The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — headed to Spain and took a stroll in Retiro Park in Madrid. While we were there, we sat down under a shady tree and discussed Barei‘s song “Say Yay!”. Were we also jumping for joy? Or did it leave us falling flat? Read on to find out!

Barei – “Say Yay!”

“Say Yay!” reviews

Angus: This didn’t need the revamp! “Say Yay!” was flawless live at the Ukrainian national final and this revamp has just made the whole thing too bombastic. Too many elements have been added on top of the song and they don’t all work together. The last upbeat Spanish songs didn’t do too hot, and before the revamp Barei looked set to overturn that. Now I’m not so confident.

Score: 6/10

Bogdan: “Fanwank” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Spain’s 2016 entry. Despite the multi-layered, heavy production, the entire premise of the song seems void of emotional content. And so far no live performance has convinced me that Spain could finish on the left side of the scoreboard. With an annoyingly repetitive chorus that is performed mainly by the backing singers, I feel like I am being duped by Barei.

Score: 4.5/10

Deban: There is so much hype surrounding this, and a re-vamp to fuel the fire. Sadly for me, this doesn’t light a match. “Say Yay!” is a derivative slice of upbeat pop that could benefit with a slower tempo. Imagine you’re chasing horses to the stream in heels — that sums up my feelings when I hear this! I appreciate Barei’s enthusiasm overall, but it seems like she’s overcompensating.

Score: 5/10

Padraig: It’s easy to dismiss a song just because of hype. But do so at your peril. For every Edurne there’s a Måns Zelmerlöw. And I’m putting Barei firmly with Måns. There’s no other song quite like “Say Yay!” in the contest. It’s an instant pick-me-up and infectiously feel-good. And unlike so many upbeat Eurovision entries, it’s completely cringe-free. This is mainstream music for the masses and I’m completely okay with that. Because it’s pop perfection. I pray that Europe doesn’t screw over Spain yet again. Say yay, yay, yay!

Score: 10/10

Robyn: “Say Yay!” is a fun song, but it’s so relentlessly upbeat that it starts to feel really overwhelming to listen to. There’s no moment for the listener to catch their breath. It’s all yay, all the time. Some will enjoy this, but for me it’s unenjoyably full-on. In Stockholm, the fate of “Say Yay!” will depend on whether it leaves listeners wanting more.

Score: 6/10

William: Turning away from broken mirrors and diving into her own struggles, Barei gives perseverance rhythm with this uplifting dance number. Her vocals carry passion and power and, supported by ample bangs and clangs, make me say yay while pumping my fist and shaking my tail. The lyrics are at time cringeworthy, but she ropes me back in every time with a simple and uplifting chorus that could motivate the most down-trodden soul. It’s a fun and catchy song — and a great change of pace for Spain.

Score: 7.5/10

Luis: I’m feeling a lot of conflict with my country’s song this year: it’s the definition of mainstream and I’m a sucker for indie stuff; it carries an overly enthusiastic message and I’m one of those grumpies that doesn’t want a song to tell me how should I feel. But I’m just loving it. Barei and “Say Yay” have something that overrides all the negative points I see, and that makes me want to say yay! I promise this is not national pride, it’s just the feel-good aura that surrounds this act that has drawn me in.

Score: 8.5/10

Mario: “Say Yay” is one of those inspirational songs that makes you get up and go running, or gets you in the mood for a party. I hated that it did better than Maria Isabel’s song in Objetivo Eurovision, but now I’m seriously glad it won. Barei’s strong vocals and quirky dance moves make it a stand out, and the revamp makes the whole song even more enjoyable.

Score: 6/10

Mike: As much as I love this song, it does not stand out against all the giants competing this year. Spain did a really good job but I am afraid the song will be forgotten by the public because other Big 5 members France and Italy simply bring us better songs. That said, Barei looks like an amazing artist and someone fun to hang out with. She brings vitality and freshness to the competition.

Score: 7.5/10

Denise: In the beginning I was afraid that I would get bored of this song. A few weeks later I’m glad to say that I still love it. It’s full of power and Barei has a great voice which can deliver. Hoping for a result like Ruth and Pastora or even better.

