“Instinct will never betray you” — Omar Naber tells us about his latest single “Free My Mind”

Omar Naber may have released his LP No Helmet two years ago, but this album has mileage! So much so that he’s just released “Free My Mind” — his seventh single from the LP.

A pop-rock effort that has a radio-friendly sound, “Free My Mind” sees Omar sticking to familiar territory. For the music video he drew from his own fan army. Petra Hlebs — a devoted teenage fan — filmed Omar during one of his concerts in Slovenia and spliced the video together. Now that is how you support your idol!

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Omar told us the song reflects his impulsive nature.

It talks about a sudden and angry decision to make a quick, drastic change in life, turning your back on people who interfere too much in your life and decisions. It is my nature to make sudden and impulsive decisions, which don’t always seem to be clever, but I am never sorry to take them. ‘Free My Mind’ is my seventh single but, it is my favourite track on the album.

Omar is almost evangelical about his mission and he stresses that you must follow your gut. It’s a message that applies to romance, work, music — anything, really.

Always follow your instinct and intuition. We all have them, we just have to wake them up in us. They are commonly confused with prejudice, which we always push away when we think about it after we ”count to ten”. It often misleads us to the path we knew by our first impression and instinct that we should have said no to. That is why, always listen to instinct, it will never betray you.

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Do you always have to peek and pay too much attention?

Do I always have to shut you down, when I’m on mission?

Leave alone a working man, you don’t wanna wake the damn.

Give a break and don’t you try to steal the plan.

I’m in charge of yet another undercover mission.

I’m a leader of another rock & roll division.

Now it’s time you joined the line.

Don’t you hesitate, it’s fine.

What is mine is yours And what is yours is mine.

Say, you’re in this fight with me And say you see what I see.

I can’t do it by myself. Just sing along and save me. Brave me.

Free my mind and rave me.