Poli Genova: “I’m performing ‘If Love Was A Crime’ the right way”

O, day mi lyubovta! Eurovision 2016 fan favourite and one of wiwibloggs’ best friends, Poli Genova is poised and ready to conquer the Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage this weekend in Valletta, Malta. Before she blows Europe (and Australia) away for yet another time this year, she sat down with William to discuss JESC, The Voice of Bulgaria, and her new, vampy style.

In recent days, Bulgaria has erupted in a frenzy after learning that Poli will be a judge on this upcoming season of The Voice of Bulgaria. Comparing this to her judging experience on The X-Factor Bulgaria, Poli says that “It’s such a new thing for me. It doesn’t matter that I was on the judging panel for the first season of The X-Factor. The show is very different and it’s about the battle of the judges and finding a really rare and exclusive voice.”

And who does Poli think would be the ideal candidate for her team? “Someone like Destiny (Chukunyere). It would be so great if we had someone like her. She’s amazing.”

Poli also commented on her new found style along with the video clip for her new single “Rumours”, saying that “It’s my new direction. You’ll see in the new music video. I just came back from filming it. It was shot in amazing weather with very extreme conditions – really strong winds and very cold.”

And the style of her new single? “It’s very close to the Eurovision song. (The writer) was really inspired to write something in that direction and I can’t wait to hear what you think because you’re a very objective fan” she tells William.

Poli went on to spill some tea on her role within the Junior Eurovision interval act. She plans to reprise her Eurovision hit “If Love Was A Crime”. We can expect “the song to be performed the right way, with a lot of dancers – something that Eurovision forbids with only six people on stage.” Poli also shared she’d love to see a change in the rules to allow more people on stage, saying that “After 60 years that rule still applies. C’mon – at least ten people on the stage!”

You can see her performing in the Junior Eurovision interval, and also as the headline act for our Wiwi Jam at the Hard Rock Cafe in Valletta on Thursday November 17, 2016 at 19:30. You can purchase your tickets here!