Score: 9/10

Edd: Whilst I am missing the beautiful Spanish language, this really is something great. A perfect pop voice, interesting lyrics, and finally something I can dance to! However, I think the revamp has actually weakened the post-chorus instrumental, which needs a much stronger beat if this song is to become the true banger is deserves to be.

Score: 9/10

Forrest: “Say Yay!” feels fresh and the hook is energetic and catchy without getting repetitive or tiresome. However, after the revamp the peppy piano gets pushed aside for a muted horn section in the chorus. I can only imagine this decision was made to give the chorus a bit more body, but in doing so it adds unnecessary weight at the song’s most critical part. Nevertheless, Barei’s energy is infectious and “Say Yay!” promises to have Europe dancing along in May.

Score: 8/10

In the Wiwi Jury we have 40 jurors but only have room for 12 reviews. The remaining 28 scores are below.

Anthony: 8/10

Antranig: 3/10

Bernardo: 9.5/10

Chris: 8/10

Cristian: 7/10

David: 9.5/10

Dayana: 8/10

Diego: 9.5/10

George: 10/10

Gökhan: 9/10

Jason: 7/10

Josh: 8/10

Judit: 10/10

Kristin: 5/10

Liam: 9.5/10

Marek: 8/10

Maria: 8/10

Max: 8/10

Mikhail: 7.5/10

Patrick: 8/10

Renske: 8/10

Rezo: 9/10

Sami: 8/10

Sinan: 9/10

Steinunn: 6/10

Tobias: 7/10

William C: 8/10

Zakaria: 8/10
















The highest and lowest scores are dropped prior to calculating the average score. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 3 and a high of 10.



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I’ll say Yay all day. Great dance number. Probably make the top 5 but not win. A strong field of entries this year. 8/10


Now that I know her personal & professional story, I see this song talks a lot about it and in very few words. Impressive.

I also feel very identified with this. I guess it’s a touching, universal message.

I’m with you, Barei.


Just shine on stage, Barei. Your personal story is inspirational.


I was able to go to the London Eurovision Party and boy, she was fascinating while acting and brought cheerfulness when not.

As a brit myself I appreciate the effort Spain’s doing getting out of its comfort zone and embracing our language. I wish sometime in the future the UK would do the same singing in a different language, but it seems difficult for the time being 🙂

You guys already know Say Yay! is trending here in the UK. This is an amazing composition, modern, fresh and she rocks the stage every time.

Wish you the best of luck.


Is it bad that I’m 54 and I’m addicted to this song because of my children? I’m turning the clock back in time.

This is having some impact here in Cyprus.


I’ve listened pretty much them all. This one sounds like the kind of song that catches attention in 3-quick minutes during a long night.

But only if it gets suitably staged. Seems a thoughtful job. Not an easy task, that’s for sure.

Anyways, this should be a hit this summer because it comes with the whole package: danceable tune, strong meaning, brings the emotions and also a quality voice.

Congrats Spain for this entry.


This has been growing on me these last weeks. I was failing to understand what is the story behind these verses as I thought everything was about the dance and Say Yay! for no reason, but now I understand it. Thanks for the emotions.

I have it in my top 3. Can’t wait to see this.

Flying under the radar is the best place for us this year. How many times we’ve sent a song being considered one of the favorites, then we did a horrendous staging or performance and flopped like there’s no tomorrow. Uncountable times. People’s even joking about this here. In fact, we must be the “flop country” par excellence. 😀 This is a year to keep gaining the momentum and see what happens. We’re not carrying any kind of favoritism. Barei is the most hard-working representative we had in decades. She will give her best to prepare a good show and makes… Read more »

This song is sooo annoying


If she, her choreographer and her stage director play their cards right, she’ll finish no worse than 10th, which is where my grades put her in my first evaluation.


As a scenographer myself (amateurish one) If they let me select a song to work on it from the 43, I’d select this one. In a hurry.

By the way this has a bit of japanese touch. I’m quite sure this one would be a musical hit there. It’s already been trending in some european countries (that’s what I read somewhere…) so no surprise you guys scored it this high.


Say ‘Yay’ if you want to but not me. Very average 5/10


I love every beat of it & the way it progresses. It takes you to the peak of your emotions at the very end..

French song, I like it the most, but it’s so similar to what was last year. Likeable guy who sings quite the same song and the same way.

