Salvador Sobral wiwi jury festival da cancao

Temos um vencedor! Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2017 is over and we finally have a winner. Salvador Sobral has taken the trophy and will fly the Portuguese flag in Kyiv with the song “Amar pelos dois”. He’s channeling old-school jazz and boho style, and clearly the Portuguese were in the mood for the combo.

All of the acts deserve a nod for their stamina. They endured a three-and-a-half-hour show, which saw plenty of glitter and a never-ending tribute to the 60 years of the Portuguese public television station RTP.

Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos dois” live at Festival da Canção

In terms of the jury-televote split, there was not a unanimous winner.

Portugal’s seven juries, however, did put Salvador on top and by a fairly large margin. He ended up with 80 points, putting him well ahead of Jorge Benvinda and Celina da Piedade, who finished with 53 points each.

Viva La Diva, a fan favourite throughout the contest, came fifth.

Televoters didn’t side with the jury.

Instead they threw their weight behind the Viva La Diva threesome, awarding them the top marks of 12 points.

The jury favourite Salvador finished second with 10 points and Pedro Gonçalves came third with eight points.

The combination of votes meant that Wiwi Jury favourite Salvador Sobral was the clear winner with 22 points.

Our readers’ favourite Pedro Gonçalves finished sixth with 13 points.

Festival da Canção 2017 – running order

  1. Jorge Benvinda – “Gente Bestial”
  2. Pedro Gonçalves – “Don’t walk away”
  3. Lisa d’Água – “Eu nunca me fui embora”
  4. Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos dois”
  5. Fernando Daniel – “Poema a dois”
  6. Celina da Piedade – “Primavera”
  7. Deolinda Kinzimba – “O que eu vi nos meus sonhos”
  8. Viva La Diva – “Nova Glória”

Are you happy with the results? Who was your favourite? How do you think Portugal will do at Eurovision? Tell us in the comment section below!


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Well done all of you! James, Fiona wants to know what you have planned for next year. Love from all of us in Edinburgh,


Hello haters ! He won ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


12 points, or 10 at least 8!!!!!…this time Portugal has a very good entry,
The country would deserve to win: for the singular entry but also for perseverance.
Good job Portugal,
And Eurovision in Lisbon would be great!!!!!!!! ute


Love this song! It’s either pure genius and will win, or no one will get it and it will not qualify. It’s got my vote anyway and I might even place a bet!


“Celebrate diversity” and make Portugal winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017!
Is a Masterpiece Song, a piece of heaven!


I absolutely LOVE this song. It is so sweet, and pure and also refreshing after all the mostly generic (but still good) other entries. So happy our countries are in the same semi-final. Definitely voting for this!

With the right performance it could unforgettable. Maybe the right lighting, or a couple ballroom dancing?

Good luck Portugal!


Please search and watch “Balenciaga Fall-Winter2017/2018 fashion show” and Stop criticizing the size of his jacket and his style .


Please search and watch “Balenciaga Fall-Winter2017/2018 fashion show” and Stop criticizing the size of his jacket and his style.

Bogdan Honciuc

My number 1!

Just me

And while they’re at it, they might come across an elderly man, who is looking after his stolen jacket (he bought it back in the 70’s, it’s beige & size XXL)


@Ana Teresa, OMG, the lyrics! How beautiful! Now I love this song even more 🙂




Dear God… Somebody should check if hospitals for mentally ill is missing a patient…

Mr. T odavuol

You should be in a mental hospital! Retarded!


@Marco P.

Songs from the 1960’s are actually quite beautiful and the test of time. has shown to have the endurance to stand

Ana Teresa

Beautiful lyrics! 🙂

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My own heart can love for both of us.


This is a very classy entry for the contest. I think it sadly won’t be appreciated by the typical eurofan, as it’s quite a lowkey and quiet number. It may stick out to some people, but to most it probably won’t.


I’m so proud of my country <3 who cares if we don't reach the final.. we gave you a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy it as much as must of us do!


It’s not a song I instantly love, but the performance is very endearing.

?????? ??????

Hilarious to see people who praised Mehrona (straight outta the 90s), On my way (a lost Westlife b-side), the Dutch effort (a TLC rip-off)… bashing an entry as dated when really it is classic, timeless and emotional. And people fixating on his clothes – he’s recovering from an operation on a hernia so is wearing loose clothes, but damn, this isn’t a fashion contest. If some schlagerific eurofans can’t open their hearts to this moving song, I hope at least that the judges will see the legitimate quality of this entry.


The song is dated, but there is a timeless quality to it due to the composition and reliance on classical instruments. It does seem like something out of the 1910s rather than the 2010s!

But for a country that usually sends bad old fashioned songs, sending a good old fashioned song is a welcome change of pace.


Portugal show they haven’t learned anything during their hiatus but keeps on making the same mistake.
This is even more dated than their usual efforts


Oops !


