Eurovision odds: Sweden remains second favourite to win as Bulgaria climbs to fourth

On Saturday he won Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2017 selection despite only coming third in the televote.

But that isn’t hurting Robin Bengtsson‘s chances of winning Eurovision, as the bookies still have Sweden listed as the second favourite to win.

When we last checked in on the odds on March 8, Betfred had Sweden down as third favourite to win — behind Italy and Belgium — with odds of 13/2.

Now — with the confirmation of Sweden’s singer and song — the country’s odds have widened ever so slightly to 7/1 at Betfred. Yet they’ve actually moved up one spot in the rankings owing to Belgium’s slight widening. His steady position may be down partly to the strength of his staging, which takes the use of treadmills to another level.

Bulgaria: Kristian Kristov a favourite to win?

He turns 17 years old today, making him the youngest competitor in the contest.

But the bookies certainly think that Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov is seasoned beyond his years, as they have moved him into fourth position to win.

The Bulgarian-Russian singer, who rose to fame on X Factor Bulgaria, released his song “Beautiful Mess” on Monday and now sees his odds hovering between 8/1 and 12/1 at most major betting agencies.

As of 00:01 on March 15 he was still narrowing, putting him within striking distance of third-favourite Blanche from Belgium.

His Bieber-esque song is thoroughly contemporary and polished. His background will also help him. Born in Moscow, he was coached by Eurovision winner Dima Bilan on The Voice Kids and speaks fluent Russian.

Bulgaria’s rise has pushed Portugal’s Salvador Sobral from fourth favourite to fifth. However, we should point out that the “Amar Pelos Dois” singer is actually ahead of Bulgaria at several betting agencies, but loses out on the overall average.

His quietly powerful and completely atmospheric song remains a real dark horse and, if it lives up to half of the hype surrounding it, will result in Portugal’s best finish at Eurovision in years.

Russia’s Yulia Samoilova becomes second singer in wheelchair to compete at Eurovision

Unlike the aforementioned countries, Russia appears to be losing momentum with the bookies.

Since the announcement of Julia Samoilova as its singer on March 12, Russia has fallen significantly, moving from fifth position with odds of 8/1 at Betfred to ninth position with odds of 10/1 at Betfred (and odds as high as 25/1 elsewhere).

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