Greece: Demy will sing “This Is Love” at Eurovision 2017

Following months of speculation, weeks of preparation and one nationally televised song selection, Greece has finally spoken. Demy will sing “This Is Love” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Greek televoters and a panel of musical professionals reached their decision on Monday evening during “Vote For The Song”. Eight of the nine international juries ranked the song first, with Azerbaijan being the one exception.

“This Is Love”

Filmed partly in black and white with pops of red, the music video seemed like the most complete package of the three. The song begins as a ballad but transitions into a banger driven by Demy’s energy and some light, breezy production.

It’s a tale of a woman wanting to make good on love: “There’s an echo in my head, there’s a story still unread and I need you here tonight.”

Get it, gurl.

The special programme saw Demy and her composer Dimitris Kontopoulos present their three songs — the others being “Angel” and “When The Morning Comes Around” — though neither stood up to the strength of “This Is Love”.

Earlier in the week many fans had written off “This Is Love” after a demo leaked. Thankfully the final version of the song wowed voters and jurors alike. Sometimes you do get to make a second first impression.

“When The Morning Comes Around”

A pretty pop ballad with a heavy American influence, this song has a subtle country music vibe. It builds nicely with light instrumentation — a string here, a drum tap there — giving Demy’s voice plenty of space to shine. In the video she went country western chic, wearing a stringy fluff-puff of a dress with indigenous flair. It was pink. Respect. 


With “Angels” Demy wants you to know that with the right people next to you, you can persevere and overcome. As she sings: “Somehow we will make it, find the spell and break it…angels can fall sometimes, before they rise.” It’s a song of hope and just a tad cliché. A wise move to avoid this for Eurovision.

International jury votes

Interval acts

The first half of the show dragged on a bit as former Eurovision stars — including Sakis Rouvas, Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev — wished Demy well.

Ani and Sergey had previously heard all the songs and expressed their confidence she will slay.

Fellow Eurovision 2017 acts Hovig from Cyprus and Sunstroke Project from Moldova continued their promo tours, singing their numbers as a part of the show.

Hovig peformed “Gravity” — written by Thomas G:son — on live television for the first time…and he chose to lip-sync, which was incredibly obvious. But his dancing appears to have improved from the music video and he was really putting his back into it. Sunstroke Project, on the other hand, took a risk by singing live and it paid off — they were engaging, entertaining and full of life.

During the show, we also saw several familiar faces, including Sergey Lazarev and Helena Paparizou, both of whom congratulated Demy and her team and wished them luck on the road to Eurovision.

Legendary stage director Fokas Evangelinos will now take over and dream up an amazing performance for Kyiv, which will no doubt boost Demy’s song even more. A good choice from Greece this year. Do you think it’s enough to reach their goal of a second win?

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