Hope never dies! Czech Television receives over 300 entries for Eurovision 2017

They’re the country that qualified for the grand final for the first time in Stockholm. Now the Czech Republic is back for more. The head of delegation has revealed that over 300 entries have been received by the broadcaster.

This year Czech Television is again internally selecting their song, but have invited the public to submit songs. The  submission period ran from mid-September to the end of November.

The Czech Republic’s HOD Jan Bors tweeted the news, revealing that over 300 songs had been submitted.

This year, the broadcaster has accepted entries from songwriters from outside of the Czech Republic. They’re doing this in an effort to find a song suitable for Eurovision.

The project’s creative director Jan Potmesil earlier revealed why the broadcaster was looking abroad. He explained, “It is very difficult to find a song that matches current world trends and also stands up to the intense competition at Eurovision. Even with Czech artists is absolutely normal that they cooperate with foreign authors and producers. I am convinced that a broad song selection process is the way to higher quality.”

The broadcaster is also looking for a major Czech talent to represent the country in Kyiv. Earlier in November, young singer Mikolas Josef revealed that he had his sights set on Eurovision. He’s super ambitious and said, “For the moment my only plan is for the Czech Republic to win Eurovision for the first time in history.”

Czech Republic at Eurovision

Since their Eurovision debut in 2007, the Czech Republic have only competed five times — and not always with the best results.

In the first three years, the Czech Republic placed second to last in their semi-final once, last twice and even scored the dreaded nil points for 2009 entry Gipsy.cz.

The Czech Republic took a four-year break from the competition and returned in 2015 in much stronger form. In Vienna, Marta Jandova & Vaclav Noid Barta’s entry “Hope Never Dies” still didn’t qualify for the final, but it managed 13th place and was a fan favourite.

Then in Stockholm, Gabriela Guncikova made history when she became the very first Czech act to reach the final with her power ballad “I Stand”.

Gabriela finished ninth in her semi-final and earned 161 points — four times as many as all other Czech acts put together! The grand final didn’t go quite as smoothly. There Gabriela received a total of zero televotes, and finished in 25th place overall.

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