Broadcaster RTVS confirms Slovakia will not return to Eurovision 2017

They haven’t competed at Eurovision since 2012 and it seems a comeback won’t be happening any time soon. Slovakia‘s broadcaster RTVS has confirmed that they will not be participating in Eurovision 2017.

Earlier this week a tweet from Zurab Alasania, the director-general of Ukraine’s broadcaster NTU, gave fans hope, saying that he had “no negative information about Slovakia”. But the Slovak broadcaster later confirmed that they would not be making an appearance in Kyiv.

In April, a representative from RTVS explained that Slovakia’s non-participation in Eurovision was down to finances, not their history of non-qualifications. PR manager Juraj Kadas explained that Slovakia’s priority was local television production, and while Eurovision was an attractive project, they did not have the funding to enter.

And it seems nothing has changed for the broadcaster. While fans had hoped that the grand final qualification of the neighbouring Czech Republic would inspire Slovakia to enter in 2017, once again they are staying out.

Slovakia has a patchy history at Eurovision, having participated only eight times in 20 years.

Their last comeback began in 2009, which saw them compete for a record four consecutive years. Slovakia’s best result was in 2011 when TWiiNS placed 13th in their semi-final with “I’m Still Alive”, and even managed to be ranked ninth in the jury vote.

The following year rocker Max Jason Mai placed last in his semi-final with “Don’t Close Your Eyes”. That was to be Slovakia’s final Eurovision participation — though fans are still holding out for a return.

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