This is my second favorite, so if doesn’t disappoints me on stage, I’ll fully support this. Sounds very fun & original.


It’s a great step for Spain to sing in English at last. I love her and I love the positive meaning of the track. 9.5 /10


This song is running my life since March. I can’t stop listening to it. Even when I have a call of nature. #SeriousThing

It tells so many things in very few words. This is modern poetry for our lack of value’s societies. We were needing an inspiring artist like this.

I give an absolute 10.

I’ll support, but don’t care about the final result, because I win at life with this.

This has a LOT of personality. It’s very refreshing. All what’s being discussed about this song is kinda like if I’m pointing at the moon in front of yourself. Now tell me if you’re looking at my finger or at the moon. My finger is the footstep and the simple, not mentally decrypted lyrics. The moon is the deep message, the lyric treatment (in poetry, originality and simplicity) and hopefully what we still haven’t seen (staging) I see confusion in some comments, If anybody’s in trouble trying to understand these lyrics, I’m volunteering to explain for free if they wish… Read more »

I like this entry, it’s an entertaining party song, and Barei’s vocal is definitely great.
My biggest problem with it is that it reminds of the party/house songs that Bob Sinclar, Milk & Sugar, and Yves Larock produced, around 2006 – 2008…. That’s been almost 10 years.


I applaud Barei for this beauty of art out of simple words. Give us the staging this deserves, please NOW ha-ha

Other countries need some bogus thunders & lightnings to make some kind of impact. But it is just that…a temporary flash

The grace behind these words stays forever

Yes, this song is clearly sung from an introspective POV in some of their parts. Silently talking with yourself. I mean both Mr. Danger and Mr. Fighter are this duality every person has deep inside. Our own fears/personal issues and our inner strength to overcome them. Few people may have not got this far, well now you got it. This personification of feelings is very amusing in my view. Danger is kinda outdaring a sagging Fighter at the start, who is supossedly so crestfallen as the melody indicates (melody runs the path of “Mr. Fighter” feelings, right from the start… Read more »

Luis says: “I’m one of those grumpies that doesn’t want a song to tell me how should I feel”

If you mean the whole song, I simply don’t see it. It’s encouraging, but not demanding.

So, In which verse this song tells you how you should feel?

“Hello, hello Mr. Danger, NO NEED TO BE AFRAID”

This is you, talking with your inner self. Not Barei commanding anything.


Maybe lack of poetical comprehension?

I see many people are lost with these beautiful lyrics. They will understand a lot better in may.


Agnieszka, you WILL be with us come May and a lot longer than that. Keep fighting. Life puts some bad stuff in front of everyone. It’s all so random. Some of it can be trivial yet will put you dowm. Some of it is herculean. But YOU. WILL. OVERCOME. Say yay! You’re still ready to put a fight.


This screams O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D all over

El Rosario de Raquel

Que palabras ta emotivas y bellisimas…palabras como estas hacen grande a un artista y su obra..
Querida te deseo lo mejor y si una cancion puede subirte el animo…viva la musica.Muchos besos desde las islas canarias buenas vibraciones para ti.

At the start of 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare illness. A life changing moment. Docs doesn’t give you much positive thoughts, they are very straightforward. There’s no place to find comfort in a situation like this. A month ago my best friend, who is a crazy eurovision follower, made me listen some Eurovision songs for this year. I didn’t have time to do in these helter-skelter weeks (I also love this contest) so it was a beautiful experience to listen almost all of them in a row. This one shone above the rest. It has reminded me where… Read more »

Unpopular opinion. Best lyrics of the year. Amusing. Charming. Motivational.

Not relying on common words we already listened x1000 times (love, heart…)

Second thought lyrics = Wrote in a poetic way

Simple. Easy to understand for anyone, low or high level of english.


Go getters don’t forsake
They never wallow in their fate


Yay! Italia supports

El Rosario de Raquel

Querida ubicate …eso ya paso, estamos en el 2026, ha ha ha ha.


ok¡ EUROVISION 2015 REVIEWS AND RANKINGS: 1º Estonia: Elina & Stig with “Goodbye to Yesterday” (8.50) ; 5º Spain: Edurne with “Amanecer” (8.26); 14º Italy: Il Volo with “Grande Amore”(7.31); 16. Russia: Polina Gagarina with “A Million Voices” (7.06) ….. lol hahahahahah


You can dance it, sing it and there are funky dancing steps in the music video as well. Could be a summer anthem.



