many levels. And that’s without raking up the mistakes of their national final. Separately there’s nothing wrong with either “What’s the Pressure” or Laura. It’s a chart-ready, retro flavoured, dollop of funky pop. She’s a confident and charismatic performer. But the two do not go together. “What’s the Pressure” should be the property of a sassy queen. Laura is a pop princess. Her bubbly persona is out of kilter with the edgier nature of the song. If she were singing a poppier number her chirpiness would be endearing, here it just grates.

Score: 4/10

Forrest:  Throughout my early years of schooling I was regularly subjected to videos which thought that the best way of conveying educational messages to kids was through the medium of song. I always find that the result is cringeworthy and any seriousness of message is immediately negated.  “What’s the Pressure” slots nicely into this genre.  The song has a decent message of empowerment, but why on earth it is set to such a dated funk beat is beyond me.  Laura asks “What’s the pressure?”  The pressure, Laura, is if you want to have a song with a message, at least attempt to have an inkling of gravitas.

Score: 2/10

Robyn: Sometimes when I listen to “What’s the Pressure” it absolutely works as modern funk pop. But other times it comes across as a lightweight cover version in a Glee style. It’s all going to come down to Laura — if she can convincingly bring the energy and attitude, she will sell it and it will work.

Score: 5/10

Jason: After last year’s superb “Rhythm Inside” I had great expectations for Belgium. “Sax” “What’s the Pressure” is a major disappointment. Lacking the originality of its predecessor, in my opinion it sounds dated, like a cheap pastiche of a number of popular songs from the past few years. However Laura is cute and with the right staging she will probably make it to the final.

Score: 3.5/10

In the Wiwi Jury we have 40 jurors but only have room for 11 reviews. The remaining 29 scores are below.

Anthony: 8/10

Antranig: 0.5/10

Chris: 6.5/10

Cristian: 7.5/10

Dayana: 6/10

Denise: 4.5/10

Diego: 6/10

Edd: 6/10

George: 7.5/10

Gökhan: 3/10

Judit: 4/10

Kristin: 5/10

Liam: 4/10

Luis: 9/10

Marek: 3/10

Maria: 2/10

Mario: 3/10

Max: 7.5/10

Mike: 6.5/10

Mikhail: 7.5/10

Patrick: 2/10

Renske: 6/10

Rezo: 3/10

Sami: 1/10

Sinan: 9/10

Steinunn: 5/10

Tobias: 4/10

William C: 8/10

Zakaria: 7/10
















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