Turkey airport attack: Eurovision stars react to Istanbul bombings

On Tuesday evening three suicide bombers armed with guns blew themselves up at Turkey’s largest airport, leaving at least 31 people dead and 147 more injured. In the words of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the explosions at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport have once again “revealed the dark face of terror organizations targeting innocent civilians.”

As ever Eurovision artists have joined the chorus of voices condemning the attacks, using hashtags including #PrayForTurkey, #PrayForInstanbul and #StopTerror on social media. On Instagram, Samra, Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2016 singer, posted a simple black square, conveying the horror in simple and stirring terms. Her reaction, and others, follow.

Samra (Azerbaijan 2016)

Allah rehmet elesin… Bashimiz sag olsun … #stopterrorism #prayforTurkiye #prayforworld #prayforpeace #peace #godsavetheworld

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Il Volo (Italy 2015)

Hadise (Turkey 2009)

Sabina Babayeva (Azerbaijan 2012)

Lidia Isac (Moldova 2016)

Praying for Istanbul… 🙁 Dear friends, wherever you are, take care…!

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Barei (Spain 2016)

Can Bonomo (Turkey 2012)

Harun Tekin (Turkey 2008)

Dalal (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016)

Rosa López (Spain 2002)

Deen (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016)

Soraya (Spain 2008)