Lisa Ajax: My Melodifestivalen 2017 song is about love — again!

Last year she had an impressive debut at Melodifestivalen, placing seventh with her song “My Heart Wants Me Dead” — and at the age of just 17.

Now the former Idol alumna Lisa Ajax is set to make her second appearance at the Swedish national selection next year with the entry “I Don’t Give A”, written by more or less the same team of songwriters behind her 2016 hit.

At the artists’ announcement on Wednesday, Lisa — who is now 18 — told wiwibloggs that she is ready for the show.

“It feels really good. There are a lot of great people in here and it feels good to be one of them. So I’m super excited.”

Speaking of her new entry “I Don’t Give A”, Lisa said that it’s “sort of” similar to “My Heart Wants Me Dead”.

“It’s kind of – not the same, but it reminds of the last one. And it’s about love, again.”

If you follow Miss Thang on Instagram, then you know she spent some time in California over the summer. Most people go there for work, to record new music or audition for movies, but this blondie was there for a completely different reason.

“I was there on vacation. My mum’s best friend’s sister lives in Oroville, so we were there visiting her and we were in LA as well. It was just a vacation, for fun.”

At the end of our interview, Lisa sent a short but sweet message to her fans on wiwibloggs: “I hope that you will like my song, and I hope that you still like me, and I hope I see you!”

Lisa Ajax came to national attention in 2014, when she won Swedish Idol as a 16-year-old. The same year she released her debut EP Unbelievable, which peaked at number two on the Swedish charts.

Before her big break on Idol, Lisa competed at Lilla Melodifestivalen 2012, the Swedish national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Allt som jag har”.

Earlier in 2016, this Järfälla-born lass competed at Melodifestivalen 2016 with the song “My Heart Wants Me Dead”. She placed first in semi-final 3 and eventually seventh in the Grand Final. She capped off the spring by performing at the Wiwi Jam at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm during the Eurovision Song Contest.

So, what do you think about Lisa? Did you like “My Heart Wants Me Dead”? Can she do better this year and win it all?

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