Mikolas Josef wants to represent Czech Republic at Eurovision 2017

The Czech Republic reached new heights at Eurovision 2016, qualifying for the grand final for the very first time.

And now the bar is set high for Eurovision 2017, with the broadcaster looking for major talent and Czech artists scrambling to prove that they have what it takes.

Now, in an interview with escportal.czMikolas Josef — a young and enthusiastic Czech singer — has announced his ambitions for Eurovision in Kyiv.

mikolas-josef-czech-republic-2In the interview Mikolas sounds very confident about his chances and makes it clear he is only aiming for victory.

As he says: “No one would go to Kyiv with a thought about second place.”

For the last month he and his team, in which he has a lot of faith, have been working on the song and are preparing to finalize and record it in Vienna. Mikolas has opted for “a slower ballad full of emotions, but with dancing passages — current pop”.

Mikolas knows that you need not only a good song, but also a great mikolas-josef-czech-republicperformance to win Eurovision. He would love to include some dancing and acrobatic elements, as well as modern visual effects. His previous experience with breakdance and gymnastics will serve him well and could lead to some jaw-dropping, super-memorable moments. Legs above head? Yasssss.

Looking at him and listening to him, his confidence really shines through. And he isn’t embarassed about that.

For the moment my only plan is for the Czech Republic to win Eurovision for the first time in history.

Mikolas kicked off his career with a focus on folk music, but later turned to pop, house and hiphop.

Nevertheless, he tries to keep those folky elements in his current songs.

We should note that in addition to music, gymnastics and dancing Mikolas has also tried his hand as a professional model. Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model? Done!

He’s got ambition, talent and looks. Does that make him good enough for the Czech Republic? Are you curious about the song? Let us know in the comments below!