Who doesn’t like a good title defense? This evening, Ukraine selects their entry for Eurovision 2017. NTU and private broadcaster STB have staged three semi-finals of Vidbir 2017 so far. Six acts made it through and tonight they will battle it out to become Jamala’s successor and represent their country on home soil. Will the winner succeed her as this year’s Eurovision winner as well?

During the week we asked you to name your favourite. We counted a total of 1,465 votes and to say y’all have a favourite is an understatementTayanna — former member of the girl group Hot Chocolate — received 737 votes, a massive 50% of the overall vote — for her emotional ballad “I Love You”.

That’s how you make gold out of heartbreak!

Tayanna – “I love you” (Live at Vidbir 2017 semifinal 1)

Tayanna’s closest competitor, Melovin, earned almost a third of her total. With 256 votes — around 17% — the emo-esque singer with multi-coloured hair finished a distant second. With his song “Wonder” we wonder whether he might still cause a surprise?

Rounding out the top three is the only other female singer of the final, Illaria. Her entry “Thank You For My Way” received a total of 164 votes, around 11% of the overall vote.

Fourth, fifth and sixth place go to the rockers of O. Torvald and reggae singers Salto Nazad and Rozhden. All three were favourites with the jury, but whether the public will be swayed for them in the final is clearly another matter.

Vidbir 2017 poll results

  6. Rozhden – “Saturn” 5.19%  (76 votes)

Total votes: 1,465

Vidbir 2017 – where to watch

Starting from 18:00 CET, Ukraine will pick their entry in a marathon show which, as usual, will have three parts. Both France’s Alma and Poland’s Kasia Mós will be there, performing “Requiem” and “Flashlight” respectively at some point.

The host country’s entry will be known by approximately 00:20 CET. You can follow all three parts of the show here. A live broadcast with English subtitles as usual is expected.

Are you excited for Vidbir’s final? Do you agree that Tayanna should represent the country in Kyiv or do you have another favourite? Shout it out using the wiwibloggs app, or tell us in the comment section below. We’re dying to see your reactions!


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actually, secont part will be at 21:20 CET, but anyway I dont like vidbir because its too long (more than 2.5 hours)

Purple Mask

Colin: The Ukrainian broadcaster has learned the art of patience very well. 🙂

Having said that, I have already watched their semi-finals, so the final tonight isn’t as appealing to me as, say, Denmark for example.
I like Tayanna, but I also like O Torvald (we need a rock song now!). Melovin would also be an interesting left-field choice.


Where is Salto nazad review? It is one song without review. It is ok?


Tayanna is just not good enough, she suffers, I don’t even like people (man or woman) who act like that when they suffer of love. You don’t scream (man or woman), be decent, REAL love stories are not like that. People don’t scream on the street they don’t scream at all and you don’t find out.


Just hoping the Ukrainian jury are sensible enough to realize that you just can’t send Tayanna this year, certainly not when you had the most interesting and diverse NF of the season to choose from…

Leo M

Another shouty female ballad This could be the most boring Eurovision yet


@Colin True. Maybe they’ll stop for more time like 2 or 3 hours and then start again, yet I see your point.


@yst – Thanks! It still doesn’t explain other 4 and half hours. Normal national finals spend from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Malta was longer, but they had 16 songs. With only 6 songs, Ukrainian NF shouldn’t last longer than 2 hours tops.


The jury is the problem, but I hope Tayanna will still win. Anything else would be a crime.
She’d go straight to my #1.


@Colin. There is almost a one hour and a half for voting and the emission stops 😉


Only a question: Why do the shows last for so long? I mean from 6p.m(CET) until 00.20 a.m. (CET) when we’ll know the winner, it’s 6 + hours! Why do Ukrainians do that? And with breaks? This is exhausting for viewers! Apart from that, I think the juries talk a lot more than needed!
Nevertheless, Tayanna FTW!


What? 6 hour show? Are Ukrainians insane? You know that most of us will change it to Melodifestivalen, Songvakeppnin or DMGP at 8, right? What is the six hours supposed to be consisted of? 754 interval acts? Are the artists touring Kyev meanwhile? Are we headed for another discussion when the jury starts questioning artists what are their stances of Russia? Is there a Titanic the movie screening in between? This is stupid! Sorry, I sincerely hope the 6 songs will be heard in first two hours, since I have 3 better options at 8.


I’m all for Melovin!


Tayanna’s ballad is great, but Norma John’s ballad is still the best! For diversity sake, it’s Melovin for me.

(J)ESC Fanatic

Yeesss, please! What an amazing song and voice!

Rock Me

In the year of boring ballads we do need a strong ballad, Tayanna will definitely do well.


If she would win, her ballad would really stand out among the rest