Divas don’t forget: Eneda Tarifa responds to Lindita Halimi’s “Fairytale” comments

It’s only been a few days since Lindita Halimi won Festivali i Kenges 55 with her dramatic song “Botë”, earning the right to represent Albania at Eurovision 2017.

And that’s given last year’s winner Eneda Tarifa the perfect opportunity to exact revenge following Lindita’s infamous Facebook post about Eneda’s Eurovision 2016 song “Fairytale”.

For those of you who missed the drama, let’s rewind to March 2016, shortly after Eneda published the revamp of her FiK 54 winner “Fairytale”. Lindita was not impressed and took to Facebook to let the botë know.

She said: “People are tired of depressing, dramatic and shouty songs. We live in a time where we want rhythm, relaxation and happiness, to forget problems. Enough with depressing songs!! They are old-fashioned now. It seems like we always hit the replay button.”

It’s now clear Eneda was paying attention. Right after Lindita’s winning performance with her very dramatic song on Friday, Eneda updated her own Facebook status taking aim at “Botë”.

She shared this link to a news report about Lindita’s comments along with this message: “Isn’t it time to bring back last year’s status, lovely Lindita?”

We should note that Eneda is among Albania’s most beloved comedians, known for her witty repartee. She certainly has a knack for irony and comedic timing!

Olsa Toqi, the composer of “Fairytale”, had even harsher words: “Sorry, ‘Fairytale’ a depressing song? Hope that Lindita didn’t forget Albanian since she moved to the U.S, because the context of the song is hope and love”.

Ouch. We’ll have to wait and see if Lindita will respond and take the feud to another level…

Eneda Tarifa at Eurovision 2016

Eneda may not have made the final of Eurovision 2016, but she won over thousands of new fans in Stockholm. From the red carpet to the semi-final in Globen Arena, she always turned up and turned out, bringing her killer vocals and amazing personality with her. There’s a reason she’s one of Albania’s biggest stars and we learned that first hand during her promo tour. This woman has charisma.

Funnily enough, she does seem to have taken Lindita’s advice as she delivered a killer dance remix of her Eurovision tune “Fairtytale”. It may have come out in the summer, but we’re still moving to it in the winter. And we just love that wiwibloggers William and Deban have a small cameo in the video.

Eneda splices footage of her stage performance with some of her personal highlights from the contest and before. We were beyond touched that she used some of our video footage in her amazing video, including her performance at EuroClub, and our interviews with her at the London Eurovision Party, on the red carpet at Israel Calling in Tel Aviv and after her first rehearsal in Stockholm.

As for the conflict between Lindita and Eneda, we’re not taking sides. We know that powerful women carry strong words. So long as they both keep singing and entertaining, we’ll keep watching.

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