They are the country who sent a naked pop star with his wolf friend to Eurovision 2016. Now Belarus is one step closer to selecting the act who’ll follow Ivan at Eurovision. The running order for Belarus’ national final has been confirmed, with the grand final date locked in for 20 January 2017.

Broadcaster BTRC determined the running order by random draw, with media witnessing the event.

The show opens with July and her song “Children of the World” which combines a powerful social message with edgy EDM beats. Fan favourite Vladislav Kurasov is relatively early in the line-up, performing “Follow the Play” third. Lively folk duo Navi will perform their upbeat song “Historyja majho zyccia” fourth, while the other fan favourite Napoli will perform “Let’s Come Together” eighth.

The two other ‘together’ songs will be performed one after the other. “We Should Be Together” will be in tenth place, with “We’ll Be Together” as a response in 11th place. The show finishes with PROvokatsiya bromantic duet, “My Love”.

  1. July – “Children of the World”
  2. Lexy Weaver – “Be Stronger”
  3. Vladislav Kurasov – “Follow the Play “
  4. Navi – “Historyja majho zyccia”
  5. Isaac Nightingale – “On the Red Line”
  6. Kattie – “Wild Wind”
  7. Nuteki – “Take My Heart”
  8. Napoli – “Let’s Come Together”
  9. Nikita Hodas – “Voices in My Head”
  10. Angelica Pushnova – “We Should Be Together”
  11. Anastasiya Sheverenko – “We’ll Be Together”
  12. Lermont x Julic – “Heartbeat”
  13. PROvokatsiya – “My Love”

The national final show has also been confirmed for Friday 20 January 2017, in just six weeks time.

Who should win Belarus’ national final 2017?

We’re currently running a poll asking you who should win the Belarus national final. The current leader is Navi, which just over a quarter of the votes. Vladislav Kurasov is second with almost 15%, while Napoli is third with just over 10%. Lermont x Julic are your least favourite, with little over 1% of the vote.

  • Navi 26.25% (498 votes)
  • Vladislav Kurasov 14.97% (284 votes)
  • Napoli 10.75% (204 votes)
  • Nuteki 10.12% (192 votes)
  • Nikita Hodas 8.96% (170 votes)
  • Kattie 6.54% (124 votes)
  • Anzhelika Pushnova 4.96% (94 votes)
  • Lexy Weaver 3.8% (72 votes)
  • PROvokatsiya 3.58% (68 votes)
  • July 3.11% (59 votes)
  • Isaac Nightingale 3% (57 votes)
  • Anastasia Sheverenko 2.9% (55 votes)
  • Lermont x Julic 1.05% (20 votes)

What do you think? Will the running order help or hurt any of the acts? Tell us what you’re thinking below!


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Everyone in Europe speaks and understands Belarusian? The song of Navi in Belarusian language.


The song is… out-dated, a bit strange, unoriginal… BUT I’m addicted to “We should be together”, by Anzhelika Pushnova. There are some reasons: the great strings, the awesome key change, the good beat and hook. Shame for the strange noisy in some parts and the vocals, that should be better at points ( I cannot understand some parts. It doesn’t sound english at all).

I think they should polish the final version. It’s my winner.


Navi and Napoli are my favs from last years, I’ll stick to them this year too.
so they will stage NF after all? no Russian replacement for their artist? just like I said before, Belarus will stage own NF and will send own artist, no one cares about Russian blah-blah media and their “news”, no one postpones NF to wait for Russian applicant. congrats Belarus! 🙂 and good luck with the selection


In my opinion Navi is the best option. I`m so happy that Belarus will prepare preselection 20 th January:)


Yeah, admittedly , Kattie’s song is also nice. It would come third to me after NAVI and Vlad. Nuteki’s song is okay, but his live performance is quite weak. He cannot reach for the high notes in the chorus and sounds constapated.


Seems, Kattie has very good chances to win.


The bookies had Belarus on top yesterday n after the draw it has fallen to around 20th……wonder who the bookies were favouring which the draw doesn’t?Navi?


Charlie just got eliminated from Swedish Idol, he ended up 3rd.


Kattie singing in the middle phase could probably be to her advantage.

(J)ESC Fanatic

Kattie needs to win.

Ben Rafter

Napoli ftw

Purple Mask

Haha, I just noticed some curiously similar song titles. “Let’s Come Together,” “We Should Be Together” and “We’ll Be Together.” Hmmm.

I still don’t understand the obession with Navi band, but good luck to them anyhow. I’m a Vlad fan 🙂

James Blair

Wolves in 2016, what now?


Nuteki should win it all. And probably will, considering how Belorrusians vote (Ivan, Uzari, Litesound,…)


Considering songs 3 and 4 are the only ones which should win, let’s hope the running order doesn’t have it’s usual consequence. For example, ‘De la Capat’ won Romanian finals in 2015 from the first slot. So, it’s possible for NAVI or Vladislav to win. That is, if Belarus wants to be in the finals this year.


And as per usual, the Wiwi poll will predict one winner and we will end up with another and who will read to the endless annoying comments after…OMG. Hahah


Let’s hope the placing doesn’t affect Vladislav in a bad way!


🙂 *


Ha ha……I loved the tagline of the article…… :-*