Poll results: Brequette and Nieves Hidalgo are our readers’ favourite Eurocasting candidates

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us. But for Eurovision fans in Spain this is not a time for rest. That’s because Eurocasting — the Internet phase of Spain’s drawn-out and somewhat convoluted national selection Objetivo Eurovision 2017 — will close its voting lines tonight. That means we’ll know which three acts have made it to the online webcast competition tomorrow.

Since December 1 we’ve received a total of 3,812 votes in our poll, “Who should sing in the final of Objetivo Eurovision 2017?”

If our readers are any indicator of how Spaniards will vote, then Brequette, Nieves Hidalgo and Javián are poised to battle it out for the wildcard to RTVE’s national selection show.

Mira quien va a Eurovision 2014 runner-up Brequette and The Voice of Spain veteran Nieves Hidalgo finished in a tie, both receiving 560 votes. This has never happened in any of our polls in the seven years we’ve been running them.

Brequette, whose 2014 song “Mas (Run)” remains one of the most well-received entries ever with the Wiwi Jury, is hugely popular among Spanish Eurofans, and her success in the Eurocasting seems like a foregone conclusion. She’s collaborated with Eurovision 2016 star Barei and Barei’s partner for her song “No Enemy”.

Her entry is perhaps the most contemporary of all entries in Spain thus far. And she made the wise decision to revamp the entry after the original version received warranted criticism, including from us.

The new entry has more shape and dynamism and it manages to captivate the listener for the entire three minutes. This is a nice improvement over the original. We really love it.

Nieves Hidalgo’s “Esclava” wasn’t among the Top 3 picks from our team on first listen.

However, it has clearly struck a chord with voters in our poll. The song has a very Old World sound, replete with symphonic orchestra. It works well with Nieves’ rich and melodic voice and serves a bit of Vânia Fernandes Portugal Eurovision 2008 “Senhora do mar (Negras águas) realness.

Spain’s Eurocasting: wiwibloggs poll results

  1. Brequette 14.69% (560 votes)
  2. Nieves Hidalgo 14.69% (560 votes)
  3. Javián 7.95% (303 votes)
  4. Leklein 5.93% (226 votes)
  5. Padre Damián 5.51% (210 votes)
  6. Fruela 5.06% (193 votes)
  7. Nicky Triphook 4.75% (181 votes)
  8. Carmel 3.59% (137 votes)
  9. Ivet Vidal 3.12% (119 votes)
  10. Gio 3.04% (116 votes)
  11. Ektor Pan 2.89% (110 votes)
  12. Javi Soleil 2.6% (99 votes)
  13. Milena 2.39% (91 votes)
  14. Shannel 2.23% (85 votes)
  15. Alicia Nurho Band 2.12% (81 votes)
  16. Iranzo Iranzinix 2.1% (80 votes)
  17. Rebecca Moss 1.94% (74 votes)
  18. Dani J 1.84% (70 votes)
  19. Lem Baquero 1.84% (70 votes)
  20. Romy Low 1.42% (54 votes)
  21. E Twins 1.39% (53 votes)
  22. Nito 1.36% (52 votes)
  23. Pedro Elipe 1.29% (49 votes)
  24. Detergente Liquido 1.08% (41 votes)
  25. Stvkid feat. Silence of the Wolves 1% (38 votes)
  26. Wildback 1% (38 votes)
  27. Inigo 0.97% (37 votes)
  28. Ander & Rossi 0.87% (33 votes)
  29. Jon Josdi 0.79% (30 votes)
  30. Paradise Phantoms 0.55% (22 votes)

Total Votes: 3,812

Do you agree with the results of our readers poll? Who are YOUR top three to make the webcasting final? Let us know in the comments box below.

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