Why Lodovica Comello should sing for Italy at Eurovision 2017

She’s young. She’s got a big voice. And she’s amassed more than 5 million followers on social media. In short, SHE SLAYS THE PACK HUNNY!

And now Italian superstar Lodovica Comello is set to hit Theatre Ariston for the upcoming Sanremo Music Festival — Italy’s most enduring music festival, which also serves as the country’s Eurovision 2017 selection. Italian fans have already gone crazy for this lil’ girl who could fly to Kiev to represent her nation at Eurovision this May.

The 26-year-old singer is an idol for the younger generation thanks to her role as “Francesca” in the Argentine Disney Channel series, Violetta, which conquered millions of fans in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Poland, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and beyond. She’d definitely get the Disney diaspora vote at Eurovision!

But music is not her only passion. She also proved her talent as a tv host on the last edition of Italia’s Got Talent and Singing in the car, which is based on James Corden’s famous Carpool Karaoke series.

Sanremo will give her a huge opportunity to touch the hearts of grown-up viewers — and possibly the charts — with her entry “Il cielo non mi basta”. A ballad? Something up-tempo? We still don’t know since we won’t be able to hear the competing songs until the first performance on the stage, as required by sanremese tradition. Regardless this chick has got a bright future in front of her.

Carlo Conti — veteran host and artistic director of the historic Italian festival — has said that Lodovica’s song is “bubbly”. She added that it’s “very strong”. We are ready to feel the rhythm, Miss Comello!

Her last single “Non cadiamo mai” is just what you need when you’re feeling blue — a splash of color and energy with powerful lyrics: “We jump and never fallWe are like a city that never stops / Tonight it will seem that this world belongs only to us.

She has already published two albums, “Universo” in 2013 and “Mariposa” in 2015.

Her music, mostly in Spanish, is definitely targeted at a young audience — it’s cheeky, fun, explosive and positive… and we love it.

We feel like we’re tiny groupies already! And we will most definitely cut in line to get close to this diva.

Don’t you feel Eurovision in the air? ‘Cause we DO.

She’d represent something fresh and new for Italy at Eurovision — a singer with an international background who is able to sing it out with strong stage presence and fierce choreography. The girl is a walking music video. A dream is a wish! And we’re wishing on Lodovica…

Is Lodovica ready for a big stage like Eurovision? Yes. She’s already scored the 180-date Violetta En Vivo world tour, which sold more than 6.4 million tickets. And let’s not forget the 35 dates of her first solo European tour Lodo Live 2015. With Lodovica Italy would really hit the nail on the head!

What do you think of Lodovica Comello? Is she the best representative for Italy at the Eurovision 2017? Let us know in the comments box below!