They want you! Germany’s NDR calls for singers at auditions in Cologne and Hamburg

They’re a country who has gone from winning Eurovision to placing last twice — but things might be about to change. Germany‘s broadcaster NDR is taking the next step in selecting its act for Kyiv and will hold two public audition days in November.

Unser Song 2017 wants singers 18 or over

Unser Song 2017 wants singers aged 18 or over

NDR’s revamped national final Unser Song 2017 is already focusing on getting good quality songs for the competition, and have been approaching top songwriters from Germany and further afield. But they still need people to sing the songs.

As well as running an online application to find singers this summer, NDR has now added two live audition days in Germany — Cologne (November 5th) and Hamburg (November 12th) for those wishing to make an impact in person.

The applicants have to face a lot of requirements to become the next representative of Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. All singers have to be over 18 before and NDR is only looking for solo singers. The only instrument allowed at the auditions is an acoustic guitar — it’s all about the voice!

After those two auditions, the online submissions will also close and the next phase will begin. Shortlisted artists will be invited to a convention on December 2nd and 3rd. At the end of that convention, five singers will be chosen as the finalists of Germany’s Unser Song 2017 on February 9th.

The national final jury will consist of Eurovision winner Lena, Tim Bendzko and Florian Silbereisen. The three have already released a gothic-chic announcement video in which they call singers to participate, saying that it may be the chance of their life!

The winner of Unser Song 2017 will succeed Jamie-Lee as Germany’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully the last-place streak will cease to exist and Germany may finally taste the top ten again.

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