She ‘da bomb! Kristina gets serious with “Laska Bombova”

We’re still hoping and praying that Slovakia will one day return to Eurovision.

But as we wait, Eurovision 2010 fan favourite Kristina Pelakova continues to flood us with new music, including her latest single “Laska Bombova” or “Bombing Love”.

Kristina, who represented her country with the ethnic pop number “Horehronie”, has surprised us with this unexpected track, which swerves thoughtfully away from her playful songs like “Ta Ne” and “Si pre mna best”.

More serious and thoughtful than her earlier hits, the song features a beautiful melody supported by a symphonic orchestra. Singing about a love that leaves her hurting, the song channels sadness and empowerment at the same time. Indeed she sings about feeling like a king and winding up begging on your knees…

Speaking to, she revealed that she had the song two years ago, but was constantly laying it to the side. Then, while reading a book in Italy, she felt inspired to switch up her musical game and attack songs in a new genre and with darker themes.

This song explores the idea that love can hurt and that we often expect to get more than we can in an unequal relationship. A guardian had warned the singer’s character that she was making a mistake, but she had already set her feelings into motion. Despite the angel’s warning, the imagined lovers are in too deep…

Kristina will include “Laska Bombova” on her upcoming album. So we can happily expect more sad music from her — and we are really quite excited about it.

What do you think about Kristina’s new song? Do you like the change in genre? Let us know in the comments below!

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