Greta Salóme knows how to make a fashion statement. From floral inspired frocks to full-on goth, she turned it out from city to city during her Eurovision 2016 promotional tour.

Her black fringed spectacle in Stockholm was a little naughty and a whole lotta nice, leaving many fans in awe. Now the outfit that responded to the call of the wind machine will be auctioned to support the anti-bullying work of web and mobile app Speak UP!

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Greta says:

“Hear Them Calling” is all about the voices we are exposed to every day, negative and positive. The song and its message have touched people all over the world. I’ve also been approached by a lot of people that have a personal experience with negative voices… it’s safe to say that the spreading of the message has surpassed all expectations, and I want to continue to spread positive messages with my music. I believe that cyber bullying is a global issue especially for the younger generation. Therefore I’m giving the dress that I wore on the stage at Eurovision to Speak UP! I hope the auction can help spread awareness about negativity and bullying and help Speak UP! continue their fantastic work against bullying. I’m honored to be able to help.”

Speak UP! is a web and mobile app that allows students to speak up anonymously about harassment, bullying and conflict taking place in schools and over the internet. With the Speak UP! web and mobile app, students learn to stand up for themselves and for others while helping to make their school a safer place. Students in schools across several countries are already using the Speak UP! app.

Tobias Wernius, Global Development Manager of Speak UP!, says:

“We are very happy and proud to have Greta as one of our ambassadors. Our goal is to give students all over the world a voice with Speak UP! And with help from a role model like Greta and her message this will continue to reach more people all over the word.”

The dress, which would look great on you at your wedding or your next Eurovision party, has a nice backstory and is rich in symbolism. As Greta’s team explains:

“The dress was designed by Elma Bjarney, Filippía Elísdóttir and Greta Salóme. The dress was meant to have a lot of motion and the fringe wings are a reference to the birds in the graphic. All the materials were bought in Paris and it mostly consists of pleather and fringe.”

Europe: Start bidding now!

Visit the auction web site

Learn more about Speak UP!


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stephen podesta

For those that don’t know, the phrase “speak up” is from a song under the same name by Australias Dami I’m called “speak up” which is found on her Album “heart beats” You can find a VID if of this on you tube under bullying speak up. Listen to it is beautiful with souring vocals. Dami ims voice is incredible.


Greta is very positive person:) I really like her:)

El Rosario de Raquel

Greta is the best.


Greta is Great !!!!

The Brightest Falling Star
The Brightest Falling Star

That’s so sweet! Greta, I hope you will return to Eurovision someday with a song as good as “Never Forget” and “Hear Them Calling” or even better!


I would buy it if I were a woman


For 100$ that’s the sale of the century considering that it was worn only once…


how sweet 🙂

Ron Kavaler

That’s really nice, great cause.