I can imagine the chorus of this going down a storm in the arena on Saturday night but parts of the verse of the song are a little forgettable.
Lets hope the voters around Europe say YEA YEA!


Avant-garde music. Big amount of greatest hits of our era are musically structured like this one.

This screams S-T-A-G-I-N-G so loud. So many empty parts to build the proper visual show. If this is committed in good hands (scenographers) this is the one I want to see in May.

Europe should be ready for it.

John Doe

Not even in my top 20. Overrated by the jury IMO.


So full of life.


Spain is my Favourite 🙂

irish esc

spain has a good song but after a few listens to it becomes boring but it will be top 15 in may.


Great Song. Very enjoyable and I like the dancing style. The video looks like an old Micheal (R.I.P.) Jackson Video from the 80s which I always enjoyed watching as a kid. It might not be my favourite song this year. But it would definately deserve to win the contest. Madrid 2017 why not? Hoever, I am afraid they won’t make it since Spanish songs often have great reviews but fail to achieve great results in the Grand Final. Maybe this year.

So my ranking of the reviewed songs:

Play: 9/10
Say Yay: 9/10
Ghost: 8/10
Pioneer: 8/10
Slow down: 8/10
What’s the pressure: 7,5/10
Icebreaker: 6,5/10


If this is “Fanwank” then what should Russia be described as? I really hope you guys won’t buy the hype around the odd checkers…


You see i liked the song when I first heard it.

And now a few months down the line…

I still love it.

Its upbeat, I want to hear it when I’m in the car, on the radio, at the gym and I want to see it live on TV. I think it has wide appeal and would love Spain to win. Win or loose it’s a hit with me and one of my favourites this year… along with Bulgaria and Austraila and France.


Love it! I think this is the best Spanish song in years in my personal opinion (even though Edurne and Pastor had amazing voices). I love the beat and with the right staging this will be killer on the stage.

That said, this is potentially the big fan wank of the year and could flop HARD! Either way I like this one.


Spain keep up their recent habit of producing good songs for Eurovision. A real fan-favourite but I feel a lot of that is due to the sheer likeability of Barei herself. She is full of confidence and is able to deliver it well and it is a great song to take a jog to but a potential winner? Say yay relies on better songs not being performed well in the contest to get that far up the board. Top ten for me.


The people’s song of this year…this quite reaches everyone if they are in the mood

Only a major failure in their scenography will take this out from the winner’s discussion.

Spain’s been so bad on staging historically…so I’m not anticipating anything…they just need to be graphic with their lyrics, simplicity all the way to the end & finish it visually with a bang!


comment image

Yes, it is.


Instant impact. She sells it and we buy it straight away. One of a few who I think can win.


This song loses a big amount of charm without any kind of staging nor present backing vocalists and she still defends it like a juggernaut with her way to sing it and natural complicity with people as Riga video shows.

Very promising for Stockholm.


Although she is 34, she looks very juvenile, like 20 or so, her song sounds juvenile, the eurovision audience who’s involved in massive televoting is quite juvenile. She will probably make a juvenile-oriented staging.

Did I say juvenile?

This will do very good.


Creo que esta canción está bastante buena para alcanzar al Top 10 o al top 15 al menos pero seguramente no va a ganar Eurovision. Está simplemente demasiado repetitiva y, aunque no me molesta a mí, creo que eso va a afectar el resulatdo final. Salvo que el “staging” sea perfecto. Pues nada espero que Barei va a obtener un lugar en el top 15 porque lo merite 🙂

Buena suerte España <3
Desde Líbano

NB: Disculpe por mi español malo :/

Digital Style

I don’t really like the verses to be honest, but the chorus is really catchy and will definitely get the crowds dancing.The lyrics make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I don’t think that really matters. I love the revamped version, it’s a lot more melodic and tuneful now. Will definitely do well in Stockholm.


It took a LOT of time for Spain to get rid of its strong spanish musical roots and become Euro-stylish for once

Most importantly, they’re doing it with a widespread message song, who will have its share of impact in Stockholm, barring a mess of an act

8.5/10 song for me… I want this to become the 10/10 song on stage


I find this so cheap… sorry