Ukraine: O.Torvald will sing “Time” at Eurovision 2017

In the run-up to Vidbir 2017, Ukraine’s national selection for Eurovision, a wave of hype surrounded TAYANNA and her song “I Love You”. But when push came to shove in the final on Saturday evening, it was pop-rock band O.Torvald who emerged as the winner with “Time”.

Working dark and edgy staging and an alternative look that included plenty of tattoos, they brought the dirt and grit to contrast TAYANNA’s poise and elegance. The jury may have ranked them second behind TAYANNA, but their second-place finish with televoters (to TAYANNA’s third place) gave them the edge.

O.Torvald — “Time”

And by edge we mean the thinnest of edges.

The result was determined by the combined votes of the jury (50%) and the televoting public (50%). As in 2016, the end result was actually a tie — Tayanna and O.Torvald both received ten points. However, power to the people! In Ukraine televoters decide the winner and therefore O.Torvald will sing on the Eurovision stage!


1 point — Illaria

2 points — Rozhden

3 points — Salto Nazad

4 points — Tayanna

5 points — O.Torvald

6 points — Melovin


1 point — Salto Nazad

2 points — Melovin

3 points — Rozhden

4 points — Illaria

5 points — O.Torvald

6 points — Tayanna


4 points — Salto Nazad

5 points — Illaria

5 points — Rozhden

8 points — Melovin

10 points — Tayanna

10 points — O.Torvald

What do y’all think of the results? Did your favorite win?