Change of plans: Greece will most likely go with an internal selection for Eurovision 2017

Two months ago Greece’s public broadcaster, ERT decided that the country would once again participate in Eurovision 2017.  Since then rumors have swirled that Greece will host a National Final to select their entry for the forthcoming contest. But apparently there’s been a change of plans, and ERT is reportedly going for an internal selection

Surely you remember what happened the last time Greece went internal?

Last Spring, ERT’s president Mr. Dionisis Tsaknis chose the relatively unknown band Europond as the country’s entry. They rebranded as Argo, but not even that could help them or their song “Utopian Land”. They went to Eurovision and Greece fell out of the final for the first time ever.

This time, ERT hopes to do its bidding in a more systematic and thoughtful way — and it definitely won’t leave it to one person to choose.

ERT hasn’t announced anything official yet, but according to, they are going to send an invitation to interested Greek record labels to submit songs for the internal selection.

Then a jury of professionals will listen to all of the songs and decide who has what it takes to slay in Kyiv.

An internal selection will save the broadcaster a shedload of money, which it can then spend on a glossy music video for the eventual winner and pan-European promotion ahead of ESC.

Last year Argo went directly to Stockholm without attending any promotional events. That may have contributed to their dismal showing.

All this raises a new question: Who?

Eurovision 2008 competitor Kalomira — who finished an impressive third — is finally back in Greece, helping to host the show “Rising Star”. The New York-born beauty recently said in an interview that the only thing that could keep her in Greece following “Rising Star” is Eurovision.

She isn’t willing to compete after 2018 though, as her young twins are entering school then and she doesn’t want to miss a moment of it. ERT have to get in there fast!

The biggest name that fans have been wetting themselves over is Helena Paparizou, who, of course, won Eurovision for Greece in 2005 — and in Kyiv, where the 2017 contest will take place.

Just a few months ago the Swedish-Greek diva said that she would like to do Eurovision again and in October it was rumoured that she was in talks with ERT for the contest. Two months later, though, the fantasy still remains precisely that.

What do you think? Is ERT going to get it right this time? Let us know in the comments box below!

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