Take us back? Romania’s TVR applies for participation in Eurovision 2017

After TVR was unceremoniously expelled from the EBU back in April, three weeks ahead of the first Eurovision rehearsals, Romania is attempting to make a comeback to the song contest. In an interview for Romanian daily Evenimentul zilei, TVR general director Irina Radu announced that the broadcaster has applied for participation next year, despite the uncertain situation.

In the context of TVR’s current reorganisation after years of financial troubles, a journalist asked “Are we going to Eurovision?”

Ms Radu replied:

Although we couldn’t hold the latest board meeting, which would have approved (I think) our participation in Eurovision, we did not want to miss the application deadline and yes, we applied. Mind you, we can still withdraw by October 10th. Personally, I wish that EBU guaranteed us that, regardless of what awaits us (because we do not know), if we pay the participation taxes, we should be allowed to participate. This year, it was the first time when we had paid everything in time and they eliminated us. This should not be repeated.

Because of the uncertainty of the situation, it is unclear whether the European Broadcasting Union will accept TVR’s application. It is still unclear whether the Government managed to pay the entire debt, as planned. But if the debt has been paid, the application has been submitted, and enough guarantees have been provided to the EBU that TVR would get out of its financial mess, we can surely expect the EBU to have a change of heart.

Obviously, this would mean a lot for the Romanian audience and fans of Eurovision, but also for the Eurofans who hold Romania in high regard. It will however mean very little for Ovidiu Anton, the most wronged artist ever at Eurovision, the one who never got to perform in the first place, for no fault of his. Our thoughts go out to him.

Update: The board of TVR met on Thursday, September 22nd, and officially agreed to greenlight the broadcaster’s application for Eurovision. Our sources signal to a positive response from the EBU, depending on TVR’s current situation, which is to be assessed in October by a team of European Broadcasting Union experts.

What do you think about this development? Are you looking forward to Romania’s comeback in the contest? And who should TVR send to Kyiv?