WATCH: Moldova’s SunStroke Project go for comedy in “Hey Mamma” video

Moldova‘s O melodie pentru Europa 2017 winners SunStroke Project are in the middle of their promo tour, but they’ve taken the time to shoot and drop the video for their Eurovision song “Hey Mamma”. In it the band stay true to the lyrics and take a literal, comical approach.

Appearing to cement their status as the sole joke act of this year’s contest, SunStroke Project play on the trope of a difficult mother-in-law and they take it to a new level of ridiculousness.

In the “Hey Mamma” video, lead vocalist Sergey Ialovitsky is his girlfriend’s guest at dinner, but there’s a problem. The girlfriend lives with her mother — who actually could pass as her sister. The latter watches Sergey’s every move and tries to c*ckblock him every step of the way, including in the bedroom!

The final blow comes towards the end of the video, when he attempts to kiss his bride at the altar, only to realise that he’s actually marrying her mother. Ew! But alas, the last frames of the video show Sergey waking up from this nightmare and smiling to his girlfriend. Phew!

The video also features some delicious Moldovan cuisine, sexy cooking, and of course Sergey’s bandmates, Epic Sax Guy and Epic Violin Player.

What do you think about the “Hey Mamma” video? And what about Moldova’s chances to return to the Grand Final from the First Semi-final? Let us know in comments!

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