Hot ‘n sexy! Jana Burceska teases Eurovision photo shoot ahead of March 10 song reveal

She’s the Macedonian stunner who has been something of a mystery to Eurovision fans for several months.

But on Tuesday singer Jana Burceska stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video published on the wiwibloggs YouTube channel.

Filmed during her most recent (and final) Eurovision 2017 photo shoot, the video shows Jana to be a gym-honed diva with big personality and rock-hard abs. There’s fire in her veins and we have the sneaky suspicion she’ll be a favourite of the press corps and fans alike in the run-up to Kyiv.

Showing off her Top Model potential, Jana looks completely at ease as a team of her country’s top stylists blow dry her voluminous and silky tresses.

Confident in her natural beauty, the Macedonian Idol alum plays a subtle make-up game, opting for the lightest dusting of blush and a smear of pink lippie.

“Yoo-hoo — hi guys!” she says to camera as she takes a break from the pampering and posing. “We’re doing the final official Eurovision photoshoot today. I’m here at this wonderful studio and very, very, very excited as you can tell.”

Wearing a brightly coloured halter top and a pair of finely tailored trousers, she shows off her delicate skin and flatpack stomach while she laughs and smiles and flaunts her endlessly lithe arms.

“Oo, la, la — they say I look hot and sexy. I don’t know if this is true, but if you agree thanks.”

“We’re going to change a couple of outfits, different styles, something that suits the song which you have no idea what it sounds like, but we’ll find out soon.”

Looking around the clothing rack, we see a thigh-skimming plum skirt and another silky skirt in bright yellow and black. That gives us the strong suspicion Jana will deliver something bold, breezy and bright — a welcome change of pace in a year that’s been exceedingly heavy on ballads. Down with dour, right?

Macedonia song reveal: March 10

Jana’s song was selected from more than 200 international submissions — a real statement of Macedonia’s ambitions this year.

“My heart beats high speed when I think of the promotion of the song,” Jana said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “We all worked extremely hard on perfecting the final product and I really, truly, deeply hope the audience will like it. Enormous thanks to the full team behind both the audio and video, as well as to the continuous support by my domestic team from the National Broadcaster. Excitement is inevitable and hopefully contagious — looking forward to the public’s feedback!”

On Tuesday the Macedonian delegation confirmed that they will reveal Jana’s song on March 10 at 20:15 CETYou can watch the reveal on this web stream.

Aleksandra Jovanovska, Head of Press for Macedonia and a dear friend of wiwibloggs, will present the song and video during her music show Stisni Play.

Among other things, Jana’s team will announce full details about the creative and artistic team responsible for the song, video and stage performance.

You can follow Jana Burceska on Facebook and Instagram.

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