I just wanted to make one question…I heard somewhere that he suffers from OCD.Is this true?No hate,I have OCD thoughts myself…
I just wanted to know.


Last news Portugal is 7 on betting odds for win Eurovision.


Portugal after national final climb so high, and now Portugal is on 9 th place for win at Eurovision on betting odds.


This song is ORIGINAL! It seems like a 1950’s song, but it’s sweet, enjoyable to listen to and as @Robyn Gallagher pointed out and I absolutely agree, this song is not going to be similar to any other song in the contest.
It’s not the AMAZING song, or a song we are used to by countries with more contemporary music, but I like it and I love its originality.


The “dated” comments are officially a broken record that continues to be played on repeat on a gramophone.


Really great choice.
Some people are going to like this a lot and it will stand out. Salvador has a beautiful voice. Very happy and impressed with Portugal’s choice.

@Alex @Griffin @Maclaren @DaStarSays … I am not going to start an argument, but looking to the reactions of some to my comment here, I think it is necessary to clarify it… Those criticizing me for the comment I made yesterday are demagogues or like to feel offended. You are telling me not to judge Salvador for his way of moving or acting, but some guys are attacking me without knowing anything at all about me, stating that I don’t celebrate diversity, that my comments are archaic, that I am committing a hate crime (wtf are you smoking man?) or… Read more »

Boring……..LOL chance for final. Yes..especially higher than Sweden , Azerbaijan , Finland , Moldova , Latvia , Poland , Armenia , Australia , Greece , Cyprus and probably Czechia… JUST NO. Still waiting for Lolita Zero and his restituation.


Portugal is in top 10 in betting odds!!
This song might like The Netherlands 2013!


The only “boring” and “dated” thing about this is the typical eurofan sheep labeling it as such. One of the few highlights between the songs chosen so far and should do much better than many expect, hopefully.



Ha, ha, you are the funniest troll on WiwiBloggs. I love your “Viva La Diva…ops…Il Volo” joke. It never grows old, no matter how many times you tell it (and you’ve been milking it for years). You remind me of my grandfather who used to tell me the same joke over & over like I had never heard it before. I can’t wait for your next post.

Personally I find it dull and flat, though Salvador is a talented performer. The music is really retro and this one has a vintage quality dating back to when Eurovision started. I don’t like it or enjoy it particularly, but I think it will (and has as one can see) its fans and I do think that it will qualify. Juries will see the diversity and the talent of the performer and appreciate it, scoring a respectable place on their semifinal top 10 , and it will score a borderline non qualification with the televoters I think, thus ending to… Read more »

Anyhow, can someone “polish” Salvador for Kyiv in terms of hair, beard & suit? Thanks.

He doesn’t need to look robotic, but polished. LOL


OK, this ain’t something that I would listen to in my free time…because I don’t wanna be in a depressed state ALL THE TIME, BUT…this is really genuine and cool.

Just think of you, with the drink by your side, looking at the horizon in front of you, just the ocean and Lisbon on your fingertips, under the Portuguese sun…ah…

And then, some poppy stupid song will follow, the courtesy of Sweden perhaps. LOL


(J)ESC Fanatic

I am sorry but Portugal, you are going nowhere with this. This is horribly boring!


It was not my favorite, but it’s growing on me. It’s impossible to predict where this will place in May.


Love it and it will qualify! Could do a Netherlands 2013 actually. Oh and I LOVE this years contest. Most songs are so dated, so oldfashioned and i LOVE it 😀 pure nostalgia thank you Europe. Too bad for all the people who’d like to hear modern stuff only


i love this song. no way in hell it’s going to upset the contenders but who cares?


Portugal isn`t in my taste of music but this song is original so I think Portugal will qualify to grand final. Jury should vote for him.


Hello haters ! He won ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


This song could have done great at ESC…. If this would have been 1969

Paul D.

This song will go to the final and haters will have to deal with that


Ha… this is going to do well. It’s memorable, well produced, classy and interesting. Remember the first impression 1944 gave you all last year? I’m not saying this is going to win, but…

Just one advice: the guy needs a new taylor and a hair stylist and he is ready to go.


# godemperorTHEDUMBASS


Please help us not to bring Lolita back to the competition ????

As I layed me down 2 get laid
As I layed me down 2 get laid

This kind of music played on Titanic as it sank.

Leo M

He’s got a decent voice but he looks so awkward on stage The song is also very dated and boring It looks like no final for Portugal again


People who compare autism with creepy are really DATED!

Eurovision is about Diversity & anyone despising someone because of looks is truly DATED!

Mark my words: Portugal WIL qualify for the finals!

Simply because Eurovision is about the orginality of a song, the quality of the vocals & the presentation. And I believe Salvador wil bring those three qualities to Kiev.

Again, Mark my words ????????