Iceland’s Svala filmed her arty “Paper” music video in a coffee factory

On Saturday she wowed Icelandic viewers with her fierce dance moves and on-point vocals to win Söngvakeppnin 2017 in a landslide.

And now Iceland’s Eurovision 2017 singer Svala is keeping the momentum going with the official video for her song “Paper”.

As expected, the production is sleek and the visuals arresting, arty and out-there. The video shows Svala all alone in a coffee factory — with no hot cuppa to keep her warm. And while winter rages and rain falls, she balances the cold with plenty of heat. When the chorus hits she is bathed in warm light and bursts with emotion.

The video will do much to cement Svala’s place as a fan favourite, and it follows some low-key promotion she’s done at home.

A few weeks ago the Nordic beauty released an acoustic version of her song, and last week she decided to take a note from James Corden’s Late Late Show with a lighthearted carpool karaoke segment with 1999 runner-up Selma and 2009 runner-up Yohanna.

Talk about blonde ambition!

Ahead of Iceland’s national final, Svala finished first with the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals. Whether she can repeat her success with us and with Icelanders remains to be seen, but we’re all hopeful Europe will appreciate her as much as we do.

Writing in our reviews, wiwiblogger Jason said:

“Paper” sounds like it has been cut and printed specifically for Eurovision. However, I felt the same about “Hear Them Calling” and “Unbroken”, and they didn’t exactly end well for Iceland, did they? Whatever happens, I still love the 80s/Bonnie McKee vibe that Svala gives off. “Paper” brings drama, and Eurovision needs drama. Also, I can totally relate to Svala, as I too sometimes feel like paper.

What do you think of Svala’s music video? Are you loving the visuals? Do you want her to bring some hot coffee to Kyiv? Let us know in the comments box below.

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