Lithuania: Edgaras Lubys wins first heat of Eurovizijos atranka 2017

Lithuania kicked off the first national selection show of 2017 with their ten-week selection process “Eurovizijos” dainu konkurso nacionaline atranka (aka Eurovizijos atranka 2017). Tonight’s opening show saw 12 participants sing it out on the first of four heats. Tonight’s lineup included 2009 Eurovision representative Sasha Song and Latvia’s Samanta Tina competing as a duet with Tadas Rimgaila.

After all 12 participants performed and the results were announced, Edgaras Lubys advanced to the semi-final as tonight’s winner, and will be joined by Sasha Song, Paula, Golden Monkeys, Otreya and Benas Malakauskas.

Eurovizijos atranka – heat one running order

Justin 3 – “Streets of Vilnius”

Ruta Andruskeviciute – “The Way to Your Heaven”

Paula – “Never Let You Go”

Golden Monkeys – “Septyni Dievai” (Seven gods)

Auguste Vedrickaite – “It’s not over (Not to Me)”

Sasha Song – “Never Felt Like This Before”

Dagna Kondrataviciute – “Feel It”

Audrius Petrauskas – “Shine Like Gold”

Benas Malakauskas – “Rolling”

Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tina – “Tavo oda” (Your Skin)

Otreya – “Last Two Weeks”

Edgaras Lubys  – “Could it be?”

The 2017 voting process remains largely unchanged from last year’s competition. The overall votes consists of 50% televoting, combined with the other 50% from juries. For the heats, the juries will be local, but once the semi-finals start an international panel will also have their say.

Eurovizijos atranka – heat one results

Jury results

Televoting results

Combined results

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 Photo